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On the results of Canada’s Election, October 19th, 2015:

“A great cloud has departed”

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Call for a stop to spraying the Monsanto herbicide, VisionMax, and other glycophosphate based herbicides
See CUSP letters to MNR and Resolute


Please note. CUSP is seeking a volunteer or voluteers to take over the main duties of this website. Our main webkeeper until the last few months is no longer available to do more than minimal maintenance. Please contact us if you are interested. Some elementary knowledge of WordPress and HTML should be all that is necessary if you have the motivation to learn more. It would help immensely if you shared CUSP’s concerns for environmental and social justice, and can maintain frequent contact with at least a few active members.

Earth in Crisis and Canada Adds to It

The world’s climate crisis has come to be CUSP’s primary issue. Close on its heels is the unprecedented poisoning of Earth’s lands and waters. Both processes are virtually irreversible.

Canada, as we know, is happy to boost all this damage through its ongoing subsidization and deregulation of the main culprits: the dirty fossil fuel industries conducting tarsands extraction and fracking.

Transport of diluted bitumen, dangerous as a polluter on all fronts – land, water and climate – is expanding. It has been blatantly, irresponsibly and irrationally promoted by our government as the great saviour of Canada’s economy.

While other pipelines and rail-transport are indeed enormously serious problems, for now, CUSP and allied groups want to focus attention on TransCanada Corporation’s Energy East. It is a plan to pump tarsands bitumen from Alberta to New Brunswick for world distribution via tanker. If built, it will be the longest pipeline in North America, pumping well over a million barrels of diluted bitumen per day.

We join our allies, locally, nationally and internationally, who are saying absolutely NO to this irresponsible – some would say hairbrained – scheme.

For more information, please visit our page, Energy East: Another Tarsands Folly, where you can read our multi-group petition.