Harper’s “Religion”

by Ed Shields

Mr. Harper is religious. How does he respond to the Pope’s message to the US Congress (a Harperesque body) and the UN basically to keep tar sand in the ground? Or is Harper’s religiosity merely a facade to get votes. Or is his greed greater than his religiosity?

Harper’s fight against environmentalist action is akin to an illogical fight not to fix ones leaky roof. Of course, over time your house collapses. I wonder if a massive asteroid was targeting earth if he would worry.

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Big Issue Ignored

How can it be that we have a provincial election with a myriad of political parties represented and the world’s number one great issue isn’t meaningfully discussed, or even mentioned? Human-induced environmental destabilization is already affecting us with strange and extreme weather and, due to global warming, will only greatly increase with time as we pump more green house gases into our atmosphere. But that is merely one paramount issue ignored during the election.

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Now the enemy is us

On Friday, there was a National Day of Honour and the opening of the Afghanistan casualty memorial in the beautiful setting of Waverley Park. This was a moving day for me since my oldest son is a major in the Royal 22nd Regiment (“Van Doos”) and served two tours in Afghanistan.

Our soldiers’ struggle was to fight al-Qaida and the Taliban, and to establish some freedom for especially the children and women of Afghanistan. But what about our kids here?

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