Environmental column echoes ‘scary’ study

Congratulations are in order to The Chronicle-Journal for taking on a new columnist on environmental issues.

Jason MacLean’s column of Aug. 12 entitled, It’s a Pipe (line) Dream, brings to mind the findings of a recent report called Unburnable Carbon by Carbon Tracker Initiative.

This organization based in London, U.K., is made up of financial analysts who review investments and stock portfolios for risk in the context of climate change.

The conclusion of their report is that we have a huge carbon bubble which represents a financial disaster waiting to happen.

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Work past politicians. Get involved in climate

I am a loyal reader of Gwynne Dyer’s column, World View, published regularly by The Chronicle-Journal. I was particularly struck by the disheartening conclusion to his article of Dec. 11, entitled Climate Talks: Coasting Towards Disaster.

I don’t dispute his history chronicling the sad tale of failed effort after failed effort to arrive at an honourable and committed global consensus on dealing with the urgent need to meet the challenge of Climate Change before it is too late.

But, I do take issue with Dyer’s conclusion that it appears all is lost

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Review of Paul Gilding’s The Great Disruption

At the time I finished reading The Great Disruption by Paul Gilding, CBC news carried the story that we have lost 50% of the Great Barrier Reef due to degradation of the ocean environment off the coast of Australia. This news was on top of the ongoing stories of unprecedented crop losses in the U.S. midwest due to long term drought and the ever increasing loss of arctic sea ice the extent and speed of which has left climate scientists stunned and fearful for the implications this will have on the arctic environment and traditional global climate patterns.

These events serve to add to the growing fear held by many that we seem to be inevitably heading to the abyss of uncontrolled and unpredictable climate change which will threaten the very existence of human civilization as we know it. It is very hard to maintain a positive outlook when feeling so overwhelmed by the constant unfolding of bad and dire environmental news.

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