BILL C-51: Most people know what Harper is up to

First Published in the Chronicle Journal Freda Davies

Saturday, March 28, 2015
What do we do with Harper’s fear-mongering?
According to polls — about as trustworthy as spring ice on the Kam River — most people in Canada think terrorists are behind every tree and lamp-post, and they approve of the Harper government’s latest draconian measure, Bill C-51, to remove all the leashes and let the spies loose to do whatever it is spies like to do. Tragically, the Liberals have gobbled Harper’s bait, abandoning their most treasured accomplishment, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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National Fiddling Day and…

No doubt the double entendre was unintended. However, when a bill calling for a National Fiddling Day is introduced late the same afternoon as a quietly tabled report showing extreme climate effects on Canada’s boreal forests, and coming the day after Prime Minister Stephen Harper shunned the UN global climate summit, we are unfortunately left with an image of Nero fiddling amidst the fires of Rome.

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A journalist worthy of attention

Paul Adams, veteran of the CBC and Globe and Mail, who now writes for iPolitics, makes consistently intelligent observations about the dilemma of Canada’s “progressive” opposition parties. In his book, Power Trap, and in his columns, he observes how petty tribal rivalries between the Liberals and New Democrats have blinded and crippled both parties, preventing them from effectively addressing the truly disastrous havoc that Stephen Harper and associates are inflicting upon our democracy, social fabric and environment.

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Senate is a sideshow, Harper’s the problem

Proposed new rules would limit power of prime minister, increase that of MPs

Sure, change has to happen with the Senate, but far more important is the runaway power we allow our prime minister. This is what needs to be reined in if we ever want to keep straight faces when calling our country a democracy.

Stephen Harper, with his dictatorial grip on Conservative MPs, has fired up all available power tools, either allowed by our Constitution or not mentioned in it, and has kept their engines running full tilt.

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Our ubiquitous deadly addiction

Lac Mégantic. Kalamazoo River. Gulf of Mexico. Red Deer River. Prince William Sound. What do these and countless other locations all have in common? No doubt about it: Big Disasters caused by Big Oil.

How about record floods in Calgary, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg — and around the world: Europe, China and elsewhere? Hurricane Katrina. Superstorm Sandy. Record droughts as well, with crop failures and uncontrollable fires.

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