Ecocidal behaviour

Thank you to the aboriginal community, especially the young leaders of the local Idle No More movement who spoke so eloquently at the City Hall rally Monday. At the moment, you seem to be our best hope for slowing the Harper agenda.

As spokesperson Joyce Hunter and many others have documented, Prime Minister Harper is hell-bent on being the leader of a fossil-fuel superpower, and doesn’t care what it takes to realize such a misguided dream.

Virtually every climate scientist on the planet cites the need for governments to act immediately to drastically reduce our reliance on coal, oil and gas. Yet our Prime Minister continues to omnibus his way though environmental safeguards, democratic principles and human rights, including aboriginal rights, to achieve his goal.

He has systematically gutted Environment Canada, and muzzled the skeleton staff remaining. The looming closure of our own world-renowned Experimental Lakes Research Station is a good local example of how he deals with any scientific institution which might conceivably challenge his plans.

The unequivocal result of this madness: the acceleration of Canada’s contribution of atmospheric carbon dioxide, helping the planet to race past the incredibly dangerous greenhouse gas milepost of 400 parts per million, already at 398 ppm. Meanwhile, scientists are telling us we must find ways to backtrack to a relatively safe 350 ppm if our grandchildren are to inherit a tolerable planet. Was there ever a better example of ecocidal behaviour than Harper’s fossil-fueled Action Plan?

Keep up the good work Ms Hunter and company. We stand with you in your fight to protect the environment, democratic principles, and aboriginal rights.

Scott Harris