BILL C-51: Most people know what Harper is up to

First Published in the Chronicle Journal Freda Davies

Saturday, March 28, 2015
What do we do with Harper’s fear-mongering?
According to polls — about as trustworthy as spring ice on the Kam River — most people in Canada think terrorists are behind every tree and lamp-post, and they approve of the Harper government’s latest draconian measure, Bill C-51, to remove all the leashes and let the spies loose to do whatever it is spies like to do. Tragically, the Liberals have gobbled Harper’s bait, abandoning their most treasured accomplishment, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I would hazard a guess that most readers of this newspaper know what Harper is up to. He has jumped at the opportunity presented to him by a small number of sick people with access to the weapons he won’t control, to blow an issue all out of proportion. Instead of showing courage and working earnestly to address the problem, he escalates fear and stokes hatred.
By doing this he can accomplish his real goals, to wit:
• show himself off as the tough guy who’s the only one capable of saving us; (Here, I just can’t resist mentioning his little sojourn in the closet.)
• increase his already substantial totalitarian control by implementing the privacy-invading measures he’s always wanted;
• distract us from the fact there is still no 2015 budget; (Was there ever a year it was delayed so long?)
• distract us from the tar sands industry whose increasing woes demonstrate his folly of having put all eggs in one basket;
• distract us from the Senate-PMO scandal and the imminent Duffy trial; and
• keep our attention away from his hundreds of other abuses aimed at individuals, groups and democracy itself, often hidden in massive omnibus bills with jingoistic names.
His biggest transgressions of all are his decade-long deliberate denial of runaway climate change, his trashing of all those concerned about it, and his blocking of international efforts to address it. The climate crisis presents a far greater danger than all the terrorists in the world combined. He definitely wants to hide his negligence on that front!
So what are Thunder Bay people to do? We have never elected any Harper followers, so voting against them locally, though necessary, is not sufficient. We need to communicate whatever facts we can to any friends and relatives elsewhere in the country who have bought into this great deception. We can do whatever possible to help others who are trying to turn this country around in places where Harper supporters hold sway. National organizations, such as Leadnow, the Council of Canadians, and Evidence for Democracy are working hard at it, and two Parties, the NDP and Greens, are standing against Bill C-51.
If you’re a Liberal, you can work on Justin Trudeau and his advisers to change their minds and stand against this bill. That would make a huge difference. I can’t imagine where they parked their brains when they decided to support it against all the evidence presented by dozens of extremely well-qualified experts. It appears that they too have become controlled by polls instead of principle.
Freda Davies
South Gillies