Harper’s “Religion”

by Ed Shields

Mr. Harper is religious. How does he respond to the Pope’s message to the US Congress (a Harperesque body) and the UN basically to keep tar sand in the ground? Or is Harper’s religiosity merely a facade to get votes. Or is his greed greater than his religiosity?

Harper’s fight against environmentalist action is akin to an illogical fight not to fix ones leaky roof. Of course, over time your house collapses. I wonder if a massive asteroid was targeting earth if he would worry.

Global warming is an immediate threat to Earth as dangerous as the asteroid that forced dinosaur extinction. His fight against science and environmentalists is a most dangerous “ostrich effect,” a denial of facts; a campaign for the outmoded carbon-based economy instead of the inevitable green economy with its sustainable jobs.

His actions show that he is against all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the China/US agreement to limit greenhouse gases.

The Pope fights against poverty while Harper only works for the oligarchies, the 1 per cent. All of his actions strongly suggest that Harper is basically a puppet for big oil. Voters should always view Mr. Harper’s proposals through the lens of who profits: you or corporate greed? You must vote!