Election Skulduggery

Laura Payton, CBC News: 5 loose ends from past federal elections, Oct 26, 2012

As of the above date, lingering questions remain about the 2011 and 2008 federal elections. Five of them are documented in this article. They are: 1) the mystery of “Pierre Poutine”, source of illegal cell phone calls directed at voters in Guelph; 2) the progress of investigations into 1,394 other reports of fraudulent calls in 234 ridings; 3) the Federal Court decision on six ridings where voters are alleging vote suppression and challenging the results; 4) unresolved question of 20% spending beyond legal campaign limit by Conservative, Peter Penashue; and 5) alleged overspending and coverup by Conservative, Dean Del Mastro. (Not included are the questions raised by Elizabeth May in her article of March, 2012. See below.)

Christopher Majka’s Blog, rabble.ca: Voter suppression revealed: The stealth attack on Canadian democracy, Sept 20, 2012

Majka gives us a comprehensive look at the court action by citizens in seven Canadian ridings to invalidate their 2011 federal election results. He features the Ekos Research study, with instructive graphs showing details of widespread voter suppression activities. Set against this are the mind-scrambling, inauthentic, diversionary tactics by Conservative Party lawyers to prolong the proceedings and increase expenses.

George Monbiot blog: Dance With the One Who Brung You, Aug 2, 2012

Why is an American Republican senator so strident in his denials of climate change, despite the evidence all around him? Simple. It’s his funding sources: Koch Industries, Murray Energy, Devon Energy, all giants in oil, gas, coal, chemicals and mining. It doesn’t matter what voters think. Elections can be manipulated one way or another by the all the campaign funds a compliant candidate could ever want or need.

Elizabeth May, blog: Election fraud: how many unsolved crimes are there and can Elections Canada get to the bottom of them?, March 19, 2012

It wasn’t just the 2011 election. Elizabeth May digs into the details of apparent Conservative wrongdoings back to 2005. She wonders why the cases remain unsolved and seem to have been swept permanently under the carpet.