Frances Russell

Frances Russell, iPolitics: Stephen Harper and the triumph of the corporation state, Oct 31, 2012

Frances Russell, veteran journalist and author, makes it quite clear that Stephen Harper does not want democracy at all. He has abandoned the role of prime minister to become Canada’s CEO. His repeated assaults on democracy leave little doubt that his core agenda is the elevation of corporate rights above citizens’ rights. Russell reveals how Harper shows strong evidence of following a prescription advocated many years ago by American author Samuel Huntington who warned that an “excess of democracy” was threatening the governability of the western world. He argued that an “effective democracy” requires certain groups to remain passive, for example, “blacks, Indians, Chicanos, white ethnic groups, students and women.” Huntington would approve of Harper’s accomplishments in enabling the growth of inequality and hardship, and in undermining democratic institutions. Russell could perhaps add how he has also managed to stifle hope for large numbers of the educated, scientists being the latest example, whose aim has always been to contribute to the public good, not necessarily to benefit corporations.