Alex Himelfarb

Alex Himelfarb, The Star: Governing in the dark: Bargain basement citizenship, Oct 9, 2012

Like many bewildered citizens, Himelfarb wonders why, in spite of the glaring evidence, so much of the population seems not to care about the erosion of our democracy. Following on the thought of philosopher, Michael Sandel, he sees one clue in the rise of market forces over the last thirty years. Gradually the market mentality has infiltrated all aspects of our lives, so that everything is measured in dollars. Consumer values have replaced civic and moral values. Himelfarb says it’s understandable that many who want a more democratic life are turning to their own small communities or to various causes, but as some are discovering, it is perilous to leave “any government to its own devices, unconstrained by a vigilant citizenry.” — Alex Himelfarb is the director of the Glendon School of International and Public Affairs and a former Clerk of the Privy Council.