Real Facts Rally

Countering TransCanada Pipelines’ Spin on Bitumen Transport

September 24, 2013, Thunder Bay Community Auditorium


Our Map of TCP’s Gas Explosions since 1992TCPexplosions

TransCanada PipeLines Ltd (TCP) brought its show to town, featuring its proposed new Energy East bitumen-transporting pipeline project. (A more revealing title might be Tar Sands to the World by Hook or by Crook.) CUSP was there along with our good friends from the Council of Canadians. TCP billed the event as an open house. It could better be described as a fossil fuel industry’s glossy trade fair, starring a cast of trained, smooth talking salespeople, armed with shiny props and free food, pitching the glowing corporate line. They provided opportunities for one-on-one conversations but none for public questions and answers.

We countered TCP’s propaganda with the researched facts contained in our handouts to visitors outside the auditorium. As individuals, we took turns using the limited forum open to us on the inside, questioning TCP employees and informing them of our concerns. They were unable to provide satisfactory answers and displayed an alarming lack of knowledge of climate change. Their main message seemed to be about their ultra-up-to-date technology for detecting pipeline leaks. Our display outside included maps, posters, signs and at one point, a rousing burst of song. CBC-Thunder Bay and Lakehead University Argus provided good media coverage.

Many thanks to the people at Thunder Bay Council of Canadians. They helped tremendously with this action, printing and distributing brochures and providing an excellent map.

Information handouts:

Fold-in-3, print-2-sides Brochure:
What TransCanada is Not Telling You About Energy East

Single page:
The Beardmore Blast & “Energy East”: Not If But When and Where…


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