TransCanada Preparing the Biggest Bitumen-Pushing Pipe Yet
Regional Information
See A Closer Look at Energy East, a debunking of TransCanada’s claims, as seen from Northwestern Ontario, in an easy-to-follow table.

And a clearer version of the above map Energy East Proposed Route.

Our Risk, Their Reward the northern Ontario video emphasizing our vulnerable waterways. (2 min)

The Nipigon River Landslide, 1990
Three years post-disaster, engineers from Trow Engineering and Lakehead University issued a report showing, among other instances of poor human planning, the precarious state of TransCanada’s pipeline when the surrounding ground is disrupted.

“A massive landslide occurred on the Nipigon River, north of the Town of Nipigon, Ontario, Canada in the early morning hours of April 23, 1990 and involved an estimated 300,000 cu m of soil.

“The movement of the soil caused a natural gas pipeline, which operates under a pressure of 7 MPa, to be displaced laterally up to 8.3 m westward toward the river, leaving it suspended without soil support for a length of 75 m. The pipeline was not ruptured, although it did have a sharp bend in it.

“The increased sediment load in the Nipigon River caused difficulties with the residential water supply for the Town of Nipigon, located about 13 kms downstream…”

TransCanada wants to transport much heavier and dirtier material than natural gas. If this is allowed, the pipe would do more than bend in such a landslide. A new kind of sediment would be gumming up Nipigon’s water supply. And of course, massive damage beyond that.

Read the full document: The Nipigon River Landslide

Say NO to the Energy East Pipeline in Northern Ontario

CUSP has joined with Ontario Nature, the Thunder Bay Council of Canadians and Environment North to circulate a petition. It has been sent to Thunder Bay’s Mayor, Keith Hobbs, the Thunder Bay City Council, Chiefs of regional First Nations, and mayors, reeves and councilors across Northwestern Ontario.

By January 26, 2015, 1168 concerned citizens signed this. We well surpassed our goal of 1000! It was presented to a meeting of Thunder Bay City Council in March, 2015, along with a well-received presentation. See details on CUSP facebook.

More videos, a poster and a backgrounder to the petition can be seen on this page, More Energy East

More Documents

And see the account of our Real Facts Rally at TransCanada’s promotion show in Thunder Bay, September 24, 2013.