More Videos and a Poster

Energy East 101, a comprehensive animated backgrounder on Energy East, all within 4 minutes



Kalamazoo River Tarsands Oil Pipeline Spill, about 1.5 years after the spill (6+ min)


Evan Vokes, engineer who revealed TransCanada’s carelessness, tells of his ordeal (14 min)



Energy East Poster – comprehensive infographic from Environmental Defence

Tar Sands Oil Extraction – The Dirty Truth, showing the devastation when the mega-project was much smaller than it is now (11+ min)



Great Canadian Migrations, – some comic relief – join the intrepid naturalist as he follows the greatest of all Canadian migrations (2.5 min)


Backgrounder to Petition

The Energy East Pipeline being planned by TransCanada Corporation is expected to carry 1.1 million barrels of diluted bitumen per day, a colossal quantity under high pressure in a 40-inch pipe. In our region, it would pass through, under or beside countless wetlands, lakes and rivers, including those running into Lake Superior. It would affect communities and ecosystems along its path and beyond. We have seen the impossibility of cleaning bitumen spills in other places. Fossil fuel companies and their political allies simply have not shown they care about the enormity of the impact. Pipelines can never be leak-proof. Leaks are inevitable somewhere, sometime.

CUSP and its allied organizations are not ignoring the other method of bitumen transport, rail, but at present, the determined intentions of TransCanada are the most threatening.

The fossil fuel industry has proclaimed as an undeniable fact that nothing can interfere with the inevitable transport of bitumen one way or another. That leads to their justification of pipelines as the safest and most cost-effective method.

We reject that so-called “fact” entirely and say that bitumen transport must be stopped, period. The fundamental goal must be to end the greenhouse gas emissions that are fueling disastrous climate change around the globe. Continuing and expanding bitumen production promises to vastly increase greenhouse gases, as well as pose other unacceptable environmental and health hazards.

Apparently not many Canadians have noticed that our nation has sold its soul to what Linda McQuaig has called Big Fossil, the almost unimaginably huge and wealthy conglomerate of global fossil fuel giants. The Harper government is simply an enabling branch plant of Big Fossil which pulls all of its strings. Harper supporters have been enticed by Big Fossil’s baubles: new versions of the whiskey and trinkets offered to indigenous peoples in former centuries. We are the new colonials and Big Fossil is the new Empire.

There are features that need to be watched for in Big Fossil’s sales pitches, including that of TransCanada Corp. Here are two examples.

1. The words, oil and petroleum
Bitumen is different. It is a gooey, sticky, black, gritty tar-like substance, so thick it has to be diluted with toxic volatile hydrocarbons before it can be transported. The mixture has been named dilbit, though Big Fossil calls it crude oil or petroleum in their public messages.

2. The pitch that Energy East will be a saviour to eastern Canada
In truth, Energy East’s main purpose is to facilitate export of bitumen overseas. There will likely be extra jobs at the time of construction, but in the long term, not many. Eastern natural gas users could face increased prices because dilbit will take over occupancy of a main gas conduit.

We need to reject and put a halt to this reckless disaster-prone megaproject.

CUSP has joined with Ontario Nature, the Thunder Bay Council of Canadians and Environment North to circulate a petition to be sent to Thunder Bay’s Mayor, Keith Hobbs, the Thunder Bay City Council, Chiefs of regional First Nations, and mayors, reeves and councilors across Northwestern Ontario.

OUR RISK, THEIR REWARD: Say NO to the Energy East Pipeline in Northern Ontario

You can view and sign our petition here.