Organizations Developing Policies, Strategies and Actions – Probably the most ambitious organization working to prevent overloading the earth’s atmosphere with greenhouse gases. The figure 350 represents the safe limit in parts per million of atmospheric carbon dioxide for a healthy planet. Founded by activist and author Bill McKibben, operates on a large scale, organizing rallies and demonstrations around the world.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – A well-established and respected non-partisan research institute concerned with social, economic and environmental justice. The site contains a treasure trove of analysis, suggested solutions, and facts which debunk the misinformation spread by government propagandists.

ClimateAccess – a “network of networks” launched in the fall of 2011 to connect people who are trying to communicate with and engage the public on climate change, carbon reduction and resilient communities. It is gathering knowledge on most effective communication strategies and passing it on. A 14-minute video at the bottom of the “About Us” page gives an excellent summary of all that ClimateAccess is doing.

Council of Canadians – Canada’s premier advocacy organization. It develops campaigns to protect Canadian independence, democracy, fair trade, clean water, energy security and public health care. Recently it has been involved in actions to save the Environmental Lakes Area, stop bitumen pipelines and tankers on the west coast, and prevent destruction of fertile Ontario farmland.

Dogwood and The Dogwood Blog – Probably best known for its No Tankers campaign that prevented increases in oil transport along the B.C. coast, Dogwood has a broader strategy to transform politics in B.C. by choosing issues that directly impact people’s lives, developing campaigns, and tenaciously sticking with them. Active and increasingly successful since 1999, Dogwood is a model for other activist organizations to emulate.

ForestEthics Advocacy Association – Founded in April 2012 and based in Vancouver, its goal is “to conserve and protect the natural environments of Canada while allowing for their sustainable use.” It is an offshoot of ForestEthics Canada, one of the charitable environmental organizations placed under scrutiny by the Harper government for its supposed non-charitable work. ForestEthics Advocacy does not have charitable status and devotes “100% of its time to environmental advocacy – including political advocacy.” In August 2013 it launched a suit against the federal government for its new rules that drastically curtail citizens’ rights to present views at hearings on energy projects including pipelines.

Personal Blogs – an impressive compilation of the latest climate change information, created by Barry and Pierre Beaupre of Thunder Bay, Ontario

Alex’s Blog – thoughtful articles about the state of our democracy. Dr. Alex Himelfarb is Director of the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs at York University. He has long experience in the Canadian public service.

Christopher Majka’s Blog – in depth articles, mainly on Canadian politics and climate change. Majka is a multi-disciplinary scholar, writer and scientist, presently a research associate of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and member of the Project Democracy team.

Climate Change Denial – A blog by George Marshall, founder of the Climate Outreach Information Network. He is attempting to explore the psychology of climate change denial, seeking to answer the puzzle of why, when the evidence of climate crisis is so overwhelming, do the deniers maintain such a strong hold on the public psyche and prevent corrective action.

George Monbiot – English writer, environmental and political activist. He writes a weekly column for The Guardian and is the author of several books including Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning.

Harper Watch – Subtitled Compiling the Harper Government’s Crimes Against Democracy, this is an impressive up-to-date collection documenting the Harper government’s record, starting from February 2009. Hard to imagine even the most steadfast Harper supporter continuing to believe his message after visiting this site.

TheBishopsViews – No question, this bishop does not like what Harper government is doing and tells why. Dennis Drainville, now the Anglican Bishop of Quebec, has been an anti-clearcutting activist, advocate for First Nations, NDP member of the Ontario government, and overseer of consultations during the Charlottetown Accord negotiations.

News Services

AlterNet – a news magazine and online community founded in 1998 that “creates original journalism and amplifies the best of hundreds of other independent media sources. AlterNet’s aim is to inspire action and advocacy on the environment, human rights and civil liberties, social justice, media, health care issues and more.” A veritable wealth of valuable articles.

Common Dreams – Created in 1997, Common Dreams is an independent non-profit news source adhering to the “progressive values of social justice, human rights, equality and peace” and is committed to “encouraging critical thinking and civic action” on these issues. Included in its wide ranging coverage are the climate crisis and other environmental catastrophes. Naomi Klein calls it “a daily, glorious taste of what the dominant media could be if it was shaped by our common dreams of justice and peace.”

EurekAlert! – a global news service operated by The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). It features news and resources focused on all areas of science, medicine and technology.

NASA: Global Climate Change – a wealth of basic information on climate change; lots of pictures, videos, graphs, maps.

redOrbit Science News – up-to-date and archived information on scientific discoveries, including climate change research

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