Dehumanizing Refugees

Refugee Health Care

Carol Sanders, Winnipeg Free Press:  Province steps up for refugees Sept 13, 2012

Manitoba is to help refugees access health benefits the federal government recently took away. Provincial health minister, Theresa Oswald said, “We don’t agree with the federal government’s cut because it’s hurting families and will lead to longer-term and more expensive problems,” She also said she would add up the bill and send it to the federal health minister.

Megan Williams, video from Docs4refugeehc: Ottawa doctor speaks to reporters about Harper gov’t refugee health care cuts, June 27, 2012

Dr. Megan Williams is scrummed by journalists after questioning Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health, to protest the Harper government’s cuts to health care for refugees. Video courtesy of Huffington Post Canada”

Paul Caulford, The Star: A new low for refugees in Canada, June 24, 2012

Caulford is medical director of the Volunteer Clinic for Medically Uninsured Immigrants and Refugees in Toronto. He paints a grim picture of what is being done to real human beings by Jason Kenney’s and the Harper government’s mean spirited divisive politics.

Chris Keefer & Faria Kamal, video from Alroy Fonseca: Doctor and medical student interrupt Minister Joe Oliver at press conference, June 22, 2012

Dr. Chris Keefer and medical student Faria Kamal do a masterful job of protesting legislated cuts to refugee health care, part of the Harper government’s omnibus budget bill, C-38. They upstage Joe Oliver as he begins an announcement at the Toronto General Hospital.