Environmental Abuse

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Gloria Galloway, The Globe and Mail: Energy board changes pipeline complaint rules, Apr 5, 2013

The National Energy Board has unveiled new rules stemming from the Harper government’s omnibus legislation of 2012. Now Canadians who want to present their views about proposed pipelines must complete a 10-page application form proving they would be directly affected or that they have relevant expertise. The definition of “directly affected” was not revealed. The process applies even if a person simply wants to write a letter which could well be a fraction of the length of the form. The first project to make use of the new rules is Enbridge’s Line 9, slated to carry heavy crude oil, perhaps bitumen, east from Sarnia to Montreal. Those wanting to make submissions are given only two weeks to obtain the form, complete it and file it with both the NEB and Enbridge.

Mike De Souza, canada.com: Scientists shocked after Harper government assigns IT staff to monitor ozone data, Sept 14, 2012

World atmospheric scientists at a recent Toronto conference are shocked by the Harper government’s turnover of air quality monitoring, including ozone monitoring, to a data management group. They say IT specialists lack the “scientific expertise to recognize errors in the data that would be caught by atmospheric scientists with experience in measuring ozone.” One of them added that “monitoring was also essential to determine whether global warming is contributing to a recently-discovered hole in the ozone layer above the Arctic that may be reversing progress…”

Daniel Veniez, iPolitics: Independent analysis further eroded with closing of NRTEE, Apr 2, 2012

Harper government shuts down globally respected National Roundtable on Environment and the Economy (NRTEE), “a model for convening diverse and competing interests around one table to create consensus ideas and viable suggestions for sustainable development.”

David R. Boyd, iPolitics: The Conservatives’ covert war on the environment, Mar 22, 2012

An early warning about the devastating 2012 Harper government legislation which proved to be all too true. It talks about the adoption of American Republican strategies to gut environmental protection. “The Conservatives appear hell-bent on exploiting and exporting Canada’s natural resources as quickly as possible, regardless of the environmental costs.”