5 Best Air Fryers In Canada 2020 – Review & Guide

5 Best Air Fryers In Canada 2019 – Review & Guide

Everyone loves fried food, and it is part of almost every cuisine out there. There is something so comforting about the crispiness of it. However, it is a very unhealthy choice. Lucky for all of us food lovers out here, there is a new invention; the air fryer! This kitchen gadget uses a very small amount of oil and mimics the effect of deep-frying. Air fryers cook the food using electrical heat that dries the food and gives it a crispy crust but keeps the inside juicy. It saves you calories and helps you keep a balanced and healthy diet. So, if you are in the market for an air fryer, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed and made a list, so you can choose the best air fryer in Canada for your home.

30-Second Review

After reviewing many different air fryers, we have concluded that the best air fryer in Canada is the COSORI Air Fryer! This air fryer has all the features you can imagine, with over 11 preset smart programs so you can easily cook your food. It is also 3.7 Quarts or 3.5 litres in capacity, so you can easily serve 2-3 people. Not to mention it is simple to use and reasonably priced.

NameCapacityTemperature RangePrice
1. COSORI Air Fryer (Best Overall)3.7 QT / 3.5 L170-400°F (77-205°C)$
2. GoWISE Air Fryer3.7 QT / 3.5 L170°F-180°F (77-82°C)$
3. T-Fal ActiFry Air Fryer2.2 lb / 1 kg338°F (170°C)$
4. Philips Viva Air Fryer1.75 lbs / 0.8 kg390°F (199°C)$$
5. Ninja Air Fryer4 Q / 3.8 L105–400°F (40-204°C)$

What Is An Air Fryer?

In comparison with deep fryers, air fryers use pretty much the same method, but instead of using huge amounts of extra hot oil it uses hot air. In the process of air frying you also use oil, but a much smaller amount, like a tablespoon. The hot air fans distribute the air in a way that constantly circulates in the air fryer and cooks the food from all sides. And just like deep frying, it takes only minutes to cook the food. The air fryer allows you to achieve a much healthier version of your favourite food. You can bake a pizza or even grill a steak.

Is It Healthy?

Most of us Canadians consider getting an air fryer to be able to have all the guilty pleasure foods guilt-free. Air fryers are supposed to reduce calorie intake by 70%-80%. This makes it a much healthier alternative, especially to deep-fried foods. However, it does not mean that you can eat air fried food all the time. Your diet still has to consist of balanced foods and natural vitamins and fats that are found in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Features To Look For Before Purchasing An Air Fryer

Here are some thoughts and characteristics you might want to think about before you start thinking about buying an air fryer in Canada.

Size And Capacity

Most air fryers are much smaller than deep fryers. It is very important to consider your available counter space, especially if you plan on using the air fryer often. Even though most air fryers are small, they usually have capacities from 1.5 to 2 pounds or more, which is enough for 2-4 people.

Cooking Settings

The cooking settings are what defines the taste and texture of the food. So, the air fryer must have adjustable settings, so it can meet all of your needs while cooking a diverse range of foods. Most of the time air fryers will usually contain a wide variety of presets for cooking, so it should not be much of an issue for you.

Basket Removal

You should consider that the removal of the basket is easy since you need to shake it while cooking the food. There are different mechanisms for removing the basket, sometimes it is in a basket drawer, other times it is a top lid opening.

Best Air Fryers Canada 2020 Reviewed

1. COSORI Air Fryer

COSORI Air Fryer, 3.7QT Oil Free L Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven, Programmable 11-in-1 Cooker with Preheat & Shake Reminder, Equipped Digital Touchscreen and Nonstick Basket, 100 Recipes, 1500W
The COSORI air fryer is a great example of cutting-edge technology, it has a one-touch selection and offers 11 preset conveniences. The temperature range is 170-400°F (77-205°C) and it takes 1-60 minutes to cook. The capacity is 3.7 Quarts (3.5 Liters), so you can easily serve 2-3 people. The air fryer basket is dishwasher safe, detachable and non-stick. It comes with 100 original recipes that will give you so many ideas and help you utilize your air fryer.

Some of the most outstanding features are the unique shake reminder for the best cooking results, it has a function that keeps the food warm and even an auto-shutoff option. COSORI has eleven smart presets that can be used to cook a vast range of tasty, healthy meals, all while using 85% less oil. The presets enable you to cook chicken, steak, shrimp, seafood, bacon, preheat bread, frozen foods, french fries, vegetables, root vegetables, desserts, and even bread. It is no wonder the COSORI air fryer is our pick for the best air fryer in Canada!

  • It comes with 11 presets for cooking
  • There is a pre-heating option
  • There is a keep warm option
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Comes with Cosori Recipe Book (100 recipes)
  • Shake reminder
  • Not every preset has a shaking reminder

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2. GoWISE Air Fryer

GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer with 8 Cook Presets, GW22639
The GoWISE air fryer is an amazing air fryer that really eliminates the extra calories that oil ads to fried foods. It has an adjustable temperature feature that makes it possible for you to cook various dishes while using almost no oil. The device has a 30-minute timer that has a standby feature that allows you to switch to standby when the cooking is finished. This air fryer has eight built-in programs: chips, meat, chicken, steak, shrimp and fish that are activated by a touch screen. The basket is detachable which makes it easy to transfer the food on the plate. GoWISE has a great rapid air circulation technology that cooks food evenly and always delivers perfect results.

  • 8 built in programs for cooking different food
  • Easy to remove basket
  • Comes with GoWISE Recipe Book (50 recipes)
  • There is no baking pan included.

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3. T-Fal ActiFry Air Fryer

T-fal FZ710050 ActiFry 1kg Low Oil Air Fryer, with timer, Automatic stirring paddle, White
The T-Fal ActiFry Air Fryer is made with family in mind, as its main objective is healthy cooking. It has a special dual motion technology that combines the hot air with automatic stirring, this way it cooks the food evenly and uses the smallest amount of out. You only use a spoon of oil for 2.2 lb of food. There is also a detachable timer that will allow you to do other work while the food is cooking and will notify you when it is done. It really is fool-proof! You can serve up to 4 people with one batch. The fryer has a glass viewing window, the basket is removable with ceramic coating. The lid, stirring paddle and the basket are dishwasher safe. The air fryer comes with an ActiFry app that includes numerous recipes for delicious food you can make using your device.

  • Very efficient cooking time
  • Glass viewing window
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Comes with an ActiFry App
  • No recipe book
  • It is a large device and takes up an ample amount of counter space

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4. Philips Viva Air Fryer

Philips Viva Collection Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology, Black, HD9220/29
The Phillips air fryer is a great choice if you are looking to change up your lifestyle, and make healthier versions of your favourite food. The device has a unique starfish shape that circulates the air in a way that makes sure the food is cooked evenly. This way the food gets crispy on the outside but remains juicy and tender inside. But this air fryer does a lot more than just frying, it has options for roasting, baking, and grilling, so you can make all of your favourite foods or even try more than 150 free recipes on the free app. You can even trial Noom’s Healthy Weight Program for free, which will help you with your weight loss journey with the purchase of this air fryer. The air fryer will shut off when the cooking is done. It is extremely easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.

  • Very easy to clean, and simple dial to use
  • The outside does not get too hot while cooking
  • Very portable and versatile for those on the go
  • More expensive than the other products featured on this list
  • No LED display
  • Capacity is vastly less than the other items featured on this list

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5. Ninja Air Fryer

Ninja AF101C Ninja Air Fryer, 3.8L, Black

The Ninja air fryer is amazing because it has a wide temperature range (105-400°F) which allows you to get different cooking styles. The basket is ceramic coated and non-stick which fits up to 2 pounds of food. This way you can quickly and easily cook food for a family of four. All accessories are dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean. The great thing about this fryer is that it offers a multi-layer rack that helps you dehydrate a lot of fruit or veggies.

The air fryer has a high technology one-touch control panel that allows you to choose between four different cooking functions or even set manual cook time and temperature. The four programmable functions are air fry, you can cook fries, nuggets, chicken strips; roast that allows you to make casseroles, vegetables, etc; reheat for all of your leftover food and dehydrate that removes moisture from food and enables you to make homemade veggie chips, jerky or dried fruits.

  • Ceramic coating of the basket
  • You can use it to dehydrate food
  • There is no recipe cookbook
  • It does not automatically shut down if you take the basket out
  • The outside can become too hot after prolonged usage

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Some Suggestions To Consider Before You Get An Air Fryer

Some Suggestions To Consider Before You Get An Air Fryer

Before purchasing an air fryer in Canada, you need to consider the reasons why you are looking to buy one. People who are very invested in food claim that air fryers are not able to recreate the texture or even taste of fried food. However, air fryers still do create a crispy outside and juicy inside with all the hot air circulating the food. So, if you are looking for a healthier alternative, but are aware that the results will not be a replica of deep-fried food, an air fryer is the right choice for you.

Before choosing your air fryer, you will need some information on how to properly use them. Here are some key points that will improve the quality of the cooking, and will enable you to make the best of your air fryer.

Use Oil

Even though some manufacturers might say that their air fryer is oil-free, using oil is going to give the food a better texture. Most user manuals suggest you drizzle one tablespoon of oil over the food.

Shake the Basket

It is often recommended that you shake the basket while cooking. This ensures even cooking of the food. Some air fryers have a built-in stirring mechanism that does this for you. Depending on the food you might need to shake the basket at different frequencies. For example, french fries need more stirring than other vegetables.

Keep the Air Fryer Clean

Most air fryers are dishwasher safe (check your manual or ask manufacturer). But there are some indications that the high heat of the water in the dishwasher and the chemicals in the detergent could wear down the non-stick surface. So you should clean this part by hand with warm water and some soap (while it is turned off of course!). Avoid steel wool while washing. You should clean your air fryer after each use. And do not forget to ALWAYS consult your product manual, or manufacturer if you have questions about cleaning!


All in all, air fryers offer an amazing way to have a healthier version of all of your favourite foods. Some of the air fryers on the market even enable you to cook diverse foods that are not necessarily fried. You can make pizza, desserts, roast and even bake (depending on your air fryer). The taste and texture of these foods are very similar, sometimes even better then oven-cooked or deep-fried food. So, an air fryer is a great purchase for you and your family. Not only is it a healthier option, but it is a very simple manner of cooking big enough portions to feed the whole family. Hopefully, our list has helped you choose the best air fryer in Canada and start your air frying journey!

Credit(s): Featured Image Credit To Wolfmann on Wikipedia.

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