The Best Air Mattresses In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

8 Best Air Mattresses In Canada 2020 - Review & Guide

When you have got guests coming to stay but you do not have a spare bedroom, a great solution is an air mattress. Or, perhaps you are moving to another house and need a stand-in option until you get your brand new bed. Air mattresses are an excellent item to keep stashed away for those unexpected moments. But you need to find the right one to make sure your money is well spent in the long run. Keep reading for a thorough review of the best air mattresses in Canada.

30-Second Review

Our top pick for the best air mattress in Canada is the Active Era Air Mattress. It is incredibly affordable for the excellent quality you receive. It has a tall, thick construction fitted with 35 structured coils so you feel as though you are sleeping on a “real” bed, with a pillow-style top and durable materials. The built-in electric pump allows you to inflate the mattress easily in under 3 minutes. Not to mention, it also has a built-in manual valve in case you do not have access to any electrical outlets. This is a spectacular portable air mattress suited for indoor or outdoor use and is well worth the money!

NameSizePump SystemMattress Height
1. Active Era Air Mattress (Best Overall)QueenBuilt-in electric pump or manual pump20 inches
2. Intex Comfort Plush Air MattressQueenBuilt-in electric pump or manual pump22 inches
3. Etekcity Air MattressQueenBuilt-in electric pump22 inches
4. Zoetime Air MattressTwin, Queen Built-in electric pump18.5 inches
5. Sable Air MattressTwin, Full, QueenBuilt-in electric pump20 inches

Why Buy An Air Mattress?

Air mattresses are a must-have for any Canadian who goes camping regularly, frequently visits cabins or beach homes where beds are sparse. Do you have kids at home who regularly have friends over to stay during the weekends? An air mattress is a perfect way to ensure the kids can stay in the same room together, each with a comfy bed that can be packed away swiftly. It is not always realistic or viable to add an extra memory foam mattress to your home, as you may not have the room nor the budget. An air mattress allows you to preserve precious space, all the while offering a comfortable solution for guests. Even better, they are portable so you can set it up anywhere from the living room to the garage if need be.

Best Air Mattresses Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. Active Era Air Mattress

Active Era Premium Queen Size Double Air Bed - Elevated Inflatable Air Mattress, Built-in Electric Pump, Raised Pillow & Structured Air-Coil Technology, Height 20"

First on our list is the Active Era Air Mattress, a reasonably-priced Queen size model. We love that this mattress has a decent height, so you (or your guests) feel as though it is a proper bed and not a makeshift mattress an inch off the floor. It has a built-in electric pump for effortless, fast inflation (3 minutes approximately) and a switch for instant deflation. And do not worry, in case you may not have access to any electrical outlets it also features a manual valve for a manual pump.

The interior of this mattress features 35 structured coils designed to provide support to the sleeper’s body, as well as ensuring the mattress does not sag during the night. The materials used are very durable and hard-wearing for the most part. The top is made of a flocked material for softness, and to provide friction so your sheets do not go sliding in the night.

When it is time to deflate the mattress and pack it away, you are in for an easy task as it comes with its own storage bag and has a very compact size when deflated. This would be an ideal choice for couples who require a large, sturdy, and easy-to-inflate air mattress for camping, holiday homes, or to store at home for guests to enjoy a comfy night’s sleep.

  • Built-in electric pump or manual pump
  • Durable materials
  • Fitted with 35 structured air coils for support
  • Pillow-style top
  • Easy to deflate with a simple switch
  • Portable
  • Leakages/lumpiness

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2. Intex Comfort Plush Air Mattress

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Internal Electric Pump, Bed Height 22", Queen, Gray

Next up we have a similar Queen sized model, the Intex Comfort Air Mattress. This is a tall mattress with a very generous weight capacity of 600 pounds, more than enough to accommodate two grown adults. There are two options for inflation: a built-in electric pump for which you need a power outlet or a manual pump for remote places where electricity is sparse.

The interior of this mattress features the Intex patented Fiber-Tech Interior Construction, basically meaning that there are support beams to provide a sag-free sleep with sufficient body support. The sides and top of the bed are covered with a velvety, flocked fabric for softness and also to resist scratches, punctures, and general wear & tear. It means that sheets can stay put without sliding or eventually coming off the mattress during the night.

A helpful feature is the carry bag that comes with the mattress so you can keep it securely stashed away until you require it again. This is great for road trips, camping, and keeping it out of the way at home.

  • High weight capacity
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • 2 inflation options (manual or electric)
  • Plush surface
  • Leakages/lumpiness

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3. Etekcity Air Mattress

Etekcity Queen Size Blow Up Air Mattress Inflatable Elevated Raised Air Bed, Built-in Electric Pump for Guest, Camping, 2-Year Warranty, Luxury Series, Height 22 inches

At number three, we have the Etekcity Air Mattress. There are two height options, one at 22 inches for a “real bed” feel, and one at 9 inches for camping and smaller budgets. However, we are focusing on the 22-inch Queen sized option here today (check out the 9-inch option here).

We are impressed by the high weight capacity of this mattress at a very generous 650 pounds, accommodating 2 large adults. It has been designed for maximum support and comfort. For example, the interior is made of wave beams as opposed to coil beams that appear in most other air beds. Wave beams are a series of wavy layers that when lined up together create a supportive surface without bumps, (coil beams tend to be a little lumpy and uneven).

The inflation and deflation process is super easy, as there is a built-in pump that requires a power outlet. However, one key design flaw is that there is no way to manually pump this mattress, which makes remote, electricity-free camping rather difficult. We are pleased to see that the materials used are of excellent quality and durability, with a double-layer of puncture-resistant material and a waterproof top layer. The top layer is flocked for comfort, and to stop your bottom sheet from slipping and sliding under you. The bottom layer is made from super-thick PVC to prevent being punctured by sharp objects on the ground and to ensure the mattress stays put.

This would be an excellent choice for home use, especially if you regularly have guests and friends coming to stay. It would also be great for a holiday home with power outlets.

  • High weight capacity
  • Built-in electric pump
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Wave-beams for support
  • Cannot be pumped manually

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4. Zoetime Air Mattress

Zoetime Queen Air Mattress Airbed Inflatable Bed with Built-in Electric Pump, 80*60*18.5 Inch, Gray

The Zoetime Air Mattress is an affordable option that comes in two sizes, Queen and Twin. It has a great weight that supports up to 500 pounds to easily hold two large adults. Like many others on our list, it has the helpful addition of a built-in electric pump (but no manual pump) that inflates the mattress in under 5 minutes, as long as you have got a power outlet nearby!

The mattress has been made with a double-layer, waterproof material with a flocked top layer. The sides are smooth for easy cleaning, however, it may mean that fitted sheets have trouble staying put as there is no friction. The flocked top features pillow-like mounds, while the interior is filled with 42 air coils for support and structure. We like that this mattress comes with a carry bag for tidy, easy storage, and repair patches in the case of a leak. This air mattress would be best for home usage for lighter people to reduce the risk of deflation or bursting. For heavy-duty camping or long-term usage, we would recommend spending a little more for something more sturdy that also features a manual pump.

  • High weight allowance
  • Real-bed height
  • Waterproof materials
  • Built-in pump
  • Comes with a storage bag and repair patches
  • Cannot be pumped manually

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5. Sable Air Mattress

Air Mattress Queen Size Airbed, Sable Upgraded Inflatable Blow up Bed with Built-in Electric Pump, Height 20", 660lbs Weight Capacity, Storage Bag

Next up, the Sable Air Mattress in Queen Size (there are also Full and Twin sizes available), described by the brand as “the most luxurious air bed on the market”. Sable has improved their design to feature better internal reinforcements for improved support and comfort. The exterior PVC material has been thickened (to 0.45 mm) for extra protection against punctures. Like most air beds, the top layer is flocked for a soft touch and warmth.

The interior structure features I-beams to support the body during the night. However, some people have mentioned that the sides are not firm enough to allow the entire bed surface to be utilized. This means that it can be a little too small for an adult couple who prefer their own space.

We love that there is a manual pump valve as well as a built-in pump, so it can be inflated anywhere, from your home to a remote camping spot. When using the built-in electric pump, it will inflate in 3-5 minutes, pretty great in our opinion!

  • Can be pumped manually or through the built-in electric pump
  • Soft flocked top layer
  • Thickened exterior PVC material for protection against punctures
  • Sides are not firm enough

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6. Tilview Air Mattress

TILVIEW Queen Size Air Mattress, Blow Up Elevated Raised Air Bed Inflatable Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump, Storage Bag and Repair Patches Included, 80 x 62 x 18.5 Inches, Blue, 2-Year Guarantee

The Tilview Air Mattress is very reasonably priced, with a refreshing blue and white color palette. This Queen sized model shares many great features with the others on our list, such as a high weight capacity (500 pounds), high shape for “real bed” feel, soft flocked top, a built-in pump, and a storage bag. We think this bed would be best suited to lighter weights for occasional usage at home or anywhere power outlets are readily available.

  • High shape for a real-bed feel
  • Flocked, waterproof top
  • Built-in pump
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Seams are not very sturdy

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7. Intex Standard Series Air Mattress

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Pillow Rest Raised Airbed w/Built-in Pillow & Internal Electric Pump, Bed Height 16.5"

Next up, a Queen sized model with a different aesthetic, the Intex Standard Series Air Mattress in all-over black. If your air mattress budget is very small, this is a great option as the price is impressively modest. We love that despite the low cost, the weight capacity is a generous 600 pounds, with a soft-touch top and built-in pillow.

Inflating this sleek mattress is easy as there is a built-in electric pump to do the job for you in under 3.25 minutes. There is also an option for manual inflation which means it is ideal for remote camping areas.

The interior of this high mattress is filled with the Intex Fiber-Tech design, with special fibres to provide sag-free support. This would be a great air bed for at-home or holiday home usage with readily available power, small budgets, and a preference for sleek black aesthetics.

  • Super affordable
  • Sleek black aesthetic
  • High weight capacity
  • Built-in electric pump and manual pump
  • Built-in pillow
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Deflates quickly

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8. Intex Inflatable Camping Mattress

Intex Inflatable Camping Mattress, 76" x 50

Last but not least, the Intex Inflatable Camping Mattress. A very different model when compared to the other air mattresses in Canada. This has been designed especially for camping, hence the low profile, lightweight, and manual pump method. The bottom is double-layered for puncture-proofing on rough outdoor surfaces. Like all of the air mattresses on our list, it is topped with a flocked layer for softness.

The top end is raised to create a built-in pillow for when you need to pack super light! And lastly, the cost is extremely reasonable, so much so that you could buy a couple (one for home, one for the holiday cabin?). Note that it does not come with a storage bag, so you have to fold it up and transport it however you can.

  • Super affordable
  • Flocked top for a soft sleeping surface
  • Lightweight
  • Wave-beams for consistent support
  • Does not come with a storage bag

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A Few Characteristics To Consider Before Purchasing An Air Mattress

A Few Characteristics To Consider Before Purchasing An Air Mattress


If your air mattress will be regularily used it would be worth investing in the best model you can find, even if it means stretching your budget. A quality air mattress will save money over time, as it will not require repairs or premature replacement.


  • Where is your air mattress going to be set up most often?
  • Does it need to fit into a tight space in a small cabin or a vast living room at home?
  • How many people will be sleeping on it?
    • Are they adults or children?

Clarify these questions to figure out the best size, and measure your space if necessary. This will also go hand in hand with the storage and transport depending on where it will be used.

Storage And Transport

  • Is your air mattress destined for lots of car trips and camping, or to be stashed in a tight cupboard?
  • How small is it once deflated and folded up?
  • Does it come with a storage bag?
  • Will it tuck discreetly into the trunk of the car for road tripping?

Pump Options

Some air mattresses are easier than others when it comes to inflation. Consider this if you have any mobility or physical issues that might make manual pumping difficult or dangerous. If so, you should consider a model with a built-in electric pump so it can be inflated without assistance and elbow grease.

Weight Allowance

Is your air mattress intended for very large or tall adults? If so, look for a super-durable option with a high weight allowance, not only for the longevity of the mattress but for the comfort of the sleeper.


A punctured or deflated air mattress is not only frustrating but it is downright uncomfortable to sleep on! Ensure your chosen model is made from puncture-resistant and waterproof materials to handle the rough-and-tumble nature of camping, kids, pets, and storage.


The last thing you want is for your guests to endure an uncomfortable sleep, only to wake in the morning with aches and pains. Make sure your air mattress has plenty of built-in support to ensure it does not sag, shift, and jiggle with every movement. The mattress should be designed to support the shoulders, hips, and spine sufficiently for an even and natural sleeping position.


Our top pick for the best air mattress in Canada is the Active Era Air Mattress for its comfort, ease of use, and overall quality. However, our other picks are very close behind, offering super affordable prices, soft surfaces, and different pumping options (manual, built-in, or both).

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