The Best Baby Monitors In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

9 Best Baby Monitors In Canada - Review & Guide

For many parents, a baby monitor is exactly what they need for peace of mind both in and out of the home. The best baby monitors in Canada not only allow you to watch your baby, but also set feeding schedules, be alerted to potential issues, play lullabies, and soothe your baby from wherever you may be.

30-Second Review

Our top choice for the best baby monitor in Canada is the TOGUARD AM30 Video Baby Monitor. With a built-in digital camera with night vision, wireless transmission, 2-way talk sensor, temperature sensor, feeding clock, and 3 pre-set lullabies, the TOGUARD baby monitor makes it ridiculously easy for parents to soothe and communicate with their babies from any room in the house. The camera allows you to zoom in for more detail, and there is an auto-wakeup feature that will trigger the monitor if the baby’s cries reach a certain volume. As an added bonus, you can also set specific feeding times for your baby throughout the night, either every 2, 4 or 6 hours.

NameScreen SizeRangeNight VisionTwo-Way Talk
1. TOGUARD AM30 Video Baby Monitor (Best Overall)3.5 inchesUp to 1,000 feet
2. HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor5 inchesUp to 1,000 feet
3. VTech DM223 Audio Baby MonitorN/AUp to 1,000 feetN/A
4. Campark BM40 Video Baby Monitor4.3 inchesUp to 820 feet
5. KAMEP Video Baby Monitor3.2 inchesUp to 1,100 feet

Why Invest In A Baby Monitor?

It Is Convenient

Without a baby monitor, you would have to stay on constant alert, being sure to check on your baby every few minutes or so. Baby monitors give you more freedom to get on with your day in the knowledge that you will be the first to know if your baby needs your attention. Often times, you will not even need to visit your baby’s sleeping spot to check they are doing okay.

It Will Alert You If You Are Asleep

Parents need their rest too, and a good baby monitor will ensure you can get your shuteye with the reassurance that you will be woken up if you are needed. Many baby monitors feature built-in alarms that will let you know if your baby is crying, whether you are catching up on sleep or busy doing chores around the house.

It Can Soothe Your Baby For You

Not all baby monitors offer the same high value, but many of the best baby monitors in Canada have features for soothing the baby without you needing to move from wherever you are, such as pre-set lullabies. Many baby monitors also allow you to speak through the monitor and communicate with your baby, again without having to move from wherever you may be in your home.

It Is Safe

One of the biggest selling points of a baby monitor is that it can help you ensure your baby is safe without having to physically stand at their bedside. Babies are a lot more vulnerable than children and adults, and knowing that you can keep an eye out for trouble will help you to rest more easily while your little one is asleep.

Best Baby Monitors Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. TOGUARD AM30 Video Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor with Camera, TOGUARD 3.5 Inch Screen Infant Optics Digital Cam with Infrared Night Version 2.4GHz Wireless Transmission 2 Way Talk Temperature Sensor Vox Auto Feeding Clock and Lullabies

The TOGUARD AM30 Video Baby Monitor is a portable baby monitor and zoomable camera that can be quickly connected to WiFi at a 500-feet distance apart. With a 3.5-inch screen displaying night vision and heat sensor camera modes, the TOGUARD allows you to check up on your baby even in the dark.

There are several standout features of the TOGUARD monitor, including 3 pre-set lullabies which you can use to soothe the baby without having to move to your baby’s bedside. There is also a feeding alarm, which lets you set a timer for every 2, 4, or 6 hours to feed the baby through the night. If you are a heavy sleeper, the TOGUARD will alert you when your baby is crying, and features a “push to talk”, which allows you to communicate with your baby from another room in the house.

  • Lullaby mode to soothe baby for you
  • Night vision, temperature sensor and zoom options for keeping a close eye on your baby day and night
  • Two-way talk for convenient communication with baby
  • Not the best for long-distance rooms
  • Volume of sound from camera is a little low

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2. HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor

HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor, Security Camera, 5″ Screen, 720P HD, Wide Angle, Safe Wireless Connection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Multi-Camera, Temperature & Sound Alarm, Lullaby, Pan/Tilt/Zoom Baby Camera

The HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor is a monitor and security camera with a 5-inch display screen. The monitor features an impressively high camera quality at 720p, ensuring you can see your baby clearly from up close and further away. You can remotely turn the camera to follow your child’s movements by panning the lens 355° to see corner-to-corner and tilting 110° to see floor to ceiling. As the camera is connected directly to the monitor, there is no concern for data and internet safety.

With a specially equipped night sensor, the HeimVision HM136 makes it easy to keep an eye on your baby in the dark. The monitor and camera can be placed at a range of up to 1,000 feet apart, and you can connect up to 4 cameras to the same monitor if you wish. Some of the most impressive features of this monitor includes 2-way communication, sound and temperature detection, lullabies, and a handy feeding reminder.

  • High camera quality
  • Good monitor-to-camera range
  • Camera can easily be tilted and adjusted remotely
  • Night vision and temperature detection
  • Battery quality is not the best
  • No motion detection

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3. VTech DM223 Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM223 Safe and Sound DECT6.0 Audio Baby Monitor, White

The VTech DM223 Audio Baby Monitor is a sound-recording monitor that can be clipped to your clothing and taken with you around your home. It uses DECT 6.0 digital technology, which provides clearer transmission, eliminating white noise and helping you to communicate with your baby more clearly.

With a range of up to 1,000 feet, you will be able to go about your daily chores with the knowledge that this audio baby monitor will alert you to your baby’s movements at all times. The parent unit – or the unit you can carry around – vibrates and makes a sound alert when your baby requires attention. It features a backlit display, making it good for viewing in the dark, and a nightlight on the baby unit. The monitor is battery powered, and will notify you when it needs charging.

  • Portable – can clip it to your clothing and take it with you
  • Back-lit parent monitor and night light on baby monitor
  • Two-way speech
  • Clear transmission for crisper sound
  • Only comes with one parent unit – two would be handier
  • Battery life is not great

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4. Campark BM40 Video Baby Monitor

Campark Baby Monitor 4.3 inch Split Screen Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, Smart Night Vision, Room Temperature, Two-Way Talk, 8 Lullabies and High Capacity Battery

The Campark BM40 Video Baby Monitor is a 4.3-inch split-screen baby monitor that features a camera and audio. The monitor uses 2.4G FHSS signal transmission technology instead of WiFi, making it a good option for parents who do not want to risk a data breach on the internet. The big plus point of the Campark monitor is that it can support two cameras at a time, and will play both videos concurrently on the same screen. The additional camera is sold separately, though, so it will come at an extra cost.

When camera sensor detects the baby’s room is dark, the baby monitor automatically switches to night vision, saving you the hassle of manually doing it yourself. You can also adjust the VOX sensitivity on your monitor, which will determine under what circumstances it wakes you up – whether your baby is fussing, babbling or crying. For soothing your baby remotely, there is a two-way talk feature, as well as 8 pre-set lullabies for you to choose from.

  • Split screen with option for 2 cameras
  • Automatic night vision
  • Adjustable VOX sensitivity
  • 8 pre-set lullabies
  • No zoom and pan options
  • Speaker volume is lacking

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5. KAMEP Video Baby Monitor

Video Baby Monitor with Camera,Baby Camera with No Glow Infrared Night Vision,Support Temperature Monitor,Two-Way Talk,Lullaby,Remote Zoom Video Monitor System KAMEP

The KAMEP Video Baby Monitor is a baby monitor with a no-glow infrared night vision camera. Its 3.2-inch screen displays a high-quality image from the baby camera monitor, with 90-degrees panning to allow you to always have a good view of your baby. There is also a 2x zoom magnification feature for zoning in on those smaller details.

Both the baby monitor and camera use a built-in mic and speaker, allowing for two-way communication. The anti-noise technology allows for clearer audio with minimal background noise, like the humming of air conditioning or audio from a television. The infrared LED lights lets you see your baby even at night, and they are “no glow”, so they will not disturb your baby’s sleep. A couple of notable extra features of the KAMEP Video Baby Monitor are the temperature function, which lets you know whether a room is too hot or cold for a baby, and the 6 built-in lullabies.

  • Zoom and pan on baby camera
  • 6 built-in lullabies for remote soothing
  • Infrared LED for discrete night-vision recording
  • High quality camera
  • Cannot adjust screen brightness of parent monitor – may be too bright at night
  • No wide-frame camera option

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6. Dream Baby Monitor Pro Video Baby Monitor

HD Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio | Easy to Use 2-Way Long-Range Baby Monitor with Wide-Angle 1080p High-Def Screen and Infrared Night Vision, Temperature Display, and Pan-Tilt Remote, Perfect Nursery Mobile Accessory

The Dream Baby Monitor Pro Video Baby Monitor is a 1080p high-definition video baby monitor. With a 3.5-inch screen with camera and audio, this monitor lets you see and hear everything that is going on in your baby’s room in crisp quality. The 2-way talk feature allows you to talk to your baby from wherever you are in your home, without background static that can come from a radio monitor.

For a simple set-up, this baby monitor comes already fully charged and assembled in the box. You can simply switch it on and put it straight to use, so if you are not a fan of confusing assembly, you can bypass all that with the Dream Baby monitor. There is also night vision and temperature reading, and you can pan the camera around 360 degrees for ultimate convenience.

  • High-definition recording
  • Night vision and temperature reading
  • Simple set-up – no assembly required
  • 360-degree panning
  • Display screen may not be large enough for some people
  • Battery life is not the best

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7. Panasonic KXHN3051 Video Baby Monitor

Panasonic Long Range Video Baby Monitor with 2 Way Talk, Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom and Lullaby (KXHN3051), White

The Panasonic KXHN3051 Video Baby Monitor is a baby monitor with camera that boasts a virtually unhackable long-range system. With secure interference coverage of 1,500 square feet, this monitor is great for parents with larger homes or parents who sleep quite a distance away from their babies. The unit uses rechargeable batteries that have a 13-hour life in standby mode, and a 5-hour life while in constant operation.

There are several smart alerts that are particularly handy in this monitor. The motion, temperature and sound sensors will send automatic notifications whenever your baby requires attention. You can also talk to your baby by speaking through the parent monitor’s built-in microphone, and soothe your baby back to sleep. The Panasonic baby monitor does not just have pre-set lullabies – it also has 5 types of white noise sound for even more ways to encourage your baby to drift off.

  • Very long range at 1,500 square feet
  • Pre-set lullabies and white noise
  • Automatic notifications when movement and sound is detected
  • 2-way speech through built-in microphone
  • Battery life is not great
  • Sound does not turn off in sleep mode

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8. Dragon Touch DT40 Video Baby Monitor

Dragon Touch DT40 4.3” Video Baby Monitor with Camera Infant Wireless Digital Cam, Infrared Night Vision, Support Multi-Cameras, Lullaby, Two-Way Audio, VOX Auto Audio Monitor with Temperature Monitoring

The Dragon Touch DT40 4.3-inch Video Baby Monitor is an audio and video baby monitor that comes with a camera. It has built-in 11 IR LED lights for night vision, which work well to create sharp images in the hours of darkness. The maximum transition range is 900 feet in an open space, which should be enough for most parents.

There is a high-sensitivity microphone built into the camera and parent unit, which allows for 2-way communication. There are also four handy pre-set lullabies which can be played by pressing a button on the parent monitor. The picture quality is pretty good – there are monitors out there with even clearer quality, but the Dragon Touch’s quality is still crisp enough to pick up on the smaller details. What is particularly useful about this monitor is that it records the strength of the baby’s crying on its left indicator light tube, alerting you when you need to respond.

  • High-sensitivity microphone for 2-way talk
  • 4 pre-set lullabies
  • Alerts you to strength of baby’s crying
  • Auto-feed reminding
  • Can be a delay from screen to monitor
  • Battery life could be better

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9. Cubo AI Baby Monitor

Cubo AI Baby Monitor: Sleep Safety with Covered Face & Danger Zone Alerts, HD 1080p Night Vision Camera, 2-Way Audio with Cry and Temperature & Humidity Detection

The Cubo AI Baby Monitor is an advanced sleep-safety system that both monitors and protects your baby. One of its most standout features is its covered face and rollover alert, which will let you know if your baby is stuck rolling over. It does this by using AI to detect the baby’s face, ensuring that the mouth and nose is not covered.

Using a 1080p HD video stream, the Cubo AI monitor will give you the clearest image of your sleeping baby. There is a night vision option for recording in darkness, as well as cry detection and 2-way audio to help you quickly and conveniently respond to your baby. 18-hour playback and auto photo capture are a few additional features that you will not find on a standard monitor. Additionally, you can set up a customized danger alert to let you know if your baby is doing something that could put them at risk. For parents who take their smartphones on-the-go, there is even the option to see and talk to your baby live from any distance.

  • Customizable danger alert, covered face and rollover alert
  • Communication with baby from smartphone
  • Auto cry detection and 2-way audio
  • Video playback
  • Pricier than other baby monitors
  • Microphone quality could be better

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Some Notable Aspects To Consider Before Buying A Baby Monitor

Some Notable Aspects To Consider Before Buying A Baby Monitor

Screen Size

Digital screen baby monitors range in size, but the biggest you will probably find is one at a width and height of a standard six-by-four photo frame. If a larger screen size is more important to you, so you can view your baby from across the room, for example, your options will be more limited. Most monitors are around 3.5 to 5 inches in scale.

Night Vision

If a baby monitor today does not have night vision, you can pretty much automatically assume that it is not one of the best baby monitors in Canada. Night vision baby monitors are not hard to come by, and they are the far more convenient option, allowing you to clearly see your baby even in darkness. Some monitors come with heat sensors along with night vision, to enable you to see your baby by the heat they produce.

Camera Quality

Anyone who has ever taken a photo on an old phone compared to a new phone will know the importance of camera quality. A poor camera will make it difficult to pick up what is going on in your baby’s room, and you will not be able to see those smaller details, like whether your baby’s eyes are open. HD baby monitors, on the other hand, will show you every detail in clarity, and will even let you zoom in to check up on your baby.

WiFi Vs. Radio Frequency

Nowadays, while WiFi baby monitors are the more popular option, for a smaller budget, you may choose to go for a radio frequency design. Keep in mind that radiofrequency monitors do not have the best range, and they are rapidly losing popularity nowadays as they risk exposing your child to electromagnetic waves. WiFi lets you use your monitor all around your home, provided you have a strong network connection.

Two-Way Talk

As important as it is to hear noises from your baby’s room, it is incredibly helpful to be able to communicate back via your monitor. Being able to entertain or soothe your baby from another room is more convenient for you, and means that you will not always need to get up to look after your baby from their bedside. Mot monitors will let you press a button and speak into a microphone in the parent unit, which will play out of a speaker in the baby camera.

Monitor To Camera Range

To achieve the best quality image and the safest communication, you will need to look for a baby monitor that has a good range between the camera and the monitor. The larger the range, the less chance there is of poor or broken connection. Most units should clearly state their range in their product descriptions, and you will usually find that the number falls between 500 and 1,000 square feet. Some of the more advanced monitors may have a range of up to 1,500 square feet.


If you are due to welcome a new addition into your family soon, the wisest thing you can do for your peace of mind is invest in a baby monitor. The best baby monitors in Canada on this list are designed to take the stress away from life as a new parent, helping you to enjoy the newborn to toddler period with minimum fuss.

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