9 Best Canadian Made Mattress Companies 2021 – Review & Guide

Best Canadian Made Mattress Companies - Review & Guide

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your health and your happiness. Though you may not think too much about it, the mattress you sleep on every night can greatly affect your quality of sleep. Luckily, there are plenty of Canadian made mattress companies that offer a broad range of mattress types for every sleeping preference. This guide serves as a review for the best mattresses made in Canada this year!

30-Second Review

Our top pick for the best Canadian made mattress is The Douglas Mattress. A medium-firm mattress with a 6.6 rating, the Douglas Mattress consists of three layers of high-quality foam that help to keep you cool, while offering a combination of pressure relief and balanced support. This mattress is the highest-quality Canadian foam mattress on the market, proven by its exceptional materials, long-lasting durability, and endless positive reviews from Canadian customers of all ages and sizes. With a cover for drawing moisture away, a top cooling gel foam layer, a transitional Elastex foam layer, and a motion isolation support foam, the Douglas Mattress is designed to offer supportive spinal alignment with its fast-response contouring foam. Whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper, The Douglas Mattress is a spectacular pick for any Canadian.

Our runner up for a Canadian made mattress is The Novosbed Mattress. This luxury mattress uses next-generation memory foam to help you sleep deeper and cooler than you ever have before. There are three layers to the Novosbed: a comfort zone layer, a transition zone layer and a support zone layer. The top layer contours to your body shape, helping you to sleep comfortably in any position. This is balanced beautifully by the advanced air circulation and cooling qualities of the mattress, and the firming and edge support features of the lower layers. For finding the perfect Novosbed option for you, there are 3 firmness options you can choose from: Soft (4), Medium (5), and Firm (7). And if you ever feel that the mattress is too soft or too firm after trying it out, Novosbed will send out a complimentary Comfort+ kit to adjust the firmness of your mattress.

NameTypeSleep Trial PeriodWarrantyFirmness (Out Of 10)Price
1. The Douglas Mattress (Best Overall)All Foam (Cooling Gel Foam & Support Foams)120 Nights15 YearsMedium (6.6)$
2. The Novosbed MattressMemory Foam120 Nights15 YearsSoft (4), Medium (5), Firm (7)$$$
3. Logan & Cove MattressHybrid (Pillow-Top With Coils & Memory Foam)120 Nights15 YearsMedium Plush (6.3), Luxury Firm (7.7)$$
4. Recore MattressLatex Foam120 Nights15 YearsMedium (4.7)$$
5. Brunswick MattressHybrid (Pocketed Springs & Gel Memory Foam)120 Nights15 YearsMedium (6.2)$
6. The Endy MattressAll Foam100 Nights10 YearsMedium (6.5)$
7. Apollo MattressHybrid (Pocketed Micro-Coils & Memory Foam)120 Nights15 YearsMedium (4.5)$$$
8. The Polysleep MattressMemory Foam100 Nights10 YearsMedium (5.5)$$
9. Juno MattressAll Foam (Cooling Gel Foam & Support Foam)120 Nights15 YearsMedium (5.6)$

Why Buy A Canadian Made Mattress?

You Are Supporting Your Country

When you buy a product from a Canadian mattress company, you can feel proud in the knowledge that you are supporting your country and economy. Many Canadian mattress companies offer bespoke products that are shipped to Canadian customers only, so it is worth making the most out of the products on offer.

Postage Fees Are Reasonable

Ordering a mattress in a box from a country outside of Canada will most likely result in inflated delivery fees. Many countries offer shipping to Canada at a higher price or do not offer to ship at all. It is better to shop locally – not only does it cost less, but it will also take less time for your mattress to arrive.

You Can Trust In Quality

If you choose to buy a mattress that has been made out of Canada, which may not have the same high standards of manufacturing, you are essentially taking a risk. There is no guarantee that your product will arrive as advertised, and it may be lacking in quality. If you do not want to waste your money, you have a much higher chance of receiving a well-designed, high-quality product from Canada.

There Is Something For Everyone

Canadian mattress brands are incredibly versatile. There is no need to settle for one mattress design or firmness when there is such a variation of products on offer. Canadian memory foam mattresses are particularly popular, but hybrid mattresses – a combination of spring and memory foam – have also seen a surge in popularity in recent months.

Best Canadian Made Mattress Companies Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. The Douglas Mattress

The Douglas Memory Foam Mattress

The Douglas Mattress is a medium-firm mattress with a rating of 6.6. It has a three-layer design: a luxury ecoLight® fast-response contouring gel foam; high bounce Elastex® transition layer for spring and support; and even motion isolation support foam with enhanced edge support. This gives the mattress a superior memory effect, while still giving it enough bounce to help you easily get in and out of bed at night.

With one of the best motion isolation ratings in the industry, the Douglas is perfect anyone who shares their bed with a partner or pet. It guarantees no excessive sinking or shaking, and no “quicksand feeling” when someone else lies down onto the bed. The mattress is suitable for any solid base or foundation – not bases that flex – and contains breathable gel foam that stops heat from becoming trapped inside, helping you to sleep cooler at night. You can expect supportive spinal alignment from this mattress, as well as pressure point relief in any sleeping position.

  • Affordable and great value for your money
  • Motion isolation prevents sinking or shaking
  • Offers enough support while still giving enough bounce
  • Cooling foam layers to prevent overheating
  • Ideal for any sleeping position (Side, Stomach or Back)
  • Pressure point relief for all sleeping positions
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada
  • 30-night break-in period before you can return it
  • Only one firmness level of Medium (6.6)

See Price At Douglas


2. The Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress

The Novosbed is a luxury memory foam mattress with three foam layers: a comfort zone layer, a transition zone layer and a support zone layer. The mattress features next-generation memory foam which combines coolness with comfort, helping you to enjoy a good night’s sleep without overheating. The mattress is available in three firmness ratings: Soft (4), Medium (5), and Firm (7), so you can choose the best option for you based on your weight and your sleeping preferences.

Lighter sleepers will prefer the soft Novosbed mattress, which will offer them the right level of support in all sleeping positions. People who are at an average or heavier weight will prefer the medium or firm mattresses, which prevent sleepers from sinking too low into the mattress when lying on their backs or sides. All mattresses come with a washable top cover and an optional Comfort+ firmness adjustment kit if you find the mattress is either too soft or too firm. You can use the mattress on any solid bed foundation, like a box foundation or certain slatted foundations.

  • Three different firmness levels of Soft (4), Medium (5), Firm (7)
  • Comfort+ adjustment kit available if you find your mattress is too soft or too firm
  • Soft washable cover
  • Optimal support for all types of sleepers (Side, Stomach or Back)
  • High-density memory foam, superb for pressure relief and movement isolation
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada and USA
  • 60-night break-in period before you can return it
  • Due to its premium nature, the price is a little bit more expensive when compared with other regular memory foam mattresses

See Price At Novosbed

3. Logan & Cove Mattress

Logan & Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow-Top Mattress

The Logan & Cove Mattress is a luxury pillow-top hybrid mattress, containing a combination of pocketed coils and support foam to offer both comfort and bounce. The mattress has two firmness ratings: Medium Plush (6.3), which is suitable for lighter front and side sleepers, and Luxury Firm (7.7), the most popular option, which is best for average-to-heavier weight sleepers who lie on their backs or sides.

The multiple layers of foam are breathable and heat-dissipating, preventing those who sleep hot from overheating. Pressure relief is provided to the knees, hips and shoulders, with the foam shaping and contouring to a sleeper’s body. The pocketed coils are individually wrapped, ensuring the entire mattress does not shake when a sleeper rolls over, gets out of bed or sits at an edge. All mattresses are hand-crafted, guaranteeing that extra care and attention has been put into the making of each product.

  • Two different firmness levels of Medium Plush (6.3) and Luxury Firm (7.7)
  • Motion is absorbed by layers of foam and individually wrapped coils to give you a restful sleep
  • Luxury pillow top is breathable and temperature regulating for a cool dry sleep
  • Offers combined support and bounce due to its hybrid design
  • Edge-to-edge support and motion isolation
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada
  • 30-night break-in period before you can return it
  • Not ideal for those who prefer soft mattresses
  • Price is on the higher end of hybrid mattresses

See Price At Logan & Cove

4. Recore Latex Foam Mattress

Recore Latex Foam Mattress

The Recore Latex Foam Mattress is a medium-soft performance mattress with a firmness rating of 4.7 It uses hypoallergenic latex foam in its layers, providing comfort without triggering uncomfortable symptoms in sleepers who suffer from allergies. The mattress is designed for Canadians who live an active lifestyle and uses cooling and responsive technology that assists in overnight muscle recovery, helping sleepers to recharge and revive every night.

The mattress features three layers: a SilverCharged™ Antimicrobial Cover, which is machine-washable and offers a clean and fresh sleep surface; Graphite-Infused Latex Foam, which helps your body to sleep with a cooler core and channels away excess heat; and a High-Density Base Layer to offer durable support and hold the mattress together. The layers combined provide enough motion isolation to reduce motion ripples across the surface of the bed, while also cushioning and contouring the body and relieving pressure.

  • Specifically designed for active Canadians
  • Promotes cool, fresh sleep and aids recovery
  • Prevents movement from shaking the whole bed
  • Graphite infused latex foam with gel layer keeps the mattress cool all night
  • Allergy-free latex
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada
  • 30-night break-in period before you can return it
  • Only one firmness level of Medium (4.7)

See Price At Recore

5. Brunswick Spring Mattress

Brunswick Spring Mattress

The Brunswick Spring Mattress is a medium-firm hybrid mattress with a rating of 6.2. Made exclusively in Canada, this mattress is topped with a double quilted cover that protects the layers of gel foam while offering additional breathable softness for the sleeper. There are two layers of gel foam, which provide support and pressure relief while also dissipating heat across the surface of the mattress. The multi-tempered springs offer edge-to-edge support, helping to give the mattress a perfect level of bounce and preventing the “quicksand” sinking feeling.

The lightweight double quilted cover and cooling gel memory foam are not the only cooling features of the Brunswick – the three layers of pocketed springs also offer room for heat and air to circulate as you change positions, which you will not benefit from with an all-foam mattress. The springs also reduce strain on your hips and lower back, offering lumbar support and reducing pressure points.

  • Affordable and great value for your money
  • The hybrid design offers the best combination of sink and bounce
  • Cooling technology is great for anyone who sleeps hot
  • Targeted support for hips and lower back
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada
  • 30-night break-in period before you can return it
  • Only one firmness level of Medium (6.2)

See Price At Brunswick

6. The Endy Mattress

The Endy Memory Foam Mattress

The Endy Mattress is a three-layer foam mattress with a 6.5 medium-firm rating. It works as a shock absorber, preventing motion transfer when sleepers roll over or get into bed – a useful feature for people who share their bed with a partner. The mattress uses its own trademarked Endy foam, which, unlike memory foam, is not temperature sensitive. Instead, it gives you a consistent feel and firmness all over your body, which may work better for certain sleepers. It also releases body heat at a faster rate, helping you to sleep cool all night long.

Designed with top-quality materials, The Endy is built to last and has a 10-year warranty to prove it. It features three foam layers: a top breathable open-cell comfort foam layer, a transition layer, and a support form layer. These layers combine to hold the mattress together, offer body contouring, and provide the right amount of sink and support for a refreshing night’s sleep.

  • One of the best mattresses for motion isolation
  • Cools quicker than memory foam
  • Offers sink and support for optimum comfort
  • No break-in period before you can return it
  • Made in Canada
  • 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial is shorter than most of the other mattresses on this list
  • Only one firmness level of Medium (6.5)

See Price At Endy

7. Apollo Premium Copper Mattress

Apollo Mattress

The Apollo Premium Copper Mattress is a spring-and-foam mattress with a slightly softer medium rating of 4.5. The mattress is one of the most advanced and feature-rich that is offered by top Canadian mattress manufacturer Goodmorning.com and consists of 5 layers of comfortable, high-quality materials specifically chosen for sleep satisfaction. Apollo’s top comfort layer is even infused with copper, which is designed to keep you cool at night by rapidly transporting away excess heat.

The 5 layers of the Apollo include the manufacturer’s trademarked CopperGel™ memory foam, which uses two powerful cooling agents – micro-gel beads and antimicrobial copper; the 5G open-cell memory foam, which provides pressure point relief and encourages airflow; and the aeroduct pocketed micro-coils, which contour to your body and offer thermal regulation. There is also the high-density support foam, which offers motion isolation across the whole mattress. The edge support limits sloping sides and sagging corners, helping you to feel safe no matter where you lie on the bed.

  • One of the most advanced designs on offer
  • Offers innovative copper-infused cooling features
  • Memory foam layers and pocketed micro-coils provide exceptional pressure point relief
  • 5 layers for extra support and comfort
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada
  • Price is on the higher end of hybrid mattresses
  • 30-night break-in period before you can return it
  • Only one firmness level of Medium (4.5)

See Price At GoodMorning.com

8. The Polysleep Mattress

The Polysleep Mattress

The Polysleep Mattress is a memory foam mattress with a medium rating of 5.5. It is certified to contain antimicrobial foam layers, helping to protect sleepers from bacteria and dust. Using open-cell foam technology, the mattress offers support where you need it, while also reducing pressure points. There is also a soft liquid-repellent cover, which prevents spillages from sinking into the layers of the mattress.

The top layer of the Polysleep Mattress uses hybrid foam, which identifies pressure points and moulds to your body accordingly while also regulating temperature. The proprietary support frame around the edge of the mattress reinforces the mattress’ structure and stops the edge from flattening when you sit down. Below the hybrid foam top layer is the comfortable transition layer, acting as a bridge between the top layer and the support foam base underneath. These layers ensure that the mattress keeps its shape and offers zero motion transfer during sleep.

  • Antimicrobial to prevent overnight allergy flare-ups
  • Liquid repellent cover to protect from spillages
  • Three layers of comfort and support foam ensure a good quality sleep
  • Made in Canada
  • 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial is shorter than most of the other mattresses on this list
  • 45-night break-in period before you can return it
  • Only one firmness level of Medium (5.5)

See Price At Polysleep

9. Juno Mattress

Juno Mattress

The Juno Mattress is a medium-firm mattress with a rating of 5.6. Made from cooling body gel foam and total support foam, this mattress everything you need for a good night’s sleep without all the extras. At an almost entirely balanced level of firmness between 1 and 10, Juno offers a firmness that is just right for the average side and back sleeper. It gently cradles your shoulders while offering back and hip contouring, providing spine misalignment and helping you to sleep more comfortably.

The Juno is one of the lowest cost products offered by the best Canadian made mattress companies – but this does not mean you are compromising on comfort. The mattress has fast response foam that offers a balanced firmness, and will not prevent you from sliding easily out of bed at night. If you sleep with a partner or a pet, you will appreciate that the Juno limits motion transfer, so you are less likely to feel when your partner rolls over or gets out of bed. Though it does not have as many layers or edge support features as costlier mattresses, the Juno is an excellent value for money for the level of comfort it offers.

  • Suitable for smaller budgets
  • The right firmness for back and side sleepers of an average body weight
  • Offers good motion isolation for partners
  • Made in Canada
  • Does not provide the same depth of support when compared to other mattresses as it only features 2 layers
  • 30-night break-in period before you can return it
  • Only one firmness level of Medium Firm (5.6)

See Price At Juno

A Few Notable Aspects To Consider Before Buying A Canadian Made Mattress

A Few Notable Aspects To Consider Before Buying A Canadian Made Mattress

Sleeping Preferences

While all of the best Canadian made mattresses are top-quality, not all of them are designed for your personal sleeping preferences. For example, if you are a heavier sleeper and sleep on your side, you will need to consider a mattress with at least a medium firmness to support you and prevent you from sinking too deep into the firmer transition layer. Equally, lighter sleepers who sleep on their fronts will need a softer mattress to offer the correct combination of comfort, support and prevent spine misalignment.

All-Foam Vs. Hybrid

Canadian memory foam mattresses might be the most popular option on the market, but spring-foam hybrids are rapidly becoming trendy too. There is no “better” mattress when comparing the two; whichever one wins for you will probably come down to personal taste. With that said, be sure to read up on the features of each mattress type so you can decide on which one is more suitable for your own sleeping habits.


When it comes to Canadian made mattresses, you really do get what you pay for. The best Canadian mattress companies offer mattresses at competitive, but high, prices. You will almost always need to put aside at least $600-$700 to purchase a high-quality mattress at an average Queen size. Prices can even surpass $1,000 for King and California King mattresses.


When it comes down to it, you are looking for a mattress that is comfortable for you. Keep in mind that softer is not always better – a medium-firm mattress tends to be the average preferred mattress for most people. Read reviews from people like you and consider their observations carefully. You can test out any of the mattresses featured in this review with a sleep trial, but it will save you time and effort if you purchase a mattress that is perfect for you from the get-go.

Your Bed

It may be tempting to rush into buying a mattress that ticks all the boxes without finding out whether it is suitable for your bed frame. Not only does the mattress need to fit your bed (though that one should be obvious), not all mattresses are recommended for all bed frames. You can usually find this information in the product’s FAQ section. Remember also that if you are looking for a mattress for your adjustable bed, your mattress of choice needs to be designed to be safely used on it.


Buying a mattress made in Canada will not only support your local economy – it also offers you an almost guaranteed fantastic quality of sleep. Just be sure to buy from one of the best Canadian mattress companies for reassurance that you are investing in a product that is worth your money. For more information on any of the mattresses featured in this article, visit the product websites and check out the customer reviews.

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