5 Best Dash Cams In Canada 2020 – Review & Guide

5 Best Dash Cams In Canada 2020 - Review & Guide

A dash cam is a necessary and smart piece of equipment to have for your security in Canada. It can deter robbers from attempting to break into your car and steal whatever valuables they can find inside. If ever you meet a road mishap, the footage from your dash cam will show what really happened. This can save you from blame and costly insurance bills! You can also use your dash cam to capture wonderful moments or scenery during long road trips. What’s more, it allows you to feel safe leaving your car in a parking lot, where break-ins are common.

Many (if not most) car owners are finding the installation of a dashboard camera in their vehicles to be the best safety measure. Because of this, many companies specializing in the production of these devices make and release several models to suit different cars and different user’s needs. The wide array of choices can be overwhelming, and finding the best device can be a time-consuming task if you plan to test them one by one. Not to worry, we have pored over a wide range of dash cam reviews and research to come up with this list of the five best dash cams in Canada today. Read on so we can help you to make the right choice without wasting time agonizing over which one to buy.

30-Second Review

Let us start off with a glimpse of the very best dash cam in Canada, the TOGUARD Dash Cam. The 4k/UHD and the 3-inch LCD screen provides crisp, clear images for optimal viewing. The 170-degree wide recording angle means blind spots are minimal, so you get a wider range of viewing. We love that this dash cam works amazingly even when dealing with high speeds and low light. One of the coolest features is the crash/collision detector. If your car is hit when parked, the dash cam will turn on and record, capturing useful footage in the event of someone colliding with your car. It has an excellent night vision, parking monitor, and collision detector. At its current price, it makes a clear winner for the best dash cam in Canada.

NameFront ResolutionWide View AngleNight VisionMaximum Storage (SD Card not included)Screen SizePrice
1. TOGUARD Dash Cam (Best Overall)4000P (4K)170 DegreesYes32 GB3 inches$
2. AUKEY Dual Dash Cam1080P170 DegreesYes128 GB 1.5 inches$$$
3. ROVE Dash Cam2160P150 DegreesYes128 GB2.4 inches$$
4. Oasser Dash Cam1080P170 DegreesYes32 GB1.5 inches$
5. CHORTAU Dash Cam1080P170 DegreesYes32 GB2 inches$

Why Is It Handy To Install a Dash Cam For Your Car?

Peace Of Mind At Night

Driving at night can be nerve-wracking for some people, especially if they are driving long distances while alone. A dash cam with a GPS system will help you to navigate your route easily and safely. What’s more, if you are concerned about the safety and security of your car at night, whether parked or in motion, a dash cam will give you the peace of mind that any mishaps will be recorded. Plus, thieves and muggers are far less likely to target cars which have dash cams, so you can stop for snacks or gas without worrying about your safety when alone at night.

Security When Parked

Your car is often most at risk of being damaged or broken into when parked. In tight parking lots, collisions are common, and drivers are not always honest about leaving their details behind. A dash cam with a “parked” feature or G-sensor will automatically begin recording the moment any jolts vibrations are detected. You can look over the footage and find out exactly who caused the damage, and how. As mentioned above, people are less likely to break into a parked car if a dash cam is visible.

Capture Great Moments

If you are planning a road trip somewhere beautiful with incredible scenery you want to remember, a dash cam can capture it for you. Record the most stunning parts of your trip, whether it is an ocean, mountain range or cityscape. If your dash cam has a WiFi connection and app, you can send the footage to your phone and forward it to your friends and family to share the journey with you.

Know Where You Are Going

If you are planning some exciting, intrepid journeys in your vehicle, or simply need a little help with navigation, a dash cam with a GPS system is the way to go. You can see your route clearly, without having to look at a map or phone. Never get lost again.

What Should You Look For In A Dash Cam?

What Should You Look For In A Dash Cam?

Knowing exactly what to look for in a dash cam can be tough if you have not had experience with purchasing one before. Here are some important features to consider when buying a Canadian dash cam so you can harness the full potential of this awesome technology!

The Ability To Overwrite (Looping)

Your dashboard camera continues to record a video of everything that goes on inside and outside the vehicle as long as the ignition is switched on. The videos are saved in the SD card and every time a new file comes in, the old video is replaced by the most recent one. The length of time you can record on the SD card depends on the size. For example, an SD card of 32 GB can store around 90 minutes of video.

The looping feature of your dashboard camera will save you time spent on manually deleting old videos to free space on the SD Card. Instead, the device will automatically delete the old footage to leave room for the most recent footage. If these videos cannot be deleted, your dashboard camera will not be able to record new ones. This means that if ever you need images to prove your innocence in a road mishap or to identify someone that caused you or your car harm, you cannot produce them because they were not recorded. A looping feature is crucial if the purpose of your dash cam is to keep you covered in the event of a break-in or minor crash.

High Resolution

There is no point in gathering videos from your dash cam if you can not actually see what is going on! In order for the videos to be useful, the images must be clear. The clarity of the videos depends on the resolution of the camera. A dashboard camera with 4k resolution will produce a clearer image than a camera with a lower number of horizontal pixels such as a 1080P camera. This feature affects the usability of the images taken, especially in terms of security, when you need it most. When someone intentionally causes damage to your car and the camera captures the image of that person, a blurred picture will not be much help in the legal process. It will be difficult to pinpoint the culprit if the recorded image is unrecognizable due to blurriness. Choose a dash cam with a higher resolution so you will be ready and armed with great footage in the event of a break-in.

G-Force Sensors

The G-force sensors can detect if the vehicle has changed direction suddenly, if the pressure has been applied to it, or if it suddenly increases in speed or breaks suddenly. Once the dashboard camera senses this, it will automatically save a video of that event and store it safely. The recording starts immediately and extends up to one minute. If the pressure is due to a collision or because of sudden erratic movement, everything will be recorded. The video can be retrieved from the SD card to determine the cause of an accident or whatever road mishap happens to the vehicle. This recording will not be deleted automatically because it is saved on different storage space in the card. The driver does not have to do anything to ensure the data is stored, it is done automatically.

Night Vision

You will be driving during daylight and at night, which means different light exposure. The dashboard camera must be able to capture clear images even on a dark night. If it cannot do this, there is no use of installing it in your car! You need a dash cam that can serve you no matter the hour or the brightness of the environment outside. Dash cams that capture clear images at night time have a special video system that can produce a clear image by balancing the bright and dark parts of that image. This means that even if you are involved in an accident at night, you will be able to see what really happened and who was at fault through the clarity of the videos that were captured. This is especially crucial for you if you tend to drive a lot at night.

Parking Monitor

It’s impossible to avoid leaving your car in a car parking lot when running errands. Sure, you can lock your car, but someone can still harm your vehicle from the outside while no one is watching. If your dash cam has a parking monitor, once you park your car, the camera will automatically switch on when there is a vibration or when pressure is applied. The cam will take a 30-second video, so you will be able to look back and find out what caused damage to your car.

Secure Installation

The last thing you want is for your dash cam to slip and slide all over the place as you are driving. Look for a dash cam that has an easy installation process and secure attachment technology. Look for suction cups, easy mounting brackets, and a tool-free, expertise-free installation process which you can do yourself.

Best Dash Cams Canada 2020 Reviewed

1. TOGUARD Dash Cam

TOGUARD Dash Cam 4K UHD Car Dash Camera 3 Inch LCD Dashboard Camera with 170° Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, G-Sensor

First on our list is the top pick, the TOGUARD Dash Cam. This dash cam has a high resolution at 4000 (4k) which enables it to produce clear videos. The wide-angle allows it to capture a wide area around the vehicle with minimal blind spots. This way, the plate number of vehicles in front or behind the car is visible as well as the immediate environment surrounding the vehicle. The excellent night vision feature will store clear videos even on a dark night. The looping system wipes out old images to accommodate the most recent recordings automatically. Its G-force sensors, parking monitor, and collision detector will help keep a record of everything that happens to your car even if you leave it parked and unattended. You do not need to be savvy with technical processes in order to install this dash cam yourself. It comes with everything you need, including a suction cup, cable clamps, dashboard mount and crowbar. The incredible reviews and overall ratings for the TOGUARD Dash Cam really speak for themselves. Thrilled customers rave about the super clear picture and easy installation requirements.

With all the positive aspects this dash cam offers, no wonder it is the best dash cam in Canada!

  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable cost when compared to other Canadian dash cams
  • Spectacular sharp and clear resolution of recordings
  • Wide angle recording
  • Comes with night vision recording
  • Large screen To View
  • Durable and not flimsy
  • Maximum storage: 32 GB

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2. AUKEY Dual Dash Cam

AUKEY 1080p Dual Dash Cams with 2.7” Screen, Full HD Front and Rear Camera, 6-Lane 170° Wide-Angle Lens, G-Sensor, and Dual-Port Car Charger

Next up is the Aukey Dual Dash Cam. This is a dual dashboard camera with a resolution of 1080P which provides super clear videos. One camera sits at the front of the vehicle, and another sits at the back. The front and rear cameras have a wider span of coverage than other solo dash cams. The wide-angle lens allows the camera to capture everything that goes on inside and outside of the vehicle. It can take videos even on dark nights and has a sensor that will initiate a video right after pressure is applied or when there is a vibration. This will allow the owner to identify the cause of damage even if the car is left in a parking area. This dual camera is really easy to install, so you can easily do it yourself without fuss. You get everything you need, including a dual-port USB car charger, sticker mounts, cable clips and manual suction cups.

  • Front and a rear camera (dual)
  • Easy to install
  • Works well in all climates
  • Great resolution for recording
  • Comes with night vision recording
  • Screen is small

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3. ROVE Dash Cam

ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam with WiFi and GPS 2160p Ultra-HD 2.4" LCD Dashboard Camera Recorder for Cars with G-Sensor, 150° Wide Angle, Star Light Night Vision

Third on the list is the Rove Dash Cam. This dashboard camera captures clear videos with its 2160p horizontal pixels. Fantastic clarity is maintained even at night time thanks to the “Super Night Vision Technology”. The 150 degree angle allows the device to cover a wider area around it so you can gather footage of the environment around your car, great for scenic drives and vacations. The G-sensor helps you discover the cause of damage even if you are not present. If the car experiences a sudden shock or collision, the emergency recording feature will activate, storing the footage away safely so you can use it when investigating the event. We love that this dash cam has built-in Wi-Fi so you can use the Rove app to download the videos straight to your phone. This is great if you are going on a road trip in a beautiful landscape and you want to share the view with friends and family. There’s also a built-in GPS system so you always know exactly where you are going. The Rove Dash Cam has many amazing features such as: loop cycling, time-lapse video and slow-motion video.

  • Great resolution for recording
  • Comes with WiFi and GPS
  • Simple to use software
  • Large Aperture
  • Comes with night vision recording
  • Can sometimes freeze when recording
  • Wide angle is 150 degrees compared to the others on this list which are 170 degrees

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4. Oasser Dash Cam

Oasser Dash Cam Car Full HD 1080P Dashboard Camera Dash Cam for Cars with G-Sensor 170° Angle Night Vision Loop Recording Mute Function GPS Supporting 1.5 inches Max 32GB TF Card U1 [Upgraded Mount]

Fourth on the list is the Oasser Dash Cam. This pleasantly affordable dash cam captures clear images even at night thanks to HDR imaging. The looping system ensures that the SD card will not get full as old videos are deleted to accommodate the new ones. The G-sensor and Smart Parking Detector feature stores footage whenever the car is hit or experiences a collision or jolt. The footage is kept safe and is not overwritten by newer footage, so you can use it for evidence when dealing with the accident. The 170 degree viewing angle means the camera can capture a wide range of the environment around your car. The Oasser Dash Cam is easy to install, and sits discreetly on your dashboard so your view is not hindered as you drive.

  • Great resolution for recording
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range recording
  • Comes with night vision recording
  • Manual is a little disorganized
  • Night vision doesn’t work as well
  • Battery charge is not shown

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5. CHORTAU Dash Cam

【2019 New Version】 Dash Cam, CHORTAU Dash Cam WiFi Sony Sensor Full HD 1080P, Dashboard Camera for Car 2 Inch Screen 170° Wide Angle, Car Camera with Loop Recording, Parking Monitor, Motion Detection

Lucky last is the Chortau Dash Cam. This dash cam fits perfectly on the dashboard,  not too big, not too small and it does not obstruct the driver’s view. The cables are made of high-quality materials and they are just the right length for an easy and discreet installation. There is an “OK” button which you hit to start and stop recording easily. The looping system works perfectly, as well as the parking monitor and the collision detector. When the car experiences a knock or collision, the camera will store the footage away, without over-looping, so you can look back and find out exactly what happened.

When your car is parked, you can rest assured that any break-in attempts or collisions will be recorded for your usage. The dash cam works well even in extremely cold or hot weather, from -70 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius, great if you live in an extreme climate. This dash cam can be connected to WiFi to be used with the RoadCam app so you can send your footage to friends and family when cruising along a particularly spectacular stretch of the scenic road. The quality of images is fantastic, due to the 42.0 large aperture, 170-degree angle and sharp HD 1080P.

  • Most affordable option on the list for dash cams in Canada
  • Comes with WiFi
  • A great resolution for recording
  • Comes with night vision recording
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to use
  • Instruction is hard to follow

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A Few Tips When Using A Dash Cam

A Few Tips When Using A Dash Cam

If you already have a dash cam or you want a few helpful tips after you purchase one, here are 2 essential tips you should know!

Keeping The Screen Clean

A dirty screen will render the dashboard camera useless. No matter how great the cam is, if you cannot see through it, you may as well drive with your eyes closed. Clean the screen so that the road ahead of you will be clearly visible through the camera. If your car experiences a break-in or collision, the camera lens must be clean so the camera can capture a clear, crisp and useful image of what happened. Use a lens-cleaning cloth to wipe the screen and lens regularly.

Recording For Too Long

Most dashboard cameras use cards with small storage capacity. Keep your videos short so that your SD card will not get full and be manually cleaned to have more storage space. Only record when you need to, and make use of the G-sensors which only record when triggered by a collision.

The Final Verdict

There is a wide array of dash cams in Canada to choose from. The five models we have reviewed prove to have all the features that will meet your needs and bring you 100% satisfaction. They have security features such as G-Sensors, parking features and fantastic night vision. Many of these options also have WiFi ability, apps and a GPS system so you can always find your way. Figure out your budget and your specific needs, then match them up to these five fantastic options.

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