9 Best Duvets In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

Best Duvets In Canada

A duvet could be just about the best thing ever invented for making you feel like you are wrapped in luxury every night. While surprisingly affordable, the modern-day duvet is available in various types of fill from microfiber or synthetic to feather or traditional duck down. Unlike a comforter, a duvet is designed to be shoved into a cover so you can easily change up your bedroom décor from one day (or week) to another and personalize your living space. Duvets are an excellent thermal insulator, and quality products will regulate your temperature to be useful in summer and winter conditions. Best of all, with only the need for one cover, it’s even easier to make your bed every morning and teach your children to do the same! To help save you some time from endless research, we’ve narrowed down a list of our picks for the best duvets in Canada.

30-Second Review

The Down Duvet from Casper is hands down our top pick for the best duvet in Canada. The outer shell of this duvet is made with 100% cotton which will wick moisture away from your body. The neatly sewn-in baffle chambers ensure even distribution of the down. This duvet is warm and lightweight. Would you ever think that it would be the most comfortable, snuggly duvet that you’ve ever encountered? Cheers to many comfortable and peaceful nights of sleep coming to your future.

Best Duvets In Canada 2021 –

NameShell MaterialFill Material
1. Casper Down Duvet100% CottonDuck down
2. Canadian Down & Feather Co White Goose Feather Duvet100% CottonWhite goose feather
3. Linenspa Down Alternative ComforterPolyesterMicrofiber
4. Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet100% CottonMerino Wool, duck down
5. Canadian Down & Feather Co Hutterite Goose Down Duvet100% CottonGoose down
6. Utopia Ultra Soft Down Alternative ComforterMicrofiberPolyester
7. Equinox Alternative ComforterMicrofiberSiliconized fiber
8. Balichun Luxury Hotel Collection 1800 SeriesMicrofiberMicrofiber
9. C&W Goose Down Comforter100% Cotton80% White goose down, 20% goose feathers

Benefits Of Duvets

Duvets are one of the best investments anyone can make towards their home furnishings. You will use it every night, for years or even decades. We doubt anyone will regret splurging on a quality duvet every night as they snuggle down into a cushy soft pillow of warmth. Duvets have numerous inherent benefits over blankets or comforters, including:

Easy maintenance

A duvet is meant to be manhandled into a duvet cover, and since the duvet itself shouldn’t often be open to the elements of your sweat, they require a minimal amount of cleaning. They don’t get dirty, so you shouldn’t have to clean them often at all.


A duvet with a duvet cover doesn’t require the use of any other bed coverings, so making your bed becomes incredibly quick and easy. A big shake and a few stretches and pulls, and it’s all done! Moreover, some duvet sets come with elastic corners to secure your duvet in place.

Temperature regulation

While it is possible to purchase both a summer and winter duvet, newer models have specialized fill for temperature regulation. No longer will you be tossing off your duvet in a fit of heat just to scramble around finding it when you get cold moments later.


There aren’t too many items in your home that you can guarantee to use daily, but a duvet is certainly one of them. Top that off with remembering that it’s estimated we all spend almost a third of our life asleep so, as such, duvets provide excellent value for money, even if you intend to splurge on a top of the range duvet.


Unlike blankets, weighted blankets or comforters, a duvet is meant to be shoved into a duvet cover. As such, you can change up your bedroom’s décor as often as you intend to change your bed linen. Winter sets can incorporate soft, fuzzy flannels and summer sets can be lighter cotton. Alternatively, you can jazz up your bedroom with a bold new pattern or subdue your décor with pastel colours. The choices are almost endless!

There are so many benefits to purchasing a new duvet; we almost forgot to mention how peaceful your sleep will likely be.

Best Duvets Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. Casper Down Duvet

Casper’s Down Duvet is, as one person called it, magical. There might be truth to this statement since it takes a bit of magic to get a duvet to be warm yet incredibly – almost unbelievably – lightweight. The 100% cotton shell will wick moisture away from your body while the 600-fill power down is light and fluffy, right out of the bag. You won’t be able to fault the artistry and quality. The sewn-in baffle chambers will ensure even distribution of the down without annoying bunching over time. The down all comes from ethical sources, and the best part – you can machine wash this duvet on a gentle cycle at home. This might seem like a minor statement, but most down duvets require commercial cleaning. You can even throw the Casper down duvet in a low tumble dry.

  • Wicks sweat away from your body
  • Exceptionally light
  • Machine washable
  • The shell can feel a bit plasticky and noisy at first

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2. Canadian Down & Feather Co White Goose Feather Duvet

Canadian Down & Feather Co - All Season White Goose Feather Duvet Double Size - 233 TC Shell 100% Cotton - Oeko-TEX Certified

The all-season duvet from Canadian Down & Feather Co will work well for people who sleep in temperatures at about 16-18 degrees. If you are often warm when you sleep and are prone to kicking off your covers throughout the night, this is also a duvet that you should consider. The white goose feather fill has excellent insulating properties while also providing the weighted feeling of a more decadent bed covering that many people prefer. The 233 thread count construction prevents escaping and pricking feathers while the cotton shell allows for easy breathability. You can also rest easy as the Canadian Down & Feather Co is both RDS Certified, meaning that you can be assured of ethical animal and human welfare and Carbonzero certified for measuring and offsetting the carbon emissions. This duvet could easily rival other products at three times the price.

  • Amazing value for money
  • Fluffs up quickly when out of its packaging
  • Comfortably weighted bedding
  • Feathers can poke through the cotton shell

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3. Linenspa Down Alternative Comforter

Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter - Hypoallergenic - Plush Microfiber Fill - Machine Washable - Duvet Insert or Stand-Alone Comforter - White - Oversized Queen

If you are looking for a duvet with an excellent value that uses microfiber fill, then this might be just the duvet for you. The plush microfiber fill is meant for all-seasons and can arguably be used even in the depths of winter, especially if you add a lightweight blanket or thicker top sheet. The quilting will keep all of the fluffy fill in place, while the eight easy-to-use corner and side fastening loops will hold your duvet cover in place and make your life just a little bit simpler. If you would prefer not to use a duvet cover, it’s not a worry since this duvet has both a solid and striped side for versatility and machine washable and dryer safety. There has to be a valid reason that this duvet continues to be one of the most popular options on the internet, so try it for yourself!

  • Has loops at the corners for securing your duvet
  • Perfect for mild winters and summers
  • Reversible pattern
  • Machine washable
  • The fill material is stiff rather than fluffy
  • Unpleasant plasticky smell at first, but this goes away over time

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4. Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet

If you intend to splurge on one item in your home this year, we think that this Humidity Fighting Duvet from Casper should be a top contender on your list. Since you’ll get the opportunity to sleep under it every night, it’s an easy splurge to justify as well. This duvet combines the unbeaten thermal properties of genuine duck down with an added layer of merino wool. This layer will naturally draw moisture away from your body and help keep you at an ideal temperature for conducive sleep. Merino wool is more delicate and lighter than regular sheep wool and naturally resists odour. The box baffling will keep all of your fluffy fill exactly where it should be, and the corner loops will keep your duvet cover in place regardless of how much you toss and turn at night.

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Soft and fluffy
  • Machine washable
  • Pricey

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5. Canadian Down & Feather Co Hutterite Goose Down Duvet

Canadian Down & Feather Co - All Season Weight Canadian Hutterite Goose Down Duvet Queen Size - 400 TC Shell 100% Cotton - Made in Canada

Finding products of exceptional quality, durability, and performance made right in Canada is a priority. This duvet from Canadian Down & Feather Co fits the bill on every account. The shell is 100% cotton with a 400-thread count, so you won’t be having any pesky bits of down trying to escape from where they are meant to be. The 700-fill power goose down has gone through an anti-microbial process to eliminate any potential bacteria before it leaves the factory. This duvet is made right in Canada, and the goose down is farmed from world-renowned sites in Alberta, ensuring a top-quality fill. This duvet is hard to beat for a great night’s sleep.

  • Extremely light and fluffy
  • Lightweight yet exceptionally warm
  • High thread count prevents the duck down from escaping
  • Being full duck down, it comes with a price tag to match the superior quality

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6. Utopia Ultra Soft Down Alternative Comforter

Utopia Bedding All Season Comforter - Ultra Soft Down Alternative Comforter - Plush Siliconized Fiberfill Duvet Insert - Box Stitched (Queen, White)

If you are looking for a soft and snuggly duvet for a guest bedroom, where you might want the feel and appearance of luxury but without the high price tag, then this is the product for you. This comforter is lightweight yet warm enough for cold winter nights and equally suited to mild summers. It’s hard to beat the value that you’ll get from this. This bed topper can be used as a comforter or a duvet, so the choice is yours whether you want to add a duvet cover.

  • Very fluffy and soft
  • Excellent value for money
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Can be used with or without a separate duvet cover
  • Sized small so you won’t get the overhang that some like

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7. Equinox Alternative Comforter

Equinox Comforter - (350 GSM) White Alternative Goose Down Duvet - Hypoallergenic, Plush 350GSM Siliconized Fiberfill, Box Stitched, Protects Against Dust Mites and Allergens (White, Queen - 88" x 88

Look no further than this Equinox Comforter if you would like a synthetic alternative to down while still having the luxury feeling of a hotel duvet. The box-stitched, plush siliconized fiberfill will have you cozy as can be and feel like you’re sleeping wrapped in a cloud. The baffle stitching will keep all of the fill exactly where it should be so that your comforter keeps its fluffy shape even after constant and consistent use. This comforter is super easy to clean, so it is ideal for kids’ rooms and comes in a variety of inviting and bold colours. The brushed microfiber shell is well-suited for those with sensitive skin, and it also protects against dust mites and mildew. If you store your duvets in summer, then you are in luck as this Equinox comforter comes with a handy protective zippered case.

  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Can be used with or without the addition of a duvet cover
  • Fluffs up quickly
  • Machine washable
  • Great price
  • More of a comforter than a duvet

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8. Balichun Luxury Hotel Collection 1800 Series

Queen Comforter (88 by 88 inches) - Grey Down Alternative Comforters Soft Quilted Duvet Insert with Corner Tabs - Balichun Luxury Hotel Collection 1800 Series - All Season

One of the best parts of staying in a quality hotel is being able to tuck into bed under luxurious linens. Why then can’t we get that feeling every day in our own homes? This Balichun Luxury Hotel Collection 1800 Series aims to give you the pampered feeling of a hotel every night. The box stitching is beautiful and functional since you can be assured that your fill won’t shift over time. The lightweight filling is fluffy and the perfect alternative to down for sensitive skin. This product is incredibly versatile since you can use it with or without a separate duvet cover giving you an unlimited number of decorating options for your bedroom.

  • Puffs up quickly once out of the bag, it arrives in
  • Wonderful temperature – not too hot and not too cold
  • Machine washable
  • Could be a little more thicker

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9. C&W Goose Down Comforter

C&W Queen Size Goose Down Comforter,Heavywarmth Winter,Down Duvet Queen,1200 TC-100% Cotton Cover,750 Fill Power,50 oz Fill Weight,White Solid

Nothing says warmth and luxury like goose down. The C&W Goose Down Comforter is stuffed full of 80% goose down and 20% goose feathers that combine into a lightweight, superior comforter. You can be almost guaranteed a sound night of sleep when you slip under the pillowy softness of this comforter and wrap yourself in the year-round warmth. Both luxurious and economical, you can’t go wrong with splurging on a down comforter that will keep you warm for years or perhaps decades to come. This comforter can be used with or without a separate duvet cover, so you have unlimited bedroom decorating possibilities. The eight corner loops will make it easy to attach your duvet cover and keep your bedding exactly where it should be.

  • Very warm yet still thin
  • Crisp, new crinkle sound to the outer shell
  • Comes out of the bag very thin and takes time to fluff up

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What type of duvet fill should I choose?

What type of duvet fill should I choose?

The shell fabric of a duvet is essential for breathability, temperature regulation and wicking sweat away from your body. However, it is the duvet filling that will provide the majority of the warmth and comfort. There are mainly two types of duvet filling in Canada to choose between – natural or synthetic – each has its pros and cons.

Synthetic fill duvets

Synthetic fill duvets are an excellent option for people with allergies because they don’t contain any feathers, and they are generally easier to wash at home. Originally thought of as a poor-quality alternative to natural fill options, synthetic fibres have bolted ahead in the last decade. They are soft and cushy, and anyone would be hard-pressed to believe the synthetic fill was once plastic that had been recycled. However, even though the product is made from recycled materials, it does not mean that the duvets can be recycled. Saying that you can easily get a lifetime of use out of a quality duvet, which is one of the most critical factors with regards to environmental consciousness. Microfibre and hollow fibre are two commonly used synthetic materials in duvet filling.

Natural fill duvets

Natural fill duvets are still the industry standard for quality, temperature regulation and durability. In general, a natural fill is more breathable than synthetic counterparts. Although goose and duck feathers and down are the most popular fillings, this does not bode well for individuals trying to limit their reliance on animal products. Luckily the industry has become much more aware of the need to ensure their birds are not met with any harm in gathering their products. Look for the Responsible Down Standard seal, a global industry standard that recognizes and rewards animal welfare best practice. Natural fill duvets may be more difficult to clean at home and might require a dry cleaner.

How to put on a duvet cover like a pro

Putting a duvet cover on seems like it should be a simple task. Most people (hopefully) change their cover every week, so you would think that this routine chore was something that we would all be used to executing like a seasoned professional. However, fear not, there are ways to put on a duvet cover like a pro and in record time, so keep reading our step by step guide.

  1. Ensure your duvet cover is inside out. Since this is how you should wash it to maintain the colour anyways, it’s one less chore that requires being done.
  2. Lay the duvet out on your bed
  3. Lay the inside-out duvet cover on top of your duvet, with the open end at the foot of your bed.
  4. Grasp the top left corner of your duvet and the top left cover of your duvet cover with your left hand.
  5. Grasp the top right corner of your duvet and the top right corner of your duvet cover with your right hand.
  6. Maneuver your hands inside the duvet cover and invert the cover to the right way out, making it all go over the top corners. Ensure your hands are still firmly grasping both the duvet cover and duvet.
  7. Shimmy and shake the duvet cover down over the remainder of the duvet, never letting go of the top corners.
  8. Once the duvet cover is entirely over your duvet, lie it flat on your bed and fasten the bottom buttons, zipper or ties.
  9. Give your duvet a shake and a fluff while holding both the duvet cover and duvet firmly at the edges.
  10. Now try your best not to jump right back into bed and snuggle!

How is a duvet different from a comforter?

Duvets are designed to be used along with a duvet cover, so they tend to be white or off-white and neutral by design. The duvet cover is what will provide the splash of colour to incorporate into the décor of your bedroom sanctuary. Nevertheless, duvets have an outer shell, which encapsulates a thermal fill of synthetic fibre like polyester or microfiber or a natural material like down, feather or wool. On the other hand, comforters are more easily described as quilted blankets with an insulated filling. These are available in a variety of patterns and colours, which are meant to be shown on the top layer of a bed. Duvets and comforters are often confused.

Should be used with a duvet coverCan be used on their own
Décor can be easily changed up with a different coverWhat you see is what you get
Easy to make your bed with fewer linensNeed to use additional sheets and blankets
Doesn’t need to be cleaned oftenNeeds more frequent cleaning
Covers can be changed when worn outIf ripped or dull from wear will need to be replaced
Might need to be dry-cleanedMight need to be dry-cleaned


Purchasing a quality duvet is an excellent investment for your sleep, well-being and overall health. Today, there are so many different types of fill in the Canadian market, from various kinds of new synthetic products to old standbys like duck down, feathers and wool. We each have our preferences based on weight, feel and fluffiness, but there is little doubt that everyone will benefit from a better night’s sleep. Enjoy your zzzzzzzzz’s!

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