10 Best Electric Ranges In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

10 Best Electric Ranges In Canada - Review & Guide

If you are looking for a new range for your kitchen, chances are, you have considered purchasing an electric one. There are certainly many appealing elements to owning an electric range – they are consistent, fairly easy to clean, and efficient at what they do. They also tend to cost less to purchase up front than a gas range.

The best electric ranges in Canada are designed to make your cooking duties simpler and more enjoyable – and, most importantly, they come at an affordable price that you will not need to stretch your budget for. This guide will prove useful to you if you are looking to purchase an electric range and features some handy buying tips along with a list of the current top-selling ranges available right now.

30-Second Review

Our top choice for the best electric range in Canada is the Samsung NE59M4320SS Single Oven Electric Range. Available in white or stainless steel, this great-value electric range is bursting with features to enhance your cooking experience both in the oven and on the stove. The oven itself is extra-large, helping you to fit more inside at once, while the Delay Start lets you programme your oven to start cooking at a certain time in the day. The hidden bake element makes cleaning far less hassle, and there are 3 cook pre-set options – slow cook, dehydrate, bread proof – to help you cook whatever it is you are cooking to perfection. There is even a Warming Zone option, which lets you store cooked food in the heat if you are not quite ready to sit down at the table. The steam clean setting does the main bulk of the cleaning for you, and the cooktop offers a larger capacity to help you fit bigger pots, pans and woks on the surface at the same time.

Best Electric Ranges In Canada 2021 –

The Key Benefits Of An Electric Range

When you are choosing between a gas and electric stove, several standout features of an electric range may appeal to you more. The key benefits of an electric range include:

Easier Cleaning

Though electric ranges may indeed show dirt more obviously, they are also generally easier to clean. This is because they have completely flat stovetops with no kinks or dips that you will need to clean inside. You can simply wipe along your entire stovetop to clean it in a matter of seconds. This is particularly useful if you just want to do a quick clean after cooking.

More Energy Efficient

The stovetop of an electric range is much more energy-efficient than a gas burner, with more energy produced being used for the task at hand. Of course, overall efficiency depends on the product in question, but if you do a lot of stovetop cooking and you want to save money, you will be able to do so with one of the best electric ranges in Canada.


There is no way that you can possibly eliminate all potential for danger around a range, which is why you should make sure to stay alert when using one at all costs. But electric ranges are safer than gas ranges in some ways, as they do not produce gas. This means that there is no risk of gas leaks or gas escaping from the stove if it is left on. An electric stovetop is also entirely flat, which reduces the potential for pots and pans to fall off the burner.

Cheaper And Easier To Install

Many kitchens are already set up to accommodate an electric range, which means that installation will typically be a lot simpler. You also will not need to worry about connecting your range up to a gas line, which again can prove quite difficult. Saved time means saved money, so you can spend more on your range and less on your installation.

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1. Samsung NE59M4320SS Single Oven Electric Range

Samsung NE59M4320SS Single Oven Electric Range

The Samsung NE59M4320SS 30-inch 5.9 cu.ft is an extra spacious 5.9 cu. ft. oven that is designed for accommodating larger dishes or several dishes at a time. With a 1-fan system, the oven is ideal for baking and broiling thanks to its thorough and even heat distribution, which cooks food evenly, helping you to enjoy tasty results each time. There are burners for all cooking needs, including boiling water, melting chocolate and simmering sauce. The range features a Dual Fast Boil element, which helps you to boil water quickly and saves you time during your cooking. Plus, the smooth ceramic surface of the stovetop is easy to wipe clean after use.

The oven has a steam clean setting that works in 20 minutes to remove odour. It also has a self-cleaning setting for a deeper clean between uses. The stainless cooktop with die-cast knobs allows for more flexibility with using multiple pots and pans on the go and has a modern, premium feel. Inside the oven, the fan convection circulates air to produce a more even cooking result every time. As an extra benefit, there is a hidden bake element, which makes manual cleaning of your oven hassle-free. You can choose between three cooking pre-sets – slow cook, dehydrate, and bread proof – to make your cooking experience that little bit simpler, the and child safety lock prevents the oven from being opened while in use, helping to keep your family safe.

  • Stem clean and deep clean settings
  • Large oven space
  • Cooking pre-sets for convenience
  • Child safety lock on the oven door
  • Convection oven for even cooking
  • Glass stove top may pick up deeper stains

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2. Maytag YMET8800FZ Double Oven Electric Range

Maytag YMET8800FZ Double Oven Electric Range

The Maytag YMET8800FZ 30-inch 6.7 cu is an electric range in self-cleaning stainless steel. It has a range of features to help make cooking quicker, including Power Preheat, which lets you start cooking sooner, and true convection with a third heating element, which ensures that temperatures stay consistent for a more even bake. Not only that, but the Power element on the stovetop brings a surge of heat for quick searing, while the bridge element gives you more cooking capabilities with larger pans.

With a 6.7 cu. ft. total capacity, this electric range provides a large cooking area that is perfect for cooking larger dishes or multiple dishes at once. Because there are two ovens in one, you can cook several dishes at different temperatures for your convenience. The system’s Precision Cooking system uses sensor heating to help make sure that each meal is cooked evenly, and there is even an Auto Conversion feature, which automatically adjusts your traditional recipes to the right convection time and temperature. The stainless steel finish on this system is easy to clean and fingerprint resistant, helping to keep your range looking as good on the outside as it works on the inside.

  • Power Preheat to start cooking sooner
  • Convection fan and third heating element for faster cooking
  • Stovetop Power element for searing
  • Precision Cooking system to make sure dishes are cooked evenly
  • Fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish
  • Quite pricey compared to other models

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3. LG Electronics LRE3061ST Single Oven Electric Range

The LG Electronics 6.3 cu is a stainless steel electric range with LG’s patented True Convection and EasyClean. It comes with an IntuiTouch™ Control System, which is a smart control pad for operating the range’s stovetop and oven. The left side of the panel mirrors the cooktop elements, while the right side controls the oven functions. The oven is not self-cleaning, but you can put it onto LG’s EasyClean setting, which sets the oven to a low het and makes it easy for you to wipe away messes after 20 minutes.

With a large capacity oven, the LG Electronics range gives you more space, allowing you to have the flexibility to cook more dishes at the same time. This range currently has one of the largest oven capacities available, at 6.3 cu. ft. Another notable feature of the range is the delay bake option, which lets you programme the oven to begin baking at a specific time, set by you in advance, for added convenience. The stovetop is flat and smooth, making it simple to give it a quick wipe-down after use.

  • EasyClean setting for quicker oven cleaning
  • Large capacity oven
  • Delay bake for convenience
  • Flat, easy-clean stovetop
  • Smart control pad for oven setting
  • Glass on cooktop may scratch
  • May take a while to understand how to use the control pad

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4. Samsung NE59K3310SS Single Oven Electric Range

Samsung NE59K3310SS Single Oven Electric Range

The Samsung 30-inch 5.9 cu is a 5-burner electric range with a stainless steel edge style and a wide view oven door for checking up on your dishes as they bake. The unit’s wider cooktop surface fits 5 burners, allowing for more flexibility with cooking multiple foods at once on different temperature settings. With a large oven, you can easily cook multiple or larger dishes. The oven also has two wire oven racks to fit in various meals. For cleaning convenience, this range uses Steam Quick Cleaning technology, which can function with less time, power and effort to effectively remove stubborn stains. The role of the steam is to loosen food particles, enabling them to be wiped away easily by yourself between bakes.

Underneath this oven, you will find a dedicated storage drawer, which offers a handy location to keep those well-used dishes or oven accessories. You can keep whatever you need to prepare your dishes within easy reach. In the bottom of the oven is a hidden bake heater, which helps to improve cooking safety and makes it much more convenient to clean inside. You can not actually see the baking element – it is concealed beneath the floor, so the inside of the oven looks neater.

  • Wide cooktop for up to 5 medium-to-large pans
  • Large oven capacity and 2 wire oven racks
  • Wide view oven door for checking on food
  • Convenient Steam Clean option
  • Handy tray for storing cooking accessories
  • Stovetop shows up fingerprints quite easily
  • Bottom drawer is a little flimsy

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5. LG Electronics LSE4611ST Slide-In Range Electric Range

LG Electronics LSE4611ST Electric Slide-In Range

The LG Electronics LSE4611ST 6.3 cu is an electric range with convection heating to deliver even cooking even faster. This unit is inspired by pro-style ranges, and features its main heating element in the back wall for optimal heat distribution, so that all dishes, both sweet and savoury, are perfectly cooked every time. It is advertised to cook foods up to 20% faster than the LG non-ProBake electric ranges, so if speed is important to you, this may be a good option to consider.
With 3200W, the dual cooktop elements are the most powerful available by LG. You can set the oven to delay bake, which gives you the ability to pre-set a time for the oven to begin baking for convenience. If you do not want a bulky range that takes up lots of space in your kitchen, you will appreciate the sleek, built-in design of this slide-in range.

  • Convection heating for even cooking
  • Cooks foods up to 20% faster than standard LG ranges
  • Delay bake option for pre-setting a baking time
  • Slide-in design for minimum bulkiness
  • EasyClean still requires a manual oven clean afterwards
  • Burner knobs are fairly sensitive, and may be turned on accidentally

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6. LG Electronics LRE3193ST Electric Range

LG Electronics LRE3193ST Electric Range

The LG Electronics LRE3193ST 6.3 cu has a large capacity oven, plus an true convection system that lets you quickly heat the oven to an ideal temperature and provide the correct airflow for more precede cooking. It features glass touch controls with a stylish appearance, which offer simple control of your oven and burners. Additionally, it also features LG’s EasyClean technology, keeping your oven maintained and saving you time and energy on doing the job yourself.

There are 2 full-width racks with 7 rack positions for baking flexibility, plus 8 oven cooking modes: Bake, Broil, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Multi-Rack Convection Baking, Delay Bake, Proof, and Warm. If you enjoy baking, this LG oven will help you to achieve more even bakes on both sweet and savoury foods, and you will love being able to experiment with the cooking modes. Underneath the oven, the storage drawer lets you keep kitchen cookware and accessories close to hand, and there is even a handy control lock-out that you can set to disable the control panel to prevent accidental changes to your cooking settings.

  • Large capacity ovens
  • 7 rack positions
  • 8 cooking modes
  • EasyClean technology
  • Control lock-out for preventing accidental setting changes
  • Stove top may scratch easily
  • Controls are a little difficult to get the hang of

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7. Frigidaire CFEH3054US Front Control Freestanding Electric Range

Frigidaire CFEH3054US Front Control Freestanding Electric Range

The Frigidaire CFEH3054US 30-inch 5.0 cu is an electric range in white or stainless steel. As a part of LG’s built-in range, this range will fit seamlessly into a 30-inch space beneath your cabinets without the annoying gaps at the sides or the back of the unit. You can enjoy ultimate cooking flexibility with the range’s powerful stove that has five elements, all designed to handle your diverse range of cooking needs. Whether you are boiling, simmering or frying, there is a suitable burner for you. There is even a 3000W quick boil element, which helps you to get dinner on the table faster by speeding up your waiting time.

One handy feature of this electric range is the Keep Warm spot on the cooktop, which you can use to store cooked food while you finish off the other elements of your meal. The bottom of the oven has a hidden built-in heating element, making it much easier to clean the inside of the unit. Not that you will need to do much cleaning yourself, as the oven has a self-clean setting, in either 2, 3 or 4-hour cycles. For even more convenience, you can store your baking essentials in the handy storage drawer just underneath the oven.

  • Fits seamlessly into a 30-inch space with no gaps
  • 3000W quick boil for faster cooking
  • Keep Warm spot for holding foods before serving
  • Built-in heating element in oven
  • Self-cleaning options
  • Drawer is a little small
  • Stovetop can be tricky to clean

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8. Frigidaire Gallery GCRE306CAF Freestanding Electric Range

Frigidaire Gallery GCRE306CAF Freestanding Electric Range

The Frigidaire Gallery GCRE306CAF 30-inch 5.7 cu is an electric range in smudge-proof stainless steel or black stainless steel. It features air fry, which allows you to make healthier meals for your family without compromising on the flavour or texture. Air fry lets you “fry” foods in your oven without using any oil, making it the perfect oven feature for people looking to cook healthier or lower calorie options. The range also features the True Convection element, which allows for even air flow around the oven, ensuring that foods are cooked more thoroughly, for a better taste and texture.

On the stovetop, there is a 3,000W quick boil element that lets you boil foods in a fraction of the time. There is also a clever Triple Expandable element, with an inner a 6” inner for smaller pots and pans and a 9” and 12” outer ring to make room for larger cookware – helping you to make the most use out of your burner. There are 5 elements to the cooktop anyway, so there are certainly plenty of options to choose from as it is. The fast steam cleaning feature in the oven makes the interior easier for you to clean, or you can skip cleaning altogether and opt to use the oven’s self-cleaning feature instead.

  • Air fry for cooking healthier food
  • Convection oven for even cooking
  • 3,000 quick boil element on stovetop
  • 5 elements to choose from, including Triple Expandable element
  • Steam cleaning and self-clean options
  • Oven controls are slightly difficult to use

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9. Frigidaire FCRE305CAS Freestanding Electric Range

Frigidaire FCRE305CAS Freestanding Electric Range

The Frigidaire FCRE305CAS 30-inch 4.8 cu is an electric range lets you cook more dishes at once, thanks to its stovetop with 5 electric elements and a fairly large 4.9 cu. ft. capacity oven. You can put meals on the table faster with the range’s 3,000W heating element on the stovetop, which boils water faster than the traditional setting. There is also a Keep Warm Zone, which you can use to keep food at the right temperature you wait for the rest of your food (or your family!) to be ready. Additionally, the flexible elements are expandable to meet your cooking needs, whether you are making a big or a small dish.

The oven itself has room for multiple dishes, or taller, larger dishes, and you can adjust the height of the trays to make more space when you need to. Beneath the oven, Frigidaire’s Store-More Storage Drawer gives you that extra space you need for storing your cookware. If you just want to check up on your dish without having to open the oven door, you can do so by simply looking through the extra-large window.

  • 3,000W heating element for faster boiling
  • Stovetop with 5 elements
  • Keep Warm Zone
  • Large oven capacity
  • Oven drawer for storing cookware
  • Ceramic top is difficult to clean

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10. Frigidaire Gallery CGEH3047VF Front Control Electric Range

Frigidaire Gallery CGEH3047VF Front Control Electric Range

The Frigidaire Gallery CGEH3047VF 30-inch 5.4 cu is an electric range in stainless steel. It features air fry, which sets the oven to perfect cooking conditions for “frying” food without the need for oil, helping you to produce healthier dishes for your family at more convenience to you. You can also enjoy faster and more even multi-rack baking thanks to the oven’s powerful convection fan and third heating element that evenly circulates hot air throughout the oven, so even if you are baking multiple foods at once, you will not end up with some foods being burnt and some being under-baked.

On the stovetop, there is a triple expandable element to let you choose a burner size based on your pot or pan size, as well as a quick boil element to help you boil foods like pasta and potatoes at a faster rate. The oven has a steam cleaning option to make cleaning simpler for you, as well as a quick preheat mode, which heats the oven up in super-fast time, helping you to cook your food faster when you are running short on time. The rear filler kit is designed to fill the space between your wall and the back of the range, preventing any difficult-to-clean spillages in the future.

  • Air dry for “frying” food the healthier way
  • Even multi-rack baking with convection heat
  • Triple expandable element on stovetop
  • Steam cleaning option in oven
  • Preheat mode for cooking foods faster
  • Air fryer can cause mess in oven
  • Bottom drawer is not the biggest

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What To Consider When Buying An Electric Range

What To Consider When Buying An Electric Range

When buying an electric range in Canada, it is easy to get swept up by a manufacturer’s marketing without thinking about what you would really benefit from. Here are the top factors to consider before you make a purchase:


If you are having a whole new kitchen fitted, the size of your chosen electric range will be less of an issue, as you can simply arrange to leave a space that is large enough to fit the range inside. If you are buying a range to replace your old one, however, you will need to make sure it fits comfortably inside your original space. It is best to measure your available space, then check a range’s measurements online to be sure that it will fit.


Electric ranges vary in price from around $400 to $1,500 – but how much of an impact does price actually have on the product? Generally, the lower the price, the more basic the range’s features, though that does not necessarily make it ineffective at what it does. The best ranges in Canada tend to start at the $600 mark, so do not go below that figure unless you are certain that you are getting a great deal. At the same time, paying more for a range might be pretty useless, especially if you are paying for features that you will not even use.

Cleaning Options

If you can admit to yourself that you probably will not get around to cleaning your oven very often yourself, you may want to look at a product that will offer built-in automatic cleaning features. Many modern electric ranges have self-clean options, which you can set at any time for a deep clean that lasts several hours. Some ovens may also have quick-clean or steam-clean ovens for easier cleaning between uses.

Smooth Vs. Coil Top Stovetop

Though electric stovetops generally function in the same way, they can look quite different in appearance. A smooth top stovetop is completely flat across its surface, and has built-in burners beneath a ceramic coating. Coil top burners are set on top of the surface of the stovetop, and though they have more heating capability, they are slightly more difficult to clean.

Radiant Or Halogen Heat

The older, more traditional electric ranges use radiant heat, and send radiant heat directly to the stovetop. The more favoured option for newer ranges is halogen heat, or a combination of radiant and conductive energy, which tends to offer a better heat distribution for more even cooking of foods.


Electric ranges are great energy-saving, cost-cutting alternatives to gas ranges, and they work almost as effectively to help you produce great food for your family. The best electric ranges in Canada can help to simplify your cooking tasks and ultimately help you to make the most out of what you have got. When choosing an electric range, make sure to keep this guide to hand for future reference.

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