5 Best Gaming Chairs In Canada 2019 – Review & Guide

5 Best Gaming Chairs In Canada

If you’re a gamer who is very particular about performance when playing games, then you might want to take a look into gaming chairs. These gaming chairs available in Canada are designed especially for the convenience of the user in mind. You can place them in the living room, bedroom, home office or anywhere else you want to play. The seats are usually comfortable, with a sturdy and elegant finish.

Today, many gamer’s chairs also come with an ergonomic feature. This design feature aims to make it more comfortable for the neck, back, and legs during prolonged gaming sessions.

The benefit of a good chair for gaming always takes the backseat when the focus is more on the setup of their PCs like a discrete graphics card or an enhanced gaming mouse. Many gamers do not realize that a good gaming chair is more than just a place to sit on and steady your back with. This is the reason why we have this review of the best gaming chairs in Canada.

30-Second Review

A quick summary for those who don’t want to read the whole article, the best gaming chair Canada is the GT Racing Gaming Chair. It’s a spectacular premium gaming chair that features sleek ergonomic design, and caters to your best comfort. It is also our best budget pick, as when we compared the chair’s features and overall price, it outperformed almost all its other counterparts.

NameMaterialMaximum WeightPrice
1. GTRacing Gaming Chair (Best Overall)PU Leather250 lbs$
2. Top Gamer Gaming ChairPU Leather350 lbs$$
3. WENSIX Gaming ChairPU Leather300 lbs$$
4. Cougar Gaming ChairPVC Leather264 lbs$$$
5. Homy Casa Gaming ChairPU Leather265 lbs$

Various Types of Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs come in a variety of different themes and designs. The popular types are PC, racer and rocker designs.


The design of this chair is in such a way that the pedestals seats are on top of a load-bearing base and column. It is the most common design found in office chairs where you can elevate the pedestal seat, swivel the chair around and caster wheels. The advantage of using this chair is it allows the user to have a direct view of their display and move comfortably. The headrest can also tilt back in a near flat position resembling a recliner.


This type of gaming chair resembles that of an actual racing bucket seats found in cars. The design is closer to a regular office chair and can provide essential comfort and nothing more. It is inferior in functionality compared to other gaming chairs because it lacks the flexing mechanism, cushioning and enhancements like that of PC models.


In some designs that offer no pedestal, the chair takes the L-Shaped form that is laid directly on the floor. This profile allows the users to rock the seat back and forth softly. It enhances the feeling of comfort. These models, however, are more suitable for younger players and not for senior users. The task of sitting and standing is too stressful for an older body.

Qualities to Look For in a Great Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is a substantial investment, as you will be spending quite a long time on them whether working or playing. This makes it more important to choose a high quality and comfortable chair. Here are some features to look out when purchasing a gaming chair Canada.


When buying a good gaming chair, comfort should be the main priority. It is essential because you will be sitting in one chair for long hours. A clunky chair where you will have a sore back after 20 minutes is out of the question. Make sure to find an ergonomically efficient chair that will suit you over the long term.

Space Saver

When you have a limited area for work or play, make sure that the chair will fit comfortably in the space you have. There are many gaming chairs that are bulky and take too much space, so you have to be conscious of its dimensions. Remember to check the product dimensions before you order your chair so it’ll fit perfectly in your space.


Make sure that you are getting your money’s worth in the chair you’re purchasing, and not buying into useless features. That’s why we recommend reading the best gaming chairs list we’ve written below so you get the maximum value for your money when buying a gaming chair.


Nowadays, gaming chairs have built-in gaming technology to enhance the gaming experience. There are chairs with headrest speakers, headset inputs, Bluetooth, rumble functions and more. While they are fun and useful, nothing tops comfort as your priority. That ‘s why we don’t recommend buying into these extra features as they’re usually unnecessary.


Ensure that you check the quality of the materials used to create the chair. Watch for the specifications on the material cover, padding, and others. Most gaming chairs use PU or PVC leather but it all depends on the specific type of chair.

Best Gaming Chairs Canada 2019 Reviewed

1. GTRacing Gaming Chair

GTRacing Gaming Chair
It is hard to find a premium quality gaming chair when you have a limited budget. Good thing that GTRacing chair delivers both quality and low price. It does not compromise the features you are looking for in a gaming chain either. The rubberized toe grips and fines upholstery is an added feature that placed this chair among the best.

First, this is a racer type of gaming chair. Its design conforms to the shape of the body naturally. What is good about this chair is it has multi-functional body design to fit different body shapes and broad shoulders. It can carry up to a maximum of 330 pounds. An average person can fit snugly as well as larger frames.

This gaming chair is manufactured from high-quality material and the frame composed of sturdy metal. The seat upholstery is in PU leather, and makes it easy to clean of debris and dirt. It is also soft and durable. Regarding additional functions, it can rock back and forth smoothly. The backrest can recline to a comfortable 170 degrees. It also has a movable armrest using the button. This gaming chair has two removable pillows for the headrest and legs.

  • Great ergonomic design
  • Adjustable armrest for added comfort
  • Can rock back and forth
  • With headrest and lumbar pillow for added support for the back
  • Made from PU Leather
  • The base does not tilt and lock

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2. Top Gamer Gaming Chair

Top Gamer Gaming Chair
The Top Gamer Gaming Chair is versatile, and a spectacular buy because it offers excellent comfort. The chair is made of a sturdy metal frame and a high-density foam that offers high resilience and permeability. It is covered with synthetic leather, easy to clean and fade resistant. Overall, this provides superb stability and comfort to sit on for hours.

It can accommodate a maximum weight of 350 pounds. To support this amount of weight, it has an explosion-proof gas spring and sturdy metal frame. The base of the chair has smooth castors for easier mobility. The armrest is fully adjustable, it can swivel in a 360 degrees movement, and the backrest is adjustable to 155 degrees. To protect the neck and spinal column it has a flexible neck rest and lumbar support.

  • Comfortable padding
  • Adjustable neck rest and lumbar support to protect the neck and spinal column
  • Allows you to adjust your sitting position when seating far too long
  • Quiet and easy movement
  • Made from PU Leather
  • The bottom part of the seat is longer and can cause discomfort
  • The lumbar support can be more massive especially for people with a larger frame

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3. WENSIX Gaming Chair

WENSIX Gaming Chair
This is another low-cost gaming chair with excellent features that is worth the spot in our best gaming chair in Canada list. As this is another racing car seat style, it has a high back, adjustable armrests with a standard design and leather upholstery.

The highlight of its feature is the neck and lumbar support cushions that are well padded. It also has encapsulating ridges on the sides and a protruding backrest that you cannot find in any other gaming chair. This feature provides even support and excellent weight distribution for its user to reduce muscle fatigue and pain.

There is also plenty of reinforcements at the base of the backrest and the five-point base ensure that the seat is sturdy enough to support the 300-pound weight maximum. It swivels at 360 degrees, and the backrest can move between 90 to 180 degrees for a full recline. The headrest has a removable pillow, and there is an adjustable handrail.

It has for seating positions to choose from including the full reclining mode. However, you cannot rock it backward and forward like other gaming chairs. You can adjust the hand rest or have them removed at your convenience.

  • Seat and the cushions are comfortable
  • With a leg-rest for maximum comfort
  • Four seat positions
  • Low and affordable price-point
  • Made from PU Leather
  • No ventilation cutouts on the seat cover
  • You cannot rock them back and forth

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4. Cougar Gaming Chair

Cougar Gaming Chair
To come up with a gaming chair that is the best in the market, Cougar collaborated with pro gamers in designing this Armor chair. With that in mind, you should expect nothing less. It is a racer type gaming chair with the bucket design.

Its sitting base has two parts- its main sitting area and the side fins. Its material is a sturdy that makes up the bottom while the covers are made of soft leather. You will also notice that it has a broader backrest. The seat is capable of supporting up to 264 pounds. To reinforce the chair, the iron cylinder is supported with a piston lift.

This gaming chair has a lever under the sitting area to adjust the height; another lever is also included to accommodate the backrests up to 180 degrees. The armrests are 3D and with three buttons to change them in several ways. You can adjust the chair’s height, but unfortunately, it has no rocking mechanism. It also has no built-in lumbar support and instead comes with two pillows for the same purpose.

  • Breathable PVC leather
  • Adjustable dimensions
  • 3D armrests that can be adjusted in many ways
  • Visually pleasing and good stitching for the upholstery cover
  • Made from PVC Leather
  • The flaps can be uncomfortable for larger people

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5. Homy Casa Gaming Chair

Homy Casa Gaming Chair
If you are a gamer who uses both PC and the television, this is the perfect chair. This is also suitable for working as an office chair. The main feature of this chair is the high-density sponge design and covered with soft synthetic leather. This can accommodate long hours of sitting with comfort.

It also comes with an ottoman to stretch your legs out and avoid muscle fatigue. This chair can contain a maximum of 350-pound gamer without hassle. Other features include the 360 degrees swivel function, adjustable backrest and a tilting function between 90 to 145 degrees. There is no rocking mechanism though, but there is a pneumatic height adjustment.

  • Comfortable design is tried and tested
  • Versatile for both working and playing
  • Stain-proof leather, easy to clean
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Made from PU Leather
  • A little heavy and difficult to move from room to room
  • No wheeled base

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Final Thoughts

Since many companies have entered the gaming chair category, choosing the best gaming chairs Canada can be quite challenging. When you are out searching for one, you should look for comfort, as you will be sitting on it for long hours. Ergonomics should be a priority before looking at a price. The second will be its durability as you are investing in buying this chair.

Gamers should buy a premium quality gaming chair to avoid fatigue and backaches. Although these chairs are designed with players in mind, it can also be versatile for studying, working and even napping.

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