The Best Gaming Chairs In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

5 Best Gaming Chairs In Canada - Review & Guide

If you are a regular gamer, you likely know a gaming chair is the best option when you are playing for hours on end. With so many gaming chairs on the Canadian market, you are probably overwhelmed with what you should be looking for and which chairs are the best.

If you are going to be sitting in a chair for hours gaming, you are going to want to find something that provides you with added back and neck support. You do not want to get up only to find that you have intolerable back pain. A gaming chair can be just the answer for anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer.

It can be difficult to determine which chair will work best for you and to help with that, we have compiled a list of our top gaming chairs available on the Canadian market. Continue reading for more information on finding just the right chair for your needs.

30-Second Review

Our pick for the best gaming chair in Canada is the GTRACING Gaming Chair. This modern-looking chair has a strong metal frame and thick padded back and seat that helps keep you comfortable for long stretches of gaming or sitting at your computer. One of the best features of this chair is that it is multifunctional with an adjustable seat and armrest. It also has features that allow it to rock and recline and removable headrest and lumbar support pillows giving you comfort no matter how you like to sit. In addition to rocking back and forth and reclining anywhere from 90 degrees to 170 degrees, the chair can swivel 360 degrees. Also, the caster wheels on the heavy-duty base are smooth. We recommend this chair because of the high-quality materials used and the solid support it provides.

NameHeight AdjustmentArmrest AdjustmentReclining
Max. Weight
1. GTRacing Gaming Chair (Best Overall)90°-170°300 lbs
2. KILLABEE Gaming Chair90°-155°350 lbs
3. Ficmax Gaming Chair90°-180°300 lbs
4. Dowinx Gaming Chair90°-180°300 lbs
5. WENSIX Gaming Chair90°-180°300 lbs

What You Might Want To Look For In A Gaming Chair

So you have seen a lot of people with gaming chairs or maybe you are thinking this would be an excellent gift for someone, but you are at a loss of what features make a gaming chair great. Here is a breakdown of some characteristics you are going to want in a chair and some that maybe are extras you can live without.


The number one priority when it comes to selecting a gaming chair is pretty obvious, comfort. Anyone who is going to spend a lot of time in the chair is going to need it to be comfortable. No one wants to sit down and immediately be uncomfortable. So make sure it is going to be ergonomically fitting for users and can give you proper lumbar and neck support.

Height And Weight Limits

Along with comfort, you will need to make sure that the chair can be adjusted to accommodate your height and can support your weight. Some chairs just are not made for people over six feet or who weigh more than three hundred pounds. Be sure to check the weight capacity and recommended height before making your purchase.


Materials used in the chair should be of high quality because if you are going to be using it regularly and for great lengths of time, it should hold up. Check on the quality of materials used for the cover, padding and frame. Also, check on the quality of the base and if used, the wheels on the chair. Overall making sure that you are getting a chair that is made of good materials will help you make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.


Armrests are another important aspect of gaming chairs because, without them, you can be putting added pressure to your shoulders leading to neck pain. Having adjustable armrests can be a lifesaver when it comes to long term back and neck issues.

Extra Features

Some chairs are going to have added bells and whistles including headrest speakers, Bluetooth and headset inputs, rumble functions, and USB ports to charge your controllers. There are plenty of added features like this out there, but they will increase the cost of your chair. You will need to decide if any of these bonuses are worth spending the extra money.

Ultimately, comfort is the most important feature you should be looking for in a gaming chair and this should be your priority.

Best Gaming Chairs Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. GTRacing Gaming Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Entertainment Video Game Chair Ergonomic Backrest and Seat Height Adjustment Computer Chair with Pillows Recliner Swivel Rocker Headrest and Lumbar Tilt E-Sports Chair (099-Red)

If you are looking for an exceptionally good looking, modern gaming chair with tons of support, look no further than this one from GTRACING. This sturdy chair is the solution to all of your problems when gaming or sitting at your computer all day for work. We love that it starts with a strong metal frame and utilizes durable materials to give you all the comfort and support you could want. Not only is that metal frame going to give you overall stability, but the frame is ergonomically designed to make sure your sitting position is keeping you comfortable for hours.

In addition to a thick padded seat and back, the chair comes with headrest and lumbar pillows for added support. With adjustable seat height and armrests, you will be able to find just the right height perfect for your personal needs. The chair also reclines from 90 degrees to 170 degrees, rocks back and forth and swivels 360 degrees for a full range of motion. The wide base is strong and built to last with easy gliding castor wheels that are smooth and quiet. The seat is slightly narrow if you are a taller or larger consumer and the maximum weight is 300 pounds.

  • Strong metal frame for stability and support
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Reclines 90 degrees to 170 degrees
  • High-quality PU leather
  • Thick padded seat and back and comes with additional headrest and removable lumbar support pillows
  • Smooth, easy gliding castors
  • Armrests do not have much padding
  • No retractable footrest

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2. KILLABEE Gaming Chair

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair - Adjustable Massage Lumbar Cushion, Retractable Footrest and Arms High Back Ergonomic Leather Computer Desk Swivel PC Chair with Metal Base, Black

Killabee puts their hat into the ring with this gaming office chair that has some added bells and whistles you might want. To start, this chair is equipped with a USB electric massager lumbar cushion giving you a truly relaxing experience. This cushion, along with the headrest cushion, is adjustable to give you support in just the right places. Also, this chair comes equipped with a retractable padded footrest for when you want to recline, which you can in this chair at any angle from 90 degrees to 155 degrees. As a bonus, this chair has a tilt locking mechanism.

The padded layer of memory foam on top of the seat cushion is supported by a metal frame and a heavy-duty metal base with smooth-rolling castors all to hold a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. The armrests on this model are situated to be wider for comfort and can be adjusted up and down. This racing chair was designed with ergonomics in mind to fit your body shape and give you a comfortable sitting experience and provide you with all-day comfort for those long gaming sessions.

  • Strong metal frame and base for stability and support
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Reclines 90 degrees to 155 degrees
  • Lumbar pillow functions as a USB electric massager
  • Smooth gliding castors
  • Armrests do not have much padding

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3. Ficmax Gaming Chair

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair Racing Style PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic Gamer Chair for Adult with Footrest High Back PU Leather Computer Chair Plus Size Gaming Desk Chair with Headrest Pillow and Lumbar Support(White/Black)

Ficmax makes our list with their massage gaming chair in a racing style. This model is made of premium material that is dirt and fade resistant. The metal frame and base give it strength and it can support a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds. One thing we love about this chair is that it can recline a full 180 degrees for maximum tilt. As a bonus, the chair has a retractable footrest and a large seat cushion so you can find comfort no matter what position you are in. Also included is a removable neck pillow and a lumbar massage pillow that is powered by USB.

The armrests on this chair are 2D adjustable padded for added luxury at a budget-friendly price. The main thing we wish the armchairs could do was adjust inward for closer to body placement. This easy to assemble chair adapts to your needs and is a good fit for tall people. If padding is a top priority, this chair does not disappoint. It has a 4.8-inch thick seat cushion that provides you with all the support you could need over an extended period of sitting and gaming.

  • Strong metal frame and base for stability and support
  • Adjustable height and armrests
  • Reclines 90 degrees to 180 degrees
  • Removable neck and lumbar pillow
  • USB powered massaging lumbar pillow
  • 30 days of returns and money-back guarantee
  • Armrests do not have much padding

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4. Dowinx Gaming Chair

Dowinx Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style Recliner with Massage Lumbar Support, Office Armchair for Computer PU Leather E-Sports Gamer Chairs with Retractable Footrest (Black&Orange)

Dowinx’s offering to the gaming chair market makes our list of top chairs with the racing-style recliner. This ergonomic racing chair is perfect for gamers who enjoy long sessions with their favourite games. This updated design features multi-point body contact to save your spine and your legs and hips will be more comfortable than ever with the bucket seat design. It is an extra-long seat great for tall gamers. In addition, you will love the head pillow and lumbar support pillow that also functions as a massager once you plug it into a USB.

All body shapes will love this chair and the retractable footrest and ability to recline up 180 degrees make this a winner. The strong metal frame is ideal for promoting good posture and a correct seated position. And you can adjust the height of the chair to accommodate your needs. This chair has a great aesthetic and is made of environmentally conscious materials. Keep in mind that the instructions are a little tricky for the initial assembly.

  • Ergonomic chair with multi-point body contact to save your spine
  • Bucket design gives great support for legs and hips
  • Extra-long seat for tall gamers
  • Removable/adjustable head and lumbar pillow
  • Plug the lumbar pillow into a USB outlet for a massage option
  • Reclines up to 180 degrees
  • Padding on armrests is great
  • Tricky assembly with little instruction
  • Armrests are a little flimsy

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5. WENSIX Gaming Chair

WENSIX Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Style Swivel High-Back Computer Desk Chair PC Chair Adjustable Footrest with Lumbar Support and Headrest Pillow (White-02)Wensix’s gaming chair rounds out our top five with their ergonomic racing style computer gaming desk chair. This chair features a high back for added support and comfort. With its 360-degree swivel function, smooth-rolling nylon casters and reclining option up to 180 degrees you are free to sit how you want and move where you want. The chair starts with a sturdy metal frame, level our gas cylinder and a heavy-duty wide base meaning it offers maximum stability at a 300-pound weight maximum. We love the adjustable lumbar support and headrest pillow and the pullout footrest is an extra we can not live without.

These support pillows all lead to a chair that protects your neck, spine, and hips during long sessions with your favourite game. When you receive this chair, it also comes with an easy to follow installation video to help you assemble your new purchase. When compared to some of the other members of our best gaming chair list, this one had a little less padding in the seat than we would have liked, knocking it down to number five.

  • 360 degree swivel function
  • Reclines from 90 degrees to 180 degrees
  • Sturdy metal frame and heavy duty wide base offer maximum stability
  • Pullout footrest for added comfort
  • Adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows
  • Easy to follow installation video to help with set up
  • Lumbar pillow does not function as a massager like others on our list of top chairs
  • Not as much padding in the seat as some of the other members of our list

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6. Cougar Gaming Chair

Cougar Armor Comfortable Gaming Chair, Orange/Black - Ergonomic Design, Breathable PVC Leather and Adjustable Back Rest.
Cougar collaborated with pro gamers in designing this Armor chair. With that in mind, you should expect nothing less. It is a racer type gaming chair with a bucket design. Its sitting base has two parts- its main sitting area and the side fins. Its material is a sturdy that makes up the bottom while the covers are made of soft leather. You will also notice that it has a broader backrest. The seat is capable of supporting up to 264 pounds. To reinforce the chair, the iron cylinder is supported with a piston lift.

This gaming chair has a lever under the sitting area to adjust the height; another lever is also included to accommodate the backrests up to 180 degrees. The armrests are 2D and with three buttons to change them in several ways. You can adjust the chair’s height, but unfortunately, it has no rocking mechanism. It also has no built-in lumbar support and instead comes with two pillows for the same purpose.

  • Reclines from 90 degrees to 180 degrees
  • 2D armrests that can be adjusted in many ways
  • Visually appealing and good stitching for the upholstery cover
  • The flaps can be uncomfortable for larger people

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Gaming Chair Vs. Office Chair

So maybe you are wondering if you can just get a good office chair for your gaming needs or perhaps you question if there is much difference between the two, besides a clever marketing strategy and fancy colours.

Visibly you will see that they are styled quite differently other than just using more colours or fabrics. Gaming chairs are styled differently in their shape and this all boils down to ergonomics. Overall gaming chairs are going to have a higher backrest than your typical office chair. This is only going to give you better lumbar support and more comfort.

You are going to notice that gaming chairs have more options for adjustments than typical office chairs. This includes height and armrest adjustments, but also reclining abilities. In many gaming chairs you will not only be able to adjust the height of your armrest, but you can also move them forward, backwards or side to side. With all of these options, you are bound to find just the right position for maximum comfort level.

Another major difference between the two is the amount of padding. Gaming chairs have a much higher level of padding than a typical office chair and the racing style gaming chairs are usually going to come to you with removable headrest and lumbar cushions for even more support for your neck and lower back.

Overall, with a gaming chair, you are going to have so many more options when it comes to making adjustments that will suit your needs and give you just the right level of support. They are going to help support healthy posture and give you an excellent level of comfort for long sessions of sitting.

Is It Worth Buying A Gaming Chair?

If you are sitting at your computer or console for long hours and can not get comfortable, then yes, it is likely worth buying a gaming chair. There are budget-friendly options that come with all the features you might want and give you the support and comfort you are craving. There will also be some differences in the level of padding and the quality of materials used.

Gaming chairs are going to give you more adjustability and flexibility for how you sit and are going to make those long gaming sessions more comfortable. Be sure to do your research to find which chair is going to work best for you and always look for the height and weight limits before you buy.


If you find yourself sitting for long periods deeply immersed in your new or your favourite video game, a gaming chair is likely to be a good investment so you can keep enjoying those long sessions without enduring back, neck or shoulder pain. Gaming chairs are designed to offer you support and comfort by giving you a variety of adjustable features and added padding. From armrests, height and degree of reclining, you can make your chair fit your needs for a great experience. If you are a regular gamer, one of these chairs is going to be worth spending the extra money on and we hope our list of best gaming chairs in Canada has helped you wade through the many options available in our market. The chairs we have chosen are affordable, adjustable and comfortable, giving you insight into some of the best on the market.

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