3 Best Garage Door Openers In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

Best Garage Door Openers in Canada

While they tend to be fairly simple mechanisms, garage door openers are designed to last a long time. You can get 10 and 20 years out of a high-quality garage door opener – but sticking with the model you have now, even if it is working fine, might not be a wise idea. The newer models of garage door openers are much safer and more secure, and it is definitely worth seeing what is on the market today.

If you are looking to buy a garage door opener for the first time, your job is a little easier. Instead of weighing up the pros and cons of replacing your good-functioning but decade-old garage door opener, you can simply take a look at the best garage door openers in Canada and decide which is right for you. No matter what situation you are in, this guide will help you to make the best decision for your security needs. Let’s get into it.

30-Second Review

Our top pick for the best garage door opener in Canada is the Chamberlain B970C Garage Door Opener. Durable, strong and ultra-quiet, the Chamberlain has a steel-reinforced belt drive and is designed with smart technology to help simplify your home security. It is built to withstand extreme weather conditions – and gets the thumbs-up from Canadian users – and has anti-vibration technology for years of smooth, quiet and reliable performance. Using Chamberlain’s Lift Power System, this garage door opener provides maximum lifting capacity and is engineered for safe and secure use.

Even better, the Chamberlain connects up to the MyQ app, allowing you to receive real-time alerts, plus open and close your garage door from anywhere. With the highest level of encryption, the Chamberlain is heavily protected against hacking, and the unit has a useful battery back-up that allows it to keep working even when your home loses power.

Best Garage Door Openers In Canada 2021 –

NameDimensions (cm)
1. Chamberlain B970C Garage Door Opener45.7 x 25.4 x 16.5 cm
2. Chamberlain RJO20 Garage Door Opener17.4 x 15.3 x 41.3 cm
3. Skylink Atoms ATR-1622BKW Garage Door Opener30.8 x 14.3 x 14 cm

Why Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

If it has been a while since you have been on the market for a garage door opener, you might not know just how advanced these handy systems have become in a relatively short period of time. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider replacing your garage door opener (or buying your first one for your garage):

Automatic Reversal

The early 1990s saw the introduction of garage door openers that would prevent the door from lowering any further if a sensor detected movement beneath the door. If you happen to have a garage door opener from earlier than 1993, you will want to replace it with a unit that will keep you, your children and your pets safe by stopping and reversing detection at any sign of somebody running beneath it.

Quiet Operation

One of the biggest differences between an old and a new garage door opener is sound. If you have been using garage door openers for many decades now, you will know the familiar painstaking rumble of an old garage door slowly opening or closing. The best garage door openers in Canada nowadays won’t wake your neighbours up when you leave for work at 6 am. They have a smooth, quiet operation that almost can’t be heard at all.

Wi-Fi App Connection

An obvious example of today’s new garage door openers is their ability to connect with a broad range of security apps. These apps can allow you to monitor and programme your garage door to open and close from anywhere in the world. They can alert you to your garage door opening or closing, and offer the convenience of enabling you to let family members into your home while you aren’t there yourself.

Keyless Options

If you are still using a key to open your garage door, you are missing out. New garage door openers allow you to use one of several keyless options to enter your home, including tapping a code into a keypad or scanning your phone onto a smart entry system. You can even use your fingerprint to access your garage with some of the more advanced garage door openers.

Battery Backup

You can’t always count on your home’s power, and if a power outage strikes, you still need to be able to get in and out of your garage. Conveniently, the new garage door openers allow you to access your garage even when the power is down, as they have a battery backup that automatically kicks in when needed.

Best Garage Door Openers Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. Chamberlain B970C Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain B970C Myq Controlled Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain is a smart garage door opener that has built-in MyQ technology, connecting up to the MyQ app to keep you protected. Via your mobile device, you can open or close your garage door, and know its status at all times, no matter where you may be. With battery backup, the Chamberlain ensures that you can get into your garage even when there is a power failure, and thanks to its ultra-quiet and strong belt drive, you can access your garage disruption-free even late at night or early in the morning.

Constructed with high-grade materials, the Chamberlain is designed to last for years, offering a smooth and quiet performance that is ideal for attached garages. The system is powered by the manufacturer’s MAX Lift Power system, delivering the highest lifting capacity even in extreme conditions. The Chamberlain comes with TriBand frequency remotes that let you control up to 3 garage door openers within a range of 1,500 feet.

  • Connectivity to the MyQ app
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • High-grade construction
  • Comes with 3 remotes for up to 3 garage doors
  • Battery backup
  • Not ideal for lower budgets

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2. Chamberlain RJO20 Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain RJO20 Direct Drive Wall Mounted Space Saving Garage Door Opener, One Size, Black

The Chamberlain RJO20 is a wall-mounted garage door opener that discreetly sits alongside your garage door, and doesn’t take up too much room in your garage. There is no need to worry about forgetting to lock up, as it includes an automatic garage door lock, which secures your door instantly every time it closes. You can guarantee that when your garage door is shut, your home is protected. The system comes with three remotes for opening and closing from a distance of up to 1,500 feet.

With a unique wall-mounting system, the Chamberlain eliminates vibrations through the ceiling, allowing for a near-silent operation. You can open and close your garage door at any time of the day with this system, in the peace of mind that you won’t disturb your neighbours. The Chamberlain also connects up to the MyQ app, which includes core security features to help you open, close and check the status of your garage door from any location. You can also receive notifications when your door is being opened or closed, and set schedules, from your mobile device. You can invite up to three people to control your garage door via the MyQ app.

  • Discrete wall-mounted; doesn’t take up too much space
  • Automatic lock when garage door closes
  • Comes with three remotes
  • Connects up to the MyQ app
  • Wall-mounted system eliminates vibrations and noise
  • Not ideal for heavy doors
  • Very pricey

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3. Skylink Atoms ATR-1622BKW Garage Door Opener

Skylink Atoms ATR-1622BKW 1/2 HPF Garage Door Opener with Alexa. Extremely Quiet DC Motor, Belt Drive, Built-in LED Light, Remote Controls, Keypad, Deluxe Wall Console, Wi-Fi and Alexa Compatible

The Skylink is a garage door opener with a powerful DC motor that provides a very quiet operation compared to a traditional garage door opener with an AC motor. Ideal for homes with living space next to, or above, a garage, this system has smooth belt drive functionality, and a built-in LED light to provide illumination when the door is being operated in low-light conditions. The Skylink is Wi-Fi compatible with Orbit Smart and is also integrable with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT apps, making your life that little bit easier.

With its steel reinforced belt drive, the Skylink delivers both quietness and smooth operation for a single or a double garage. It has a soft start and stop feature that adjusts the speed gradually at two ends, which reduces vibration and maximizes the life of mechanical parts in the system. You can operate the Skylink with the included remote, or, if your car has its own built-in remote, you don’t even need to leave your vehicle to open your garage door. With its snap-in infrared safety sensor, this garage door opener ensures safe operation, while also simplifying the installation without any drilling. You just need to snap the safety sensor to the door track, and you are done.

  • Ideal for smaller budgets
  • Compatible with Orbit Smart
  • Snap-in safety sensor
  • Very quiet operation
  • Suitable for single and double garages
  • Opens slow

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Drive Styles Of A Garage Door Opener

One of the first things you need to understand before buying a garage door opener is drive style. There are three types of drive styles to familiarise yourself with: chain drive, belt drive and screw drive.

Chain Drive

Chain drive systems are one of the most popular and widely available in Canada today. They are also the most affordable, which is good news for customers. Being durable and strong, chain drive garage door openers are a good, reliable choice for standard aluminium garage doors. They require very little maintenance and last for more than a decade.

Belt Drive

Belt drive garage door openers use a steel-reinforced belt, which offers an ultra-quiet performance. This system is also very popular, and is a good choice for homes with a garage below a bedroom or attached to a living space, as it creates very little disturbance while in operation. Belt drive systems are just as durable as chain drive systems, and again, they require very little maintenance over the years.

Screw Drive

The final type of drive system is the screw drive garage door opener. This system is designed from forged steel and provides a quick operation that is both powerful and reliable. Screw drive garage door openers are a good option for people who have wider or heavier garage doors, or for anyone looking for the fastest durable operation.

What To Consider When Buying A Garage Door Opener

What to consider when buying a Garage Door Opener

Finding a garage door opener that is perfect for you doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know what to look for, you can find your ideal system in no time at all. Just remember to consider the following before making a purchase:

What weight capacity do I need?

You will need to consider your garage door type when deciding what weight capacity you need your garage door opener to have. How large is your garage door, and how often do you use it? If you use your garage door as frequently as you use your front or back doors, or you have a heavier sized door, you may need an opener with a bigger horsepower.

Should I pay extra for installation?

There is a lot more that goes into the installation of a garage door opener than meets the eye. If you have never tackled such a big job before, consider whether you would be confident enough to do so. You may think that you can handle the task just fine, but it might be worth setting aside some money for an expert just in case.

Would I benefit from additional security?

There are a whole host of reasons why you might want extra security features for your garage: if you have had a break-in in the past if you live in a neighbourhood with high crime if you store high-value items in your garage, and so on. There are many security features that you can look for in a garage door opener, from keypad entry to connectivity to a security app on a mobile device, that will help you to protect your home.


You are faced with a great deal of choice when it comes to deciding on a garage door opener. It is helpful to know exactly what to look for and be aware of the best garage door openers in Canada before making a buying decision.

When you invest in the right garage door opener for you, you can benefit from a system that is designed to last for years on end; one that will continue to work effectively, even in poor weather conditions or in the case of a power outage. Manufacturers are continuing to improve their production of garage door openers every minute, so be sure to opt for a system that looks most likely to stand the test of time, like those mentioned in this guide.

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