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Grow Boxes In Canada

Considering the erratic and often extreme weather in Canada, it is no wonder that many people are looking to start growing their plants indoors. Modern grow boxes need an absolute minimum of effort, are relatively inexpensive and extremely convenient. Features often include online applications, video cameras, time-lapse growth monitoring, real-time alerts and automatic adjustments. With all of this new technology, choosing a suitable grow box is not a straightforward task, which is why we are here to aid you with the top grow box in Canada. Whether you are a full-on beginner or a seasoned green thumb, we are here to point you in the right direction.

30-Second Review

If you are new to hydroponic gardening and looking for an easy to use, reasonably dummy-proof growing system, then the Grobo Solid is worth every penny. This sleek and modern looking grow box in Canada will certainly be the topic of many conversations as you show your friends this unit that could seamlessly blend in with any contemporary home’s esthetic. Yielding about 1-3 oz every three months, the Grobo is about as plug and play as grow box’s get today, but it is great to know that their customer support is friendly and, on the ball and happy to assist with any maintenance or connectivity issues. Moreover, Grobo has a community of growers that you can tap into for ongoing advice and discussions.

The Grobo Solid connects with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows and once you clear out the ample packaging, you should be well on your way to growing your first plant the same day. The drawbacks to having an all-in-one system are that aftermarket products like replacement parts and nutrients will need to be bought exclusively from Grobo, but this is a small price to pay for such a simple system. This grow box is ideal in so many ways, and you’ll be wishing that you could afford two so that you can stagger your harvest times.

Best Grow Box Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. Grobo Solid

Grobo Solid

There’s been a lot of buzz around about this Canadian company, and we can see why. It’s super simple, easy to use, and yields 1-3 oz roughly every three months, and Grobo provides fantastic customer support. It’s pretty much as close to dummy-proof as growing can get. Once you get the Grobo Solid grow box unit set up, it should take less than twenty minutes of maintenance per week. All Grobo products come with a 1-year warranty, and though we doubt that you would ever consider giving it back, it’s nice to know that you can when heavily investing in a product. The Grobo Solid links with an Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS and the status LED on the box will tell you if your Grobo is online or if there are any errors with connectivity.

The Grobo app will show you different ‘recipes’ using their five branded nutrient bottles, and based on which seed variety you decide to grow. You can buy ‘coco pods’ that are easy to use compost plugs from Grobo which can put in your preferred plant seed. Once you are all set up, the door automatically locks when the door closes so you don’t have to worry about anyone, or anything, inadvertently getting into your stash before it’s ready. The only slight drawback and this is personal, is that although Grobo touts this product as so elegantly designed that it will incorporate into any space in your home, this would depend on your esthetic. Granted, there is no doubt that it will be a big conversation starter, but it also looks a bit like a new-age school locker. Regardless of how sleek this grow box is, you will likely want to keep it in a garage or other tucked-away place since it is fairly loud and once any pungent plants start to bud, then the smell will permeate the room regardless of the in-built carbon filter.

  • Easy set up online
  • Easy to follow Youtube set up tutorials
  • Excellent and timely customer support
  • Free shipping for the main unit
  • Access to a community of like-minded growers
  • The box is light-tight, so you can’t see your plant’s growth without opening the box
  • You can’t amend the nutrients as they are all included in the pod
  • You will need to continue to buy aftermarket supplies only from Grobo
  • Only grows one plant at a time

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Is there a difference between a grow tent and a grow box?

Is there a difference between a grow tent and a grow box?

A grow tent is a generally large structure that can fill an entire room and is usually made from robust fabric materials like woven nylon. Conversely, a grow box, or grow cabinet, is generally much smaller and more robust, often measured in inches rather than feet. Grow boxes are usually made of wood, steel, or plastic and often built to blend in with your home’s décor and have a price tag to match.

While both grow tents and grow boxes are contained, moveable environments for indoor growing, each has somewhat different usages. Both grow tents and grow boxes help you more easily to garden indoors by using advanced technology, including power-saving devices, automated timers or an app to control the internal environment. The significant difference between them then is their structure and construction material.

Grow tents offer more internal space to grow and thus can accommodate a better yield. They are also generally as easy to set up and dismantle as a camping tent, so they can be moved from one site to the next without much trouble. One of the top benefits of a grow tent, over a grow box, is the customization and ability to fix particular components. If you would like to upgrade your system or replace any part, then this is relatively straightforward.

Grow boxes come near entirely pre-assembled, and the little assembly that is needed is generally effortless. You could feasibly be growing your first plant within an hour of accepting your grow box parcel from the UPS guy. On top of that, grow boxes have a hefty price tag that warrants the back up of support that the company provides. The grow boxes are generally made of durable materials like steel and will fit in with the rest of the décor in your home.

What to look for when buying a grow box

There are several factors to consider when buying a grow box in Canada, including:

Cost – Top quality, plug and play grow boxes come with a sticker price that might make you wonder how many years of growing tomatoes you would need to do to repay the investment. Like any product with a high price tag, you need to weigh up the savings by buying a better product off the bat rather than a lesser quality product that might need to be replaced in a few years. Also, factor into your cost the need for on-going purchases from a particular company or if you can go generic.

Discretion – Although indoor growing is becoming more universally acceptable, many people would still rather be discrete. Ensure that you buy a unit with a locking feature regardless of whether you have pets or kids around to worry about.

Lights – Grow boxes that come with longer spectrum light will have the maximum growth and yield. Most grow boxes will state what type of lights they have, so and ideally look for LEDs over CFLs.

Parts and Warranty – Regardless of how careful you are, accidents happen, and things break. Look out for a grow box with a full warranty and where you can fix components rather than having to replace the whole unit.

Size – It goes without saying that the smaller the grow box, the fewer plants that you can develop at any particular time. Consider how much space you want your grow box to take up in your home and weigh this up against your likely yield and the cost.

Customer Support – Customer support matters and with the increase in the technology of the modern grow box, sometimes things can get confusing. Look out for a company that cares about their product and are willing to work with you to overcome any hurdles you may experience.

Benefits Of Grow Boxes

Durability – Grow boxes are an investment, but the price tag matches the fact that, with proper care, you should be able to use your grow box for years and years.

Space Saving – Grow boxes are generally only about 4 feet high and only about a foot or so wide and deep, so they don’t take up a lot of space in your home. New style grow boxes make a modern, sleek and elegant addition to your home.

Ease of use – Grow boxes often come with every component that you need to start growing and require a minimal amount of set up before being plugged into the wall to start.

Speed – The optimum growing conditions in a grow box mean that your plants will grow much faster than outside.

Odor Control – All of the smells of growing any kind of plant will be contained in the unit, which has a carbon filter.

Pests – Grow boxes are sealed units, so bugs can’t get in and attack your plants or give you any nasty surprises once you open your unit.

Light control – Grow boxes seal in the bright light, which, though necessary for growing your plants, can be highly annoying to have to see all of the time.

Limited chemicals – By having control over the growing environment, you don’t need to add pesticides or chemicals to ensure your plants don’t get eaten by pests.

Easy to monitor – Grow boxes make it easier to maintain a consistent environment and manage specific growing conditions so that you can conclude what produces the best yield.

Lockable units – Grow boxes can be locked, so are safe from the prying eyes of pets, children or other people that might visit your home.

Portable – Grow boxes are heavy but can fairly easily be moved from one room to another with minimal dismantling.


There are more and more grow boxes coming onto the Canadian market all of the time. With the rise in popularity of indoor growing, this trend is likely to continue for years to come. The variety of options available can make buying a grow box confusing. However, by checking out one of the products on our list, you can be assured that you’re getting a top-notch grow box in Canada that will have you reaping your purchase’s benefits in no time.

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