9 Best Hair Dryers In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

9 Best Hair Dryers In Canada 2020 - Review & Guide

Women and men around the world count their hair dryers as a crucial, well-loved part of their hair maintenance routine. A good hair dryer can speed-up your morning hairstyling, give you a killer look, and protect your scalp and locks at the same time. However, there are so many hair dryers on the market it boggles the mind when you are on the hunt for a new one. To ease your woes, we have found the best hair dryers in Canada and have reviewed them in-depth so you can find the very best one. We were thrilled to find that many of the best models were also extremely affordable and high-tech in their design.

30-Second Review

Our pick for the best hair dryer in Canada is the Revlon RV544BLF Ultra Lightweight Hair Dryer. We love the bold blue and black colour story but especially like the super-affordable price even more. Ceramic and tourmaline release negative ions, neutralizing the hair’s positive charge, therefore, smoothing frizz and flyaways. If you are worried about frying or over-drying your locks, do not be. Infrared heat penetrates the hair from the inside out, protecting the outer layer and preserving important moisture. 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings provide options for delicate to robust hair, with a cool shot button to lock your styling in place. A lightweight, reliable, and high-tech hair dryer with a small price tag to fit any budget.

Best Hair Dryers In Canada 2021 –

Why Do You Need A Hair Dryer?

No More Sleeping With Wet Hair

If you are a night showerer, you will be very familiar with the conundrum of going to bed with wet hair or skipping your hair wash for another day. A reliable hair dryer can remove this issue, as you can have the best of both worlds. Wash your hair, then dry and style it before bed. No wet pillow, no clammy head, and a fresh head of hair in the morning.

Protect Your Hair From Damage

A high-quality hair dryer is well-worth investing in, especially if you plan on using it often, and especially if your hair is fragile. A hair dryer with hair-saving technology will help to prevent heat damage and brittleness.

Preserve A Great Haircut

When you get an excellent haircut and the hairdresser styles it perfectly, you expect it to look like that all the time. However, once you wash your hair, it is hard to get that salon-perfect look yourself. A hair dryer is crucial for solving this issue, as it helps to reset the hair the way the stylist did (or close enough to it!).

Best Hair Dryers Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. Revlon RV544BLF Ultra-Lightweight Hair Dryer

Revlon RV544BLF 1875W Ultra Lightweight Ionic Ceramic Dryer, Blue

Our top pick for a hair dryer in Canada is from Revlon, the RV544BLF Ultra-Lightweight Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer. An affordable model implementing impressive technology in a cool shade of electric blue. The ceramic and tourmaline materials create ionic technology, sending negative ions into the hair. These ions neutralize the hair to calm down any frizz. Ceramic and tourmaline help to protect the hair by creating an infrared heat, drying the hair from the inside out and locking moisture into the cuticle.

There are options a-plenty with this model, with 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings. This is excellent for people with delicate hair as you can ramp up the speed setting but turn down the heat setting to protect the hair. We are pleased to see a cool-shot button for that all-important style-preserving blast of cold air at the end of the styling process.

This is a lightweight hair dryer, as you will not become tired or achy after a lengthy hair-drying session, even with long hair. This is also great for toting around town if you like to take your hair dryer to work or the gym. The lightweight, low cost, and versatile options would also make this a great choice for kids or teens.

  • Affordable
  • Great color
  • Ionic technology (using ceramic and tourmaline) for anti-frizz
  • 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings
  • Cool-shot button
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with concentrator and diffuser
  • Short longevity

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2. Babyliss Pro TT Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline and Ceramic Hairdryer

Next, we have the Babyliss Pro TT Tourmaline and Ceramic Hair Dryer, a more expensive option. We love that this model is small and lightweight so you can dry an entire head of thick hair without getting tired halfway through.

The combination of ceramic and tourmaline materials create an infrared heat technology, drying the hair from the inside. This is excellent as it protects the hair from being fried and over-dried. Ceramic and infrared heat lock moisture into the hair, resulting in a smooth, lustrous, and healthy head of hair. Tourmaline sends out those ever-helpful ions to control frizz, flyaways, and provide a salon-worthy sleek style.

The Babyliss Pro TT features 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings. This would be a great hair dryer for anyone with thin or brittle hair, a preference for lightweight appliances, and a slightly larger budget.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Tourmaline and ceramic provide infrared heat
  • Locks moisture in
  • Negative ions smooth frizz
  • Comes with a concentrator and diffuser
  • Great for fragile or thin hair
  • Expensive

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3. CHJPRO Professional Salon Hair Dryer

CHJPRO Professional Salon Hair Dryer AC 2100W Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Blow Dryer with Hot-Cold Heat Setting for Home & Salon, 2 Concentrators CA Plug(Black and Red Stitching)

The CHJPRO will set you back a larger chunk of cash than some others on our list, but the extra dollars are worth it. This sleek black and red hair dryer has a high wattage (2300W) to deliver very fast drying, while a “professional wind nozzle” reduces the drying time by 50% by creating a more concentrated airflow.

Ceramic and tourmaline materials shoot out negative ions to neutralize positively-charged hair to reduce frizz and flyaways. The exterior of the hair is protected from over-exposure by using infrared heat that reaches inside the hair for inside-to-outside heating while preserving moisture. 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings allow you to adjust the drying style to cater to your hair type. For example, use the highest speed and the lowest heat for very delicate, fine hair. When the styling is complete, blast your hair with the cool button to seal it in for the long haul.

This hair dryer has been created with very sturdy, strong materials for a drop-resistant casing that will not overheat and put your hands at risk. If the unit does happen to overheat to a dangerous degree, it will automatically switch off. The extra-long power cord (9 feet) means you can set your styling station in awkward or tight spaces where a spot next to the power outlet is hard to come by.

This would be an excellent option for anyone in the market for a durable hair dryer that cares for the hair and offers a smooth, static-free finish.

  • Infrared heat protects exterior of the hair
  • Ionic technology reduces static and frizz
  • Durable, smash-free casing
  • Long power cord (9 foot)
  • Not powerful enough

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4. Revlon Infrared Generation II Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer with Hair Clips

Next, another model from Revlon, the 1875W Infrared Generation II Hair Dryer. Infrared technology reduces the amount of heat used and penetrates the hair to dry it from the inside out. This saves the exterior of the hair from being blasted with drying, frizz-making heat and causing damage over time.

What’s more, tourmaline has been used for calming frizz and creating a smooth and shiny result. Tourmaline is a favourite material used in hair dryers and hair straighteners, as it releases negative ions to neutralize the frizz-causing charge on the hair strands. You can adjust the heat and speed of the hair dryer to cater to different hair types or sections of your hair (i.e. bangs or fringes). The cold button allows you to blast your hair with a dose of cold air to lock your styling into place for an all-day style.

Despite the low cost, Revlon Generation II comes with a nice collection of extras: a concentrator, volumizing diffuser, and three sectioning clips to make the styling process easier and more versatile. This would be a fantastic choice for anyone with a small budget, the desire to protect their hair, and a penchant for professional styling at home. It would be best for thinner or more delicate hair as it is not as powerful as other models designed for thick, coarse hair.

  • Affordable
  • Protects the hair
  • Comes with accessories
  • Cold button for locking in styling
  • Too weak for very thick hair
  • Too bulky for travelling

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5. Remington Damage Control Ion Hair Dryer

Remington Damage Control Ion Ceramic Hair Dryer, 1875w in PurpleNext on the list is the Remington Damage Control Ion Ceramic Hair Dryer, an affordable model. Similar to the Revlon model, this also features ceramic grills that produce infrared heat and tourmaline that produces negative ions. The result? A gentle hair dryer that protects the hair from over-drying and damage by drying from the inside-out. The tourmaline produces negative ions, neutralizing the hair’s charge to prevent those annoying “frizzies”.

The “cool shot” button is perfectly located for a quick woosh of cold air to lock your styling into place (and cool your head down at the same time). Speaking of heat, there are three heat settings to cater to different hair types, styles, and areas of the head. For example, a fringe or bangs can be dried with low heat to protect the face, while the bulk of the lengths can be dried with the heavy-duty high heat button.

You can easily remove the filter to give it a thorough clean, helping the unit to run at an optimum level for longer. Other features include a concentrator which is used for quickly drying long, straight hair without damage, while the diffuser increases volume for wavy and curly hair. You will like this if you have a small budget, thin-to-medium hair (in terms of thickness), and a preference for various speed, heat, and accessory options. However, it is quite big and heavy, so not ideal for travelling or anyone with difficulty handling heavy objects for long periods.

  • 3 heat settings, 2-speed settings
  • Ionic technology for reducing frizz
  • Infrared heat for protecting the hair from damage
  • Comes with a concentrator and a diffuser
  • Cool-shot button
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not great for travel

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6. Conair 246RNC Hair Dryer

Conair 246RNC 1875 Watt Dryer

The Conair 246RNC 1875W Hair Dryer is the most affordable option on our list.  The hair dryer does not have any fancy features or the high-tech materials that more expensive models have. However, sometimes all you need is a cheap and cheerful model to do the job right.

This is a fantastic hair dryer for anyone who requires a lightweight and reliable model with two heat and speed levels, a cool-shot setting for setting the hair, and a decent wattage. A long power cord and hanging ring make for easy storage and usage when you need to maneuver toward the nearest mirror (great for dorm rooms or teens).

The Conair 246RNC is a spectacular choice for anyone in need of a low cost hair dryer as a back-up to store at holiday homes, at work, or the gym.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Cool button
  • 5-foot power cord
  • Hanging ring
  • Concentrator
  • No diffuser attachment

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7. Vaslon Professional 4-In-1 Hot Air Brush Hair Dryer

VASLON Professional Negtive And Ionic One Step Hair Dryer 4-in-1 Hot Air Brush Hair Curler Hair Straightener Curling Ionic Hair Brush Blow Dryer Ionic Salon Hair Tool for All Hairstyle


Vaslon Professional 4-in-1 Hot Air Brush Hair Dryer is an unconventional hair dryer in the form of a barrel brush. This can dry, curl, or straighten hair depending on how it is used. This unique model has a low wattage (1000W), which means it is not ideal for drying a head of thick, wet hair. Rather, it is best for styling towel-dried hair as you straighten or curl it at the same time.

It utilizes tourmaline to create negative ions, soothing and calming frizziness as you dry and style your locks. With 3 heat settings, you can make sure you do not fry delicate hair to a crisp (low heat) while providing a little more heat for robust or medium-thick hair (high heat). The cool setting sets and locks your styling for all-day curls, waves, volume, or poker-straight lengths.

The Vaslon is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get into DIY hair styling without having to fully dry their hair first, saving time and effort. Despite the creative design and great technology, this has a surprisingly low price.

  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Curls, straightens, and dries
  • Smooths hair with ionic technology
  • Cool setting
  • 3 heat settings
  • Great for volumizing
  • Not very powerful

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8. Conair 124AC Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Conair 124AC 1600 Watt Compact Travel Hair Dryer with Folding Handle

Next up, a hair dryer for travelling, limited storage, and lightweight handling. Conair 124AC 1600 Watt Compact Travel Hair Dryer features a folding handle and small barrel. You can tuck this unit away into your toiletry bag or in the corner of your suitcase without stealing too much space. It also features dual-voltage, so it can be used in different places around the world.

The wattage is far lower than the other models on our list, but it is down to the small size and low cost. For this reason, it would be great for short hair or fine, brittle hair that does not need super-powered airflow.

Two speed/heat levels are easily switched by the button on the handle, so you can cater to different hair types. This is not going to be a great option if you have very thick or long hair as the motor is not powerful enough to handle it quickly.

This model is affordable for anyone who requires a very small and light hair dryer for travelling or even taking to work or the gym.

  • Foldable
  • Compact dimensions
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • 2 heat/speed settings
  • Dual voltage for easy traveling
  • Not very powerful
  • No accessories

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9. MHD Professional Hair Dryer

Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer 1875W Fast Drying Blow Dryer with Concentrator & Diffuser & Pik Lightweight Ionic Hairdryer with 2 Speed and 3 Heat Setting

The MHD Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer takes another step up in price than our previous models, but it has the tech to back it up. For example, it features ceramic and tourmaline materials for an ionic charge, smoothing “frizzies” and preserving shine. The hair is dried quickly and evenly, but it is protected at the same time, as ceramic helps to lock in moisture and prevent over-drying.

This cute little hair dryer has a small, short barrel for easily styling your hair at home without twisting into odd positions (as long hair dryers often require). However, it does not have a foldable handle which is a shame, as it would be a great travel hair dryer if it did.

We like that there are three heat settings, catering to different hair types from fine to coarse. Two-speed settings mean you can control the airflow, for a gentle flow to finish off the job, or a full-on blast for fast and effective drying.

Like any great hair dryer (especially one with a higher price), this comes with accessories: 2 concentrators, a diffuser, and a comb. What’s more, the end cap can be removed so you can take out the filter for a thorough clean, preserving the quality and life-span of the hair dryer.

  • Cool-shot button
  • Small and compact
  • Tourmaline ceramic (ionic) technology for smooth, frizz-free hair
  • 3 heat settings, 2-speed settings
  • Comes with a diffuser, 2 concentrators, and a comb
  • Expensive
  • Does not fold up

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What To Look For When Buying a Hair Dryer

What To Look For When Buying a Hair Dryer

Materials And Heating Technology


Tourmaline is used in hair dryers because it produces negative ions. These ions neutralize the positively charged ions on the hair, calming any frizz or flyaways. What’s more, tourmaline also creates infrared heat to protect the hair, even when higher temperatures are used. Tourmaline hair dryers are thought to be faster than regular hair dryers, drastically cutting down the styling process.


Infrared technology is great for protecting the hair against over-drying, becoming brittle, and becoming frizzy. It does this by using a lower temperature and penetrating the hair for inside-to-outside drying, as opposed to over-exposing the exterior of the hair to high heat. Ceramic is used for hair dryers because it provides infrared heat and seals moisture into the hair follicle, resulting in full, smooth, healthy-looking hair.


Titanium is a popular material used for hair dryers because it spreads heat evenly and quickly, reducing the drying time and the risk of damage or over-drying. What’s more, titanium makes for a lightweight hair dryer which is ideal for stylists who are working on multiple clients a day, or those who do not want to wield a heavy, arm-aching appliance for at-home DIY styling.


The higher the wattage, the more powerful the hair dryer, and the faster it will dry the hair. A hair dryer with a high wattage will provide strong, fast airflow. Low wattage may provide a weak flow and perhaps a low heat, making for a cumbersome, time-consuming styling process. However, it is also important to have different heat options so you can get the benefits of a strong flow and a low, hair-saving heat, especially for fragile hair.

Weight And Dimensions

If you have long or thick hair, drying it may take a while. You do not want to be stuck holding a heavy object over your head, getting a tired arm and a sore wrist. Likewise, if the hair dryer is too large or long, you will have to wield it at a difficult angle to point directly at your hair. Find a hair dryer with a lightweight and compact design for fast, easy, and ache-free DIY hair drying at home.

Travel-Friendliness And Storage Options

Are you planning a trip out of Canada or do you travel often for work? If so, a lightweight and compact hair dryer is crucial. Look for a high-quality hair dryer with a decent wattage, smart materials, and a folding design so you can stash it in your luggage discreetly.

Heat And Speed Levels

If you have very brittle or thin hair, it is important to find a hair dryer with a range of heat levels so you can control the potential damage by sticking to the low or medium setting. Similarly, those with a sensitive or dry scalp should use a lower heat to prevent irritation or further dryness.

Special Features (Cold Button)

A cold button is an excellent feature, as it allows you to lock in your styling. By adding a burst of cold air to your hair after styling, the style will last a lot longer. This is especially great for waves and curls.

Accessories And Extras

Most hair dryers come with a diffuser and a concentrator for easier, faster, and more professional styling. This is important as it can be tricky to find accessories from other brands that will fit your hair dryer. Straight, long hair can be made even straighter and shinier by using a concentrator, getting a close-up dry without damaging the hair with direct heat. A diffuser is excellent for giving wavy or curly hair a “lift” as you dry, adding volume and thickness.


Now that you are clued-up on the best hair dryers in Canada, you can go ahead and pick the best one to suit your hair type, lifestyle, and price-point. Pick a hair dryer with versatile heat, speed, and styling options, with a size and weight that fits your preferences for comfortable, easy styling. Remember to use a heat protectant before you use your hair dryer, as this will preserve your hair and give a smooth, shiny result.

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