10 Best Hand Mixers In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

Best Hand Mixers In Canada

Hand mixers are versatile and practical small appliances that every household should own. Even if you have a fancy stand mixer, the convenience of a hand mixer can’t be discounted for smaller tasks like whipping cream, mixing pancakes batter or making omelettes. Today’s hand mixers can look like modern works of art in a variety of fun and exciting colours to match almost any kitchen décor. However, at the end of the day, you want to ensure you have a machine that gets the task done and is built to last. We have taken the time to do an in-depth review of a variety of hand mixers on the market in Canada so that you can more easily choose what features are most important when buying your next handy kitchen gadget.

30-Second Review

For home chefs, it won’t be any surprise that a KitchenAid hand mixer is considered the best appliance of its type in Canada. The KitchenAid KHM512ER is stunningly modern and contemporary in design with a choice of eight lively colours that will perk up any kitchen décor and makes the ideal housewarming or Christmas present. You will be equally excited and proud to pull this KitchenAid hand mixer out of your cupboard and might even find pride of place to display it on your shelves. Whether you prefer pretty pastels or in-your-face brilliant cherry red, there is likely a colour to tickle your fancy, with even a matte or onyx black choice. Unlike many hand mixers on the market, this machine is incredibly quiet, so you may even be able to sneak away to make a cake without the kids stealing all of the batters. After making messy batters and whipped cream or bright blue frosting, the KitchenAid KM512ER hand mixer is a breeze to clean up in a flash so that you can get to the more important task of eating your efforts!

Best Hand Mixers In Canada 2021 –

Benefits Of Hand Mixers

Hand mixers are ideal for those that don’t bake often or for cooks that just need a machine that can whisk eggs for an omelet, whip cream or frosting or mix the batter for pancakes. Hand mixers might not be fit for continuous heavy-duty baking jobs like making bread; however, even seasoned bakers and chefs understand the benefits of having a quality and top-performing hand mixer in their kitchen arsenal. The compact size of a hand mixer, and the relatively low price, also makes them the perfect option for people living in apartments, RVs or those that can’t yet afford a more expensive stand mixer.

Basic hand mixers usually come with one set of attachments, which are generally flat beaters. Although these attachments might be the most useful for a wide variety of cooking tasks, having the option of dough hooks and a wire balloon whisk will significantly increase the diversity of jobs that your hand mixer will be able to tackle. Saying that stiff doughs may easily wear out even a tough hand mixer motor, so it is best to pay attention to any heat build-up or sounds of strain.

Best Hand Mixers Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. KitchenAid KHM512ER

KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Hand Mixer, Empire Red

For whizzes in the kitchen that like to match their appliances to their décor, there is no better product than a KitchenAid. The KitchenAid KHM512ER Hand Mixer comes in eight fun colours. This unit is incredibly quiet, so you might even get a chance to make some cookie dough without the kids hearing you. It is compact and lightweight, and you can lock in the cord from either side of the mixer to keep it out of the way while making your favourite recipe. Five speeds will have you whipping up recipes in no time though if you are generally using your mixer for high speed mixing like whipped cream or egg whites, you might want to opt for a mixer with more power behind it. Once you are through, this mixer is one of the easiest we’ve found to clean, right down to the round cord.

  • Eight designer colours to match any kitchen décor
  • Quiet when mixing
  • Easy to clean
  • Low wattage means less mixing power
  • High speeds are slow
  • Beaters are comparatively short

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BLACK+DECKER Helix Hand Mixer, Premium Performance 5 Speed Hand Mixer, Includes 5 Attachments and Case, Black, MX600BC

The BLACK+DECKER MX600BC is available in seven fun colours and works like a charm. The 250-watt motor quickly powers through thicker ingredients, whether you are making cookie dough, buttercream icing or meringue. Unlike many other hand mixers, this one comes with a full set of accessories including the BLACK+DECKER helix performance beaters, dough hooks and one wire whisk which greatly increases the versatility of the machine when mixed with the five speeds and booster option. We are also loving that this mixer can stand upright on its back edge so that the beaters don’t muck up your countertops; however, it would be good to have a dedicated eject button as getting the attachments out can be a messy job. Once you are done, all of the accessories can be easily stored away in the convenient storage case, which means that you won’t be desperately searching your cupboards for a loan beater every time you decide to bake.

  • Looks like a piece of art
  • Booster speed really amps up the speed
  • Easy and convenient to store
  • Helix beaters tend to pull up the batter and make it fly around
  • The power cable is on the side so can get in the way
  • No eject button so you need to get your hands messy

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3. Cuisinart HM-50C

Cuisinart HM-50C Power Advantage 5 Speed Hand Mixer, White

Cuisinart is a name that almost every home chef will know for quality and longevity, and this hand mixer lives up to its namesake. This is the perfect appliance if you are after a sturdy hand mixer for whipping up eggs, frosting or meringue, and you don’t want to pull out your heavy stand mixer for simple tasks. The wire beaters that come standard with this product are ideal for thin mixtures or pancake batter, but don’t expect to be making thick cookie dough or bread with this product since the beaters are unlikely to manage. A design aspect that other brands should take note of is that the slow speed on this Cuisinart HM-50C hand mixer is actually low. This might not seem like a big deal, but a low speed is particularly difficult to find in a hand mixer and is very useful for mixing dry ingredients and limiting splatter. This hand mixer won’t replace other appliances in your kitchen, but will be an excellent and stylish addition for quick jobs.

  • Low speed is actually low unlike many hand mixers
  • Beaters are not sturdy
  • Doesn’t hold up to stiff doughs

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4. Bowl Rest™ Hand Mixer & Case

Bowl Rest™ Hand Mixer & Case

This Proctor Silex hand mixer is an affordable addition to any kitchen and will make the perfect housewarming present for any college-bound student. This small appliance will tackle basic kitchen mixing recipes with ease, from omelets to buttercream icing as the hand mixer comes standard with two beaters and one wire whisk. The storage container that is included adds to this machine’s convenience, as does the bowl rest feature. This hand mixer is excellent value though arguably isn’t the best for low-speed mixing as you may find your ingredients flying about but if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful mixture that gets the job done, this is our top pick for affordability.

  • Handy storage case keeps everything in one place
  • Excellent value
  • Not a lot of difference between the speeds
  • Low speed is still relatively quick
  • Beaters have short stems

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Black & Decker MX3200B Hand Mixer, Black

BLACK+DECKER has pulled off designing another winner with the MX3200B hand blender. To start, our favourite aspects are the handy hard-shell storage case which can fit both the mixer itself and all of the attachments so you won’t be rooting through your cupboards and drawers all of the time to find one lone lost attachment and nor will the cord get in the way. This hand mixer comes standard with two-wire beaters, two dough hooks and one wire whisk so the recipes you can tackle are nearly limitless. All of the attachments are dishwasher safe, which is another big bonus for busy households. The six variable speeds are noticeably different from each other, and the low speed is even slower than previous models so you won’t be splattering your batter or dry mixtures around your kitchen. Conversely, the power boost function really amps up the speed in an instant, whenever needed. This BLACK+DECKER hand mixer provides quality and convenience in one simple to use package.

  • Handy storage case to keep everything together
  • Variable speeds are distinct
  • Mixer can sit on upright on its end so that you don’t mess up your counters
  • Noisy while in use

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6. Oster FPSTHMCN1W-33A

Oster FPSTHMCN1W-33A 6 Speed Hand Mixer, White

This Oster FPSTHMCN1W-33A hand mixer has all of the functionality that a home cook is looking for in this kind of small appliance. The 250-watt motor and six speeds provide the versatility to mix up cookie dough, bread or whipped cream with ease. This hand mixer is a little heavier than other similar products on the market but this seems to attest to the product’s durability and longevity. The retractable cord and carry case are bonus features that are rarely found in a hand mixer. The main disadvantage to this hand mixer, which is a common issue for many similar products, is that the low speed is still fast, which needs to be considered before you end up messing up your kitchen.

  • Convenient retractable cord
  • Comes with a handy storage bag
  • Slow speed is still quite fast
  • Heavy compared to other hand mixers
  • Loud when mixing

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7. Decen 833

Hand Mixer Electric 6 Speed Hand Mixer Stainless Steel with Turbo and Easy Eject Button, Durable Handheld Mixer Includes Sturdy Beaters and Dough Hooks, Decen

Sometimes it is worth going out on a limb and picking a product based on aspects other than the name brand, and this Decen 833 hand mixer is a case in point. This hand mixer is super easy to assemble with basic, simple instructions, so you will be creating memorable dishes in no time flat. It is a solid piece of machinery that is durable and packs a lot of punch for its size. The 300-watt powerful motor can tackle stiff bread recipes without a hitch, so you will think twice about pulling out your heavy stand mixer all of the time if this hand mixer is in your arsenal. Once complete, the eject button adds to the simplicity of cleaning this appliance and the dough hooks and beaters are dishwasher safe. If you are looking for a sturdy product that will give your stand mixer a run for its money, then we think this is it.

  • Easy to use with simple instructions
  • Solidly built and durable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Although it is advertised as stainless steel, the body is plastic, and the attachments are stainless steel
  • Low speed is still quite fast
  • Relatively heavy compared to other hand mixers on our list

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8. Oster Hand Mixer Blue Pastel

Oster 240 Watt 5 Speed Hand Mixer Blue Pastel

The Oster hand mixer is everything that a home chef needs in a compact mixer while also being pretty as can be. You’ll quickly whip up your next lot of cakes and cookies with the five variable speeds which are easy to maneuver through using your thumb. The turbo boost function and 240 watts of power mean that this small appliance can hold up to stiff doughs and mixtures. Likely our favourite part of this hand mixture (besides the stunning colour) is how light it is and the ergonomic contour grip, making this device a pleasure. The full-sized chrome beaters and dough hook attachments will allow you to tackle a variety of dishes with ease. This is a reliable, compact hand mixer that will be a gorgeous addition to any kitchen.

  • Lightweight
  • Stunning and unique pastel blue colour
  • Beater eject button can be stiff at first

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This hand mixer wins our award for best design because someone over at Betty Crocker was really thinking about the end-user when planning the WACBC2205C hand mixer. The ergonomic styling alleviates the strain on sore or tired hands, so even mixing large batches or multiple dishes will be a breeze. We are also loving the fact that this hand mixer can sit upright on its end so you won’t have to rest the beaters on your countertops and get them messy, which is a feature you might not have realized you were missing, but you will LOVE once you have it! The seven speeds can all be instantly increased with the turbo button, and the 300 watts of peak power means that this machine has the power needed for even the most challenging recipe. Cleaning up is a cinch with Better Crocker since not only is there an eject button, but the beaters are designed with easy cleaning in mind. This hand mixer certainly ticks all the boxes and will have you trying out new recipes in no time.

  • The ergonomic design makes holding easier for sore hands
  • Easy to clean
  • The hand mixer can sit on its end, avoiding messy countertops
  • Turbo boost function works very well
  • Some bakers have commented that the mixer can be noisy

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SHARDOR 5 Speed Electric Hand Mixer with 5 Stainless Steel Attachments(2 Beaters, 2 Dough Hooks and 1 Whisk) and Storage Case, 350W

While Shardor might not be a commonly known brand, this hand mixer should certainly be on your radar. The 350 watts of power and five variable speeds, along with turbo boost function, mean that you can quickly whip up delicate egg whites or your favourite bread recipe without worrying that your blender will be too sluggish. The Shardor hand mixer comes standard with a whisk, two dough hooks and two beaters, so you will have your full complement of accessories and no longer have to daydream while devouring cookbooks. Shardor certainly was thinking about functionality when designing this product as not only can everything be neatly tucked away in the handy storage case (including the cord), but this mixer also has a dedicated eject button for the dishwasher safe accessories. Both of these features might not seem like a big deal, but try us, once you have them, there is no looking back. This would be the ideal gadget for small apartments or for your RV where space is at a premium, and you won’t have a stand mixer available. The Shardor hand mixer holds up to the fabulous reviews, and we are sure you’ll be trying out new recipes in no time.

  • Powerful enough for thick doughs
  • Wide variety of attachments
  • Comes with a convenient storage case to keep everything together
  • Beater attachments can be tricky to lock into place

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What To Look For When Buying A Hand Mixer

What To Look For When Buying A Hand Mixer

There are a variety of factors to consider when purchasing your next hand mixer. Although they are relatively cheap, you still will want to ensure that you have a machine that is fit for any recipe you intend to tackle in your kitchen. Moreover, individual features might be overlooked when you first make a purchase and are more drawn to a particular colour; however, we recommend looking through our list below so that you consider what is most important to you and your cooking style.


There are many well-known brands of hand mixers on the market like KitchenAid or Cuisinart; however, we would recommend that the brand should not be a determining feature when buying a hand mixer compared to the others on our list below. Especially when it comes to weighing up the cost vs the features included, a well-known brand will certainly up the price.


Most hand mixers have between 150-300-watt motors. The higher the wattage, usually the higher the price, but this will also increase your hand mixer’s speed and strength.


All hand mixers on our list come with at least one set of attachments, the most versatile of which are the flat-sided beaters. A balloon wire whisk is also incredibly useful if you intend to be making whipped cream, beating eggs or doing other tasks involving thinner mixes. Dough hooks are sometimes included as well.

Speed Settings

A variety of speed settings is useful, as is a turbo or boost button which will give short bursts of added speed. However, the differential between the speed is actually far more useful than the number of settings.


Look out for a hand mixer where the base (the backside) is flat so that you can rest your mixer upright without having your beaters touch the countertop. This simple design element comes in very handy, especially if you make a recipe that involves stopping to add ingredients in stages. Also, look out for a mixer that has the cord in an unobtrusive place.


Ideally, look for a hand mixer model with an eject button so that you won’t have to get your hands dirty by touching the used beaters to take them out. Always wipe your hand mixer clean of any debris or ingredients with a damp cloth after each use. Look out for attachments that are dishwasher safe and always dry them immediately after washing.


Quite a few hand mixers these days come with an incredibly handy storage case or a snap container where the mixer itself is the lid, and all of the attachments are kept in the container. If your mixer doesn’t come with a storage case included, then we recommend that you consider using a separate container or bag to ensure that all of your attachments are kept together. It is very easy to lose one attachment right before needing to put the finishing touches on your dinner party’s dessert.


The cost always plays a factor in buying one particular item over another, regardless of your budget. When it comes to hand mixers, the cost is often determined by the brand rather than the other features. Our top choice for a hand mixer in Canada is not the most expensive model, nor is it the cheapest, but rather than most versatile of the bunch.


There are plenty of hand mixers in Canada, from well-known household brands to obscure makes. Some modern hand mixers look so good that you’ll be wanting to flaunt their bright colours to all that enter your kitchen and would happily display them like works of art on your shelves. Other home chefs will be looking for a hand mixer that is more suited to a specific kitchen task or a mixer that would be perfect for their life on the road in an RV. By thinking about what features are most important to your cooking needs, and following our reviews, we are sure that you will be whipping up your next culinary creation in no time.

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