10 Best Latex Mattresses In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

Best Latex Mattresses In Canada

Latex mattresses are a bit different than your standard mattress, and they’re great for a wide variety of sleepers. Much like memory foam mattresses, a latex mattress will conform closely to the body to align the spine, relieve pressure points, and offer a supportive, more comfortable sleep. A latex mattress has at least one layer of latex in the comfort layer, though many also have latex support layers. Though there are a variety of latex mattresses to choose from, we’ll help narrow down your choices by bringing you a list of the best latex mattresses in Canada.

30-Second Review

Our pick for the best latex mattress in Canada is the Tatami Mattress. A high-quality choice with soft yet firm support, a contour for shoulder and lumbar support, and natural, organic construction that makes this bed great for anyone with allergies or sensitivities. The Tatami mattress has several layers to achieve more restful sleep, so if you’re a chronic toss-and-turner, the Tatami is right for you. The Tatami mattress isn’t as thick as many other options but still provides the support and comfort you’re looking for using multiple effective layers.

Runner Up and Budget Pick

The Ghostbed Mattress performs admirably to keep you cool throughout the night, using multiple layers of cooling technology to maintain a lower temperature than ordinary mattresses. The Recore Mattress, on the other hand, is an incredibly affordable option that offers the same supportive, comfortable benefits of a latex mattress without the usual upfront investment. This mattress provides the ideal balance between value, long-term support, and comfort – the three must-haves of any mattress.

Best Latex Mattresses In Canada 2021 –

NameSleep Trial PeriodWarrantyFirmness (Out Of 10)Price
1. Tatami Mattress120 Nights20 YearsSoft-firm$$$
2. Recore Mattress120 Nights15 YearsSoft-medium$
3. The Ghostbed Mattress101 Nights20 YearsMedium$$
4. Stratami Mattress120 Nights20 YearsMedium-firm$$$
5. Stratami Hybrid Mattress120 Nights10 YearsMedium-firm$$$
6. Ghostbed Luxe101 Nights25 YearsMedium-plush$$
7. Tatami Hybrid Mattress120 Nights10 YearsFirm$$$
8. Dormeuse Mattress120 Nights20 YearsSoft-medium$$$$
9. Ghostbed Flex101 Nights25 YearsMedium$$
10. Classic 8 Mattress120 Nights20 YearsMedium$$$$

Benefits Of Using A Latex Mattress

Better Support

Latex is naturally resilient and very elastic, so it more effectively conforms to your body to support all joints no matter which position you sleep in. Plus, they can better distribute your body weight across the surface to relieve tension on pressure points.

Cool Sleep

Latex mattresses keep your body cool through the night, making it easier for you to achieve REM sleep and fall asleep faster. If you sleep hot or wake up covered in sweat every night, a latex mattress will become your new best friend. Many mattresses also include a variety of cooling technologies for much lower sleeping temperatures and greater comfort.

No Motion Transfer

Though some perform better than others, most latex mattresses easily outperform many other types in terms of motion transfer during the night. Whether you work on different schedules or have a restless partner, motion transfer can become a large problem when it comes to your quality of sleep, so latex mattresses are an excellent option for people struggling to stay asleep through the night.

Long Lasting

Latex mattresses often last for 10 years or more, which is significantly longer than the majority of other mattress types out there, especially given that they remain free of dust and odours that other mattresses accrue over time. Many bed in a box mattresses come with 10-20-year warranties since latex is naturally very durable and elastic. Your support won’t fade over time since these mattresses are so resilient, providing excellent value for your money.

Variety of Firmness Levels

Canadian made latex mattresses are available in a wide variety of firmness levels, so you can choose a mattress according to your preferences, body type, and sleep position to maximize support and get a better night’s sleep.

Best Latex Mattresses Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. Tatami Mattress

Tatami Mattress

The Tatami mattress is a soft-firm mattress that offers the premium comfort of a soft mattress with the lumbar support of a firm mattress. This mattress’s top layer is natural memory foam (hevea milk, organic essential oils, organic essential oils, plant extract, water) but is much softer than the competition. It has enough give to cushion any shaped body closely and will sink under your weight to support every pressure point that a firmer mattress would irritate without the memory foam layer. The edge support on this Tatami mattress is quite good since it uses a zoned coil system for a firmer perimeter and balanced mattress.

This mattress has multiple layers and comes in a washable mattress cover, though a mattress protector would also be a good idea to extend the life of the mattress and the cover. The cover is also GOTS certified and is very easy to remove as often as you want. The mattress’s support foam is 7” thick, giving you a total mattress thickness of 8” with the 1” natural memory foam on top. Every component of the Tatami mattress is completely natural and actually repels the nasty critters that typically live in a mattress since the Essentia Tatami mattress does not use any wool or cotton.

This mattress uses Dunlop latex for support and is natural, so you’re not breathing in any undesirable chemicals. Though the Tatami mattress isn’t as heat-resistant as some other mattress types and will retain a bit more heat than other spring mattresses, the cover is breathable. This mattress has a few other enhancements to reduce heat during sleep as much as possible.

  • Utilizes natural memory foam, which is more breathable than the synthetic memory foam offered by other mattress companies
  • Organic cotton cover is removable and washable
  • Made from organic materials
  • Long warranty period
  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Made in Canada
  • Expensive

See Price At Essentia

2. Recore Mattress

Recore Latex Foam Mattress

The Recore mattress is a soft-medium latex mattress with a 10.5” thickness made up of three important layers. This mattress is a synthetic blend and has three layers, including 1.5” of graphite-infused latex, 7” of high-density polyfoam for support, and 2” Vortex gel foam for supreme comfort. Everything about this Recore mattress focuses on cooling you down while you sleep, from the cover to the foam support. The breathable cover is made using three fabrics: polyester, spandex, and poly-viscose. The combination ensures that you receive the ultimate level of temperature regulation possible, along with anti-microbial defences and a thin, stretchy texture that sinks with the memory foam for better contouring.

Latex foam in the comfort layer of this mattress achieves a great bounce, while the infusion of graphite into the latex foam acts as another conduit for active cooling during sleep. A gel infusion of the transition layer below the latex layer adds another cooling technology (upping the count to three) while offering satisfying contouring and effective pressure relief. This mattress’s base layer is the expected 7” polyfoam that provides the sleeper with reliable stability, motion isolation, alignment, and support during sleep. The gel layer above ensures that your foundation will last for years without losing any supportive properties.

Despite how soft the top couple layers are, the Recore mattress offers incredible support and feels much firmer once you apply more weight to the mattress. Motion transfer in a mattress is an important factor for people who sleep with a spouse, and the Recore mattress performs well in this category as well. You should be able to sleep soundly if you have a partner who tosses and turns or has to get up to pee four times during the night.

  • Affordable price
  • Graphite-infused latex for exceptional temperature regulation
  • Machine washable cover
  • Made in Canada
  • 15-year warranty is shorter than the other mattresses on the list

See Price At Recore

3. The Ghostbed Mattress

The GhostBed Mattress

The Ghostbed is a quality mattress that uses several layers to deliver a cooling sleep to its nightly visitors. The cover is a breathable viscose and polyester blend with a soft texture, even though you’ll most likely use a fitted sheet on top to protect the mattress. This mattress has a comfort layer of 1.5” thick aerated latex foam for enhanced breathability without sacrificing durability or stability. This layer is quite bouncy, so you can move around easily without sinking too far into the mattress and getting an unnecessary and unwanted workout just to roll over.

Below the latex layer, you’ll find 2” thick gel-infused memory foam that provides extra cushioning as well as cooling technology to help you remain at an ideal temperature for deep, uninterrupted sleep. The gel’s infusion results in extra pressure relief and precise contouring to the body so you can sleep in any position without causing aches and pains. The mattress’s poly-foam base is 7.5” for a sturdy, firm feel and a total thickness of 11”.

Since the above layers are much thinner, this bed has a medium firmness rating ideal for slightly heavier users and back sleepers. Overall, a great latex mattress for the price.

  • Great value
  • Focused on keeping you cool throughout the night with its aerated latex and gel memory foam
  • Designed for optimal spine support; ideal for all types of sleepers
  • Made in Canada
  • 101-night sleep trial is shorter than the other mattresses on the list

See Price At GhostBed

4. Stratami Mattress

Stratami Mattress

The Stratami mattress is best suited for back sleepers and stomach sleepers who require extra support for proper alignment since this is a medium-firm mattress. Since the Stratami mattress is made using natural materials, it is well-suited to those with allergies, sensitivities, or health-conscious attitudes. If you feel your current bed doesn’t adequately support your spine, joints, and pressure points, this firmer Essentia mattress is the right choice since it provides support in all the right places.

This mattress uses four layers to provide comfort and support to users. The organic cotton cover is soft and breathable to pair nicely with the natural cooling of a latex mattress. It is also easily removable for cleaning as often as you wish. The dome-shaped latex top layer facilitates pressure relief, airflow, and contouring. However, the majority of support comes from the supportive latex layer that is zoned softer at the feet and shoulders for more effective relief.

Thanks to the unique zoned latex in the mattress, this is an excellent bed for combination sleepers who rotate through some or all sleep positions through the night. As for the performance of the mattress, it does well in all categories. You can get comfortable quite quickly since you don’t sink too far down into the bed, and there is adequate motion isolation so your restless partner won’t drive you bonkers all night long if you’re a relatively sound sleeper. Spinal alignment when on your side or back is excellent with the Stratami mattress, and you’re unlikely to wake up with any aches or pains in any sleep position.

  • Complete latex core
  • Organic cotton cover is removable and washable
  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Long warranty period
  • Made in Canada
  • Incredibly expensive
  • No advanced cooling layers

See Price At Essentia

5. Stratami Hybrid Mattress

Stratami Hybrid

The Stratami hybrid mattress is both GOLS and GOTS certified for using organic materials, meaning this mattress is well-suited to users with allergies or sensitivities to the typical chemicals found in mattress materials. This mattress features the same memory foam and active latex comfort as the original Stratami mattress but includes a coil core for increased bounce and support. The combination of memory foam with the spring support layer result in limited motion transfer for a hybrid mattress, making it suitable for couples.

The cover of the mattress is organic cotton and is easily removable with a full zip for washing. The comfort layer comprises 1” of natural memory foam as well as 2” of active latex comfort foam for advanced contouring of the body in any sleep position, as well as excellent pressure point relief and lumbar support on the back, side, and stomach. The support layer is 8” thick and is zoned for ergonomic support as well as optimal edge support if you or your spouse is a “percher.”

While the Stratami hybrid mattress offers average cooling due to the latex’s natural temperature distribution, there are no advanced cooling layers, so you may be unsatisfied if you tend to sleep very hot. However, with full-body support and excellent pressure distribution, this hybrid mattress is ideal for combination sleepers and health-conscious users.

  • Great pressure redistribution
  • Made from organic materials
  • Recycled steel coils provide a spring mattress feel and bounce
  • Breathable natural memory foam
  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Made in Canada
  • Shorter warranty period than most other mattresses on the list
  • Expensive

See Price At Essentia

6. Ghostbed Luxe

GhostBed Luxe

The Ghostbed Luxe is a medium-plush bed that allows you to sink into the mattress while still benefiting from excellent support. This mattress uses phase change material to offer a cooling touch 24/7 as well as a quilted design to provide extra initial comfort. The phase change material lies between the cover and the comfort layer – a 2” gel memory foam layer so you can sink into the bed for better contouring and pressure relief on high-stress zones. The transition layer consists of 2” of bounce foam to give you a bouncier texture and softer flow to the base layer. The 7.5” high-density polyfoam has a quick response to pressure that provides excellent support for the upper layers as well as the body during sleep.

This is a softer mattress with a fair amount of sink, making it ideal for contouring to the body and providing lumbar support for back and side sleepers. The double layers of memory foam provide excellent pressure relief to avoid pressure points in the hip and shoulder areas. The foam layers will adjust slowly to your weight as you change positions in the night, though you won’t sink in so far as to feel trapped or find it difficult to roll around. Motion transfer isn’t terrible or amazing; it falls somewhere in the middle and is expected with foam mattresses. You’ll also feel reliable support at the edge of the mattress.

  • Utilizes 7 different layers for superior comfort and sleep
  • Ghost Bounce layer for lasting comfort
  • Especially good for back and side sleepers
  • 25-year warranty is longer than the other mattresses on the list
  • Made in Canada
  • Less supportive than some other options
  • Not great for stomach sleepers

See Price At GhostBed

7. Tatami Hybrid Mattress

Tatami Hybrid

The Tatami hybrid mattress uses recycled steel coils paired with comfy natural memory foam to achieve suppleness, bounce and support in a single mattress. The mattress cover is a breathable organic cotton that is machine washable and very easy to remove, making it more convenient to care for your mattress cover regularly. The top comfort layer is 1” of Essentia natural memory foam and 2” of natural Dunlop latex that has a slower pressure response rate and reasonable body contouring.

The latex in the comfort layer provides firm support and makes it easier to move around when lying down since you’re positioned on top of the mattress rather than “in” it. This latex layer also helps deliver a comfortable, seamless transition between the top comfort layer of memory foam and the 8” support layer of individually wrapped, recycled steel coils that account for the mattress’s ideal firmness level. The individually wrapped coils are better for motion isolation and provide more reliable edge support.

The firm structure of the mattress makes it ideal for back and stomach sleepers. This mattress performs well in all categories, particularly when judging motion transfer; considering that it is a hybrid with coils, you won’t experience too much motion transfer unless your partner is fighting for their life in their dreams. You may also notice a higher price than you’re accustomed to for a hybrid mattress, but this is due to the organic materials used.

  • Organic cotton cover is machine washable
  • Built for ergonomic support
  • Breathable natural memory foam
  • Recycled steel coils for spring mattress feel
  • GOLS and GOTS certifications
  • Made in Canada
  • Shorter warranty period than most others
  • Pricey

See Price At Essentia

8. Dormeuse Mattress

Dormeuse Mattress

The Dormeuse is a medium-soft mattress that measures 8” thick, making it one of the thinner latex mattresses on the market. The top layers’ suppleness allows the mattress to fully conform to your body to achieve optimal lumbar support, relieve pressure points, and maintain perfect posture while you sleep. The advanced support and comfort of the Dormeuse mattress make it the leading mattress for recovery, injury, and stress to the body. This mattress focuses its support in the shoulder and lower back arch regions for superior support.

Multiple layers make up the Dormeuse mattress and attribute it to such a restorative sleep. This mattress uses patented moulding technology in the form of a 2” high-density natural memory foam with a quick response to pressure for automatic contouring in any sleep position. Below the high-density foam and 2” natural memory foam lies a 4” latex foam that provides comfortable support without ever bottoming out. The Dormeuse mattress also scores highly in terms of cooling sleep with an average sleeping temperature of 7 degrees below your internal body temperature, allowing you to achieve the necessary REM sleep you need.

The Dormeuse mattress is also natural and organic, making it an excellent option for eco-conscious shoppers or users with allergies to chemicals often found in synthetically-produced mattresses. This mattress comes with GOLS and GOTS certifications as well as an organic cotton cover that is easily removable for washing and repels dust. The Dormeuse mattress is so effective since it uses elevated elasticity to maintain premium density in the latex foam. Since this mattress is thinner and without coils, you won’t experience as much motion transfer when sleeping with a partner either.

  • Supports recovery from injury and stress
  • High-density natural memory foam
  • Deep contouring for a therapeutic sleep
  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Made in Canada
  • Very expensive

See Price At Essentia

9. Ghostbed Flex

GhostBed Flex

The Ghostbed Flex has a 13” thickness featuring 7 layers. The cover is quilted with cooling fibre 1” thick for that satisfying sink right off the bat. The cover itself is a polyester and phase change material that is breathable and cool to the touch to prevent overheating during sleep. There is a 1” layer of gel foam to complete the luxurious cover and another gel foam layer to provide pressure relief at the hip and shoulder regions. Both layers of gel foam work to keep you at an ideal temperature overnight. Below the pillow top layer is a 1” GhostBed bounce transition layer and an 8.5” thick pocketed coil system for support that delivers a hybrid mattress’s promised bounce. The foundation includes a 1” of high-density foam for extra bounce and longevity.

This mattress is excellently suited to back and side sleepers as well as combo sleepers since you have generous support, cushion, and bounce – the three keys to success. This mattress is pretty impressive in terms of motion transfer with very effective motion isolation that will work for lighter sleepers with restless partners. While the top memory foam and pillow top layers allow for quite a bit of sinkage, the supportive coils work to make you feel as though you’re lying on top of the mattress rather than falling too deeply into it, making it easier to roll over or switch positions. Plus, this mattress has excellent edge support due to the uniform coils, so you can sit or sleep on the edge without losing comfort or support.

  • Great especially for back and side sleepers
  • Incredible edge support
  • Minimal motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep
  • Sleeps cool
  • Made in Canada
  • Not firm enough for most stomach sleepers

See Price At GhostBed

10. Classic 8 Mattress

Classic 8 Mattress

The Classic 8 mattress is a medium mattress on the firmness scale and is one of the best choices for couples since it is very effective at limiting motion transfer when someone gets out of or into bed or adjusts their position during the night. This mattress is best suited to back sleepers since it offers a considerable level of support for your back arch, and the memory foam provides stable, natural lumbar support to assist with your posture during sleep.

The memory foam layer of the Classic 8 mattress maintains a delicate balance of contouring to the body and supporting the spine without causing undue hardship on any pressure points during sleep. This mattress utilizes natural memory foam to limit vibrations for a more restful sleep if you have pets or partners sleeping in the bed with you. The mattress’s support layer is 6” thick, resulting in a total of 8” of height since this mattress uses a 2” Dunlop latex layer with channels for superior airflow. This mattress offers reliable edge-to-edge support, so you can sleep soundly as close to the edge as you want without losing support or comfort.

The Classic 8 mattress has an organic cotton cover as well that can be removed for washing. The cover helps extend the life of your mattress and has a soft feel for enhanced comfort, and is stretchy enough to conform with the mattress for better spinal and curve support. The Classic 8 mattress is not the most affordable or most expensive mattress on the market, allowing you to receive reasonable value for your money with a long warranty and comfort guarantee.

  • Sleeps 3 degrees cooler than your body temperature over an 8-hour sleep cycle
  • Designed to support spinal alignment
  • Moulded high-density natural memory foam contours to any sleeping position
  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Made in Canada
  • Quite pricey

See Price At Essentia

How To Choose Your Latex Mattress

How To Choose Your Latex Mattress


The firmness of your mattress is realistically the most important consideration. With latex mattresses, you have a range of “sink right in” to “lay flatly on top” plus a bunch in the middle. To choose between a soft, medium, or firm mattress, you should consider your primary preference, body type, and sleeping position(s) to ensure that the firmness is compatible and supportive.


The price is the next most crucial factor to consider when choosing a latex mattress. They are typically more expensive than regular mattresses, especially if you choose an all-natural or organic mattress. Of course, the size will also impact the price, so be sure to look at the specific size you need for your bed when comparing prices and setting your budget.

Temperature control

Latex is naturally cooler to sleep on than other mattress types, but some mattresses will have more advanced cooling technology than others. Look for features such as perforated or aerated foam for airflow, gel layers, and a cool-touch cover.


Some latex mattresses have only 2 layers, while others have 5 or more layers. Every mattress will have a comfort layer and a support layer, but you may also find a transitional layer, foundation layer for extra cushioning, and others that offer additional cooling, support, or comfort.


Certifications such as the GOLS and GOTS certifications ensure you’re getting a quality organic mattress, though there are several other certifications that may come with your latex mattress as well. These certifications ensure that you receive a quality mattress with the features that are important to you. Since the certifying bodies are strict and have high standards, you can be sure that the mattress meets all national or international standards and has passed tests related to quality and safety.


Latex mattresses in Canada are long-lasting by nature, but some mattresses have a longer life expectancy than others. A longer warranty period may span 15-20 years instead of only 10 and will ensure that your mattress remains in tip-top shape for years to come. Always be sure that your purchase will be protected by a warranty period in case of manufacturing errors or product faults.


Is a multi-layered latex mattress better?

Some latex mattresses are designed as one layer of material, while others have several layers that are kept together inside a cover. A multi-layered mattress is definitely better than a single layer, and there are a few reasons for it. Multiple layers allow for customized comfort, especially when the two halves of the bed can be layered independently for couples. Plus, multiple layers allow for more powerful technologies for cooling, increased support, pressure relief, and more. Layered mattresses can also be customized and changed at a later date, so your mattress will adapt to your changing body or lifestyle.

Are latex mattresses better than memory foam mattresses?

Yes, they are! Though many latex mattresses use a memory foam layer for additional comfort, the latex in the mattress is responsible for the many benefits this mattress type offers. However, they each excel in different areas. Memory foam mattresses perform better in terms of relieving high-pressure areas as well as cushioning the body. Latex mattresses are better for cooling, lumbar support and ideal for heavier sleepers (230+ lbs). They provide greater support than what a straight memory foam mattress can provide.

Final Thoughts

Latex mattresses are superior to other types for several reasons, and no matter which one of the above mattresses you choose to add to your home to improve your sleep, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits for many years to come. We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and are glad to have been able to help you choose the perfect latex mattress in Canada for a better night’s sleep.

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