10 Best Leggings In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

10 Best Leggings In Canada - Review & Guide

Leggings are a must-have item in any wardrobe. They are incredibly versatile, meaning you can wear them in multiple situations – while relaxing at home, working out at the gym, travelling, running to the shops, and so on.

While the beauty of leggings, in general, is that they provide a comfortable, stretchy fit, finding the right pair of leggings is not as straightforward as it may seem. You need a pair that offers the right fit at both the waist and legs, with comfortable material that can stand the test of time. The best leggings in Canada combine comfort with style and are ideal for throwing on whenever you feel like giving your legs a break from your skinny jeans.

30-Second Review

Our top choice for the best leggings in Canada is the ALONG FIT Yoga Pants for Women. These mesh leggings are perfect for home and gym wear and feature a range of design elements that make them much handier than they appear on face value. The side pockets can hold your phone and accessories, and the fabric is breathable and non-see through. They are a mid-waist fit, so you will not feel suffocated around your stomach, and there is even a hidden pocket for safely storing spare change and keys.

Best Leggings In Canada 2021 –

1. ALONG FIT Yoga Pants for WomenXS – XXL- Polyester
- Elastane
2. QUEENIEKE Women Yoga PantsXS – XXXXL- Nylon
- Spandex
3. Occffy Yoga Pants for WomenXS – XXLN/A
4. QUEENIEKE Women Yoga LeggingsXS – XXXXL- Polyester
- Spandex
5. No Nonsense Women's Denim LeggingsS – XXL- Cotton
- Polyester
- Spandex
6. LifeSky Yoga Pants for WomenXS – XXL- Polyester
- Spandex
7. Spalding Women's Slim Fit PantS – XL- Cotton
- Spandex
8. Hue Solid Deep Women's Pull-On Legging PantsS – XL- Cotton
- Rayon
- Spandex
9. WingsLove Flex Yoga Pants for WomenS – XL- Cotton
- Spandex
10. No Nonsense Women's Cotton LeggingsS – XXXL- Cotton
- Polyester
- Spandex

Why Buy A Pair Of Leggings?

Wear Them On Any Occasion

Leggings are very versatile, and you can wear them in any situation that suits you best. While some leggings are designed to be used as loungewear or gym wear, for example, nothing is stopping you from wearing leggings whenever you want to.

They Provide A High Level Of Comfort

Being stretchy, super soft, and non-invasive around the waist and thighs, leggings are a great piece of fashion wear to throw on when you just want to feel comfortable. The stretch and give of leggings make them the perfect item of clothing to wear on long journeys, or just when you want to wear something easy at home.

They Are Durable

Not all leggings have a reputation for lasting long, but when they are made out of the right blend of materials, leggings can be one of the most durable items in your wardrobe. Many high-quality pairs of leggings can last for years and years down the line, providing you treat them with care, wash them on the recommended settings, and do not stretch them past their giving point.

They Move With You

The reason why so many people choose to wear leggings at the gym is that they are stretchy and non-restrictive. The best leggings in Canada offer the most freedom with movement, allowing you to bend, squat and stretch without being limited by the material.

They Are Stylish

One of the great things about the higher-quality pairs of leggings is that they are not just designed to last – they are also stylish and on-trend. A nice-looking pair of leggings can be worn out of your home and in social situations, and a particularly flattering pair can give you a confidence boost whenever you catch your reflection in a mirror.

Best Leggings Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. ALONG FIT Yoga Pants for Women

ALONG FIT Mesh Leggings for Women with Phone Pockets Mesh Yoga Pants

The ALONG FIT Yoga Pants for Women are a fashionable and comfortable pair of leggings that can be worn while relaxing at home, seeing friends, or working out at the gym. They have a four-way stretch for extra movement, and their non-see-through material means you will not need to check for unwanted visibility in public places. These yoga pants are mid-waisted, hugging your hips and providing tummy control with not too much restriction.

With two large outside pockets, the leggings allow you to store your mobile phone and other personal items safely while you are exercising. There is also an internal hidden pocket, which you can use to keep your keys or change out of sight. The leggings come in 26 different colours and styles, so if you are looking for a pair to match your other gym gear, you are guaranteed to find one.

  • Stretchy and breathable
  • Multiple designs and colours to choose from
  • Non-see-through material
  • Internal and external-access pockets
  • Leggings become slightly looser with washes

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2. QUEENIEKE Women Yoga Pants

QUEENIEKE Women Yoga Pants Hidden Pockets Workout Running Tights Plus Size Sport Leggings M Dream Blue

The QUEENIEKE Women Yoga Pants are yoga leggings that come in 28 different colours and designs. They use non-see-through fabric, even for their paler colours. They have several useful features for those planning to use them for exercise: the material is moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy, providing the perfect combination of support and give.

The hidden waistband pocket in the leggings enables you to hold your cards and a phone – even a larger phone – helping you to focus solely on your workout without worrying about your gear. Providing you find the right fit, these leggings are suitable for all physical activity, including squatting and bending.

  • Ideal for all exercise
  • Come in a range of colours and designs
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable material
  • Pocket for storing belongings
  • Colours may be slightly different in real life than on manufacturer’s images

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3. Occffy Yoga Pants for Women

Occffy Yoga Pants for Women High Waist with Pockets Flex Leggings Tummy Control Workout Running Tights DS166 (Deep Blue, X-Small)

The Occffy Yoga Pants for Women are lifestyle and exercise leggings that come in sizes ranging from X small to XX large. You can purchase the leggings in one of four colours: deep blue, begonia pink, black or deep grey. The materials used in the design are super-soft and stretchy, providing good compression and support. No matter whether you are working out or simply relaxing in bed.

With good elasticity and breathability, these leggings are a good option for wearing to the gym, and feature two outer pockets and a hidden inner pocket at the waistband for storing your loose change, phone, keys and other possessions. The waistband is high-rise, offering tummy control and helping to create more of a streamlined look during exercise.

  • Soft and stretchy
  • Tummy control
  • Two outer-access pockets & one hidden
  • Not the biggest colour selection

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4. QUEENIEKE Women Yoga Leggings

QUEENIEKE Women Yoga Legging Running High Waist Pants Workout Tights Size S Color Begonia Pink

The QUEENIEKE Women Yoga Leggings are lifestyle leggings for wearing during work, exercise and relaxing at home. They have a high-rise tummy control material to keep you covered and secure during workouts, which lies flat against the skin without chaffing or digging in. The hidden pocket in the back waistband is big enough to hold a key or change, plus your phone and cards, helping you to focus on your exercise.

Featuring sweat-wicking four-stretch fabric, these leggings are ideal for wearing for sports and exercise. They provide the right level of coverage and support for bending into any pose or position you want – and there is no need to worry about showing too much, as the material is non-see-through. There are 13 colours to choose from, including darker and lighter shades, so you can find a shade that suits you best.

  • Stretchy and moisture-wicking
  • Ideal for exercise
  • Hidden pocket for valuables
  • Tummy control
  • Fabric may fit loose around the waist

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5. No Nonsense Women’s Denim Leggings

No Nonsense Women's Denim Legging, Black, Small

The No Nonsense Women’s Denim Leggings are basic leggings designed for everyday wear. They feature faux front pockets and a faux fly on the front, while on the back, there are two patch pockets for storing smaller items. These leggings come in five different colours: dark denim, black, white, polka dot and blue. They are more of a fashion “jegging” type legging than a gym legging, making them a good comfortable fashion piece for casual wear.

With a super-stretch and a generous fit, these leggings are light and breathable and do not take up much room in a suitcase or a bag. The material is jean-like in texture while offering a level of comfort that you will struggle to find with any standard pair of jeans.

  • Gives the appearance of wearing jeans, but much comfier
  • Stretchy, breathable material
  • Good tummy support
  • May need to order a size down for a more flattering fit

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6. LifeSky Yoga Pants for Women

LifeSky Yoga Pants for Women with Pockets High Waist Tummy Control Leggings 4 Way Stretch Soft & Slim Active Leggings, S

The LifeSky Yoga Pants for Women are high waist tummy control leggings for the gym and home use. They come in 26 different colours and styles, so you can choose your exact preferred shade that makes you feel your best. Made from 77% polyester and 23% spandex, these leggings are super-soft and elastic material that is designed to be skin-friendly – they do not rub or create uncomfortable heat rashes.

With the intention of being used for workouts, the LifeSky leggings are breathable and moisture-wicking without being see-through in any areas. The tummy control creates a more flattering appearance and helps you to show your figure off at its best, and the handy side pockets are useful for storing your phone and other personal items during exercise. The pockets even have a cover to prevent your items from falling out when you are bending or sitting.

  • Soft, breathable material
  • Handy pockets with pocket covers
  • Tummy control
  • The tummy area may be too large when ordering true to size

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7. Spalding Women’s Slim Fit Pant

Spalding Women's Slim Fit Pant, Black, Medium

The Spalding Women’s Slim Fit Pant are slim-fit yoga pants in a straight-leg design with a slight flare around the ankle area. They feature an elastic waistband and stretchy material for comfort. These leggings are a good fit for people who do not necessarily want to wear something figure-hugging on their lower half for workouts but are still looking for comfort and elasticity.

You can wear the Spalding leggings both during workouts and while you are out and about, as the design is intended for practicality while still allowing you to make a fashion statement. There are no pockets in these leggings, so you will need to consider pairing them with a t-shirt with pockets for storing your personal items while working out.

  • Does not hug the figure, which some people may prefer
  • Comfortable and stretchy
  • Unique design when compared to similar products
  • No pockets

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8. Hue Solid Deep Women’s Pull-On Legging Pants

Hue Women's Ultra Leggings with Wide Waistband, Black, Medium

The Hue Solid Deep Women’s Small Pull-On Legging Pants are basic women’s leggings that come in sizes ranging from small to X-large. You can buy them in one of three colours: black, espresso (a deep brown colour) and graphite heather (a soft grey). They are a simple pull-on design, making them quick and easy to put on to wear around the house or when you need to nip out to run an errand.

Made from a blend of 56% cotton, 38% rayon, and 6% spandex, the Hue leggings are soft and comfortable to the touch. They have a wide, generous waistline and enough stretch to fit larger calves. They do not have pockets, so you will need to make sure to take another means of carrying your belongings with you while out and about.

  • Simple pull-on design
  • Generous fit around the waist and stomach
  • Plenty of stretch and give
  • Not the biggest selection of colours

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9. WingsLove Flex Yoga Pants for Women

WingsLove Women’s Workout Yoga Pants Mid Waist 3/4 Length Capris Leggings (Green,S)

The WingsLove Flex Yoga Pants for Women are high-waist sports leggings that come in 10 different colours, from neutral black and grey to brighter blues and pinks. They range from small to X-large sizes, and some come to the mid-calf in length, while others graze the ankle. The material used in the leggings is elastic knitted, helping to create an all-round stretch in four directions and perfectly fitting to your shape.

As these leggings are mid-waist, you can choose whether to position the waistband above or below your stomach for optimum comfort. You can wear the leggings in any situation, including when exercising, practicing yoga, or taking light outings, and for casual, office or just daily wear. They use a blend of cotton and spandex that makes them breathable, but thick enough to prevent unwanted skin from showing.

  • Good range of colours to choose from
  • Are not too restrictive around the stomach
  • Breathable and non-see-through
  • No pockets

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10. No Nonsense Women’s Cotton Leggings

No Nonsense Women's Cotton Legging, Black, Large

The No Nonsense Women’s Cotton Leggings are high-waisted leggings with a pull-on closure for casual and fashion wear. They are stylish and trendy, making them perfect for dressing up with a smart shirt to meet friends, and they are comfortable enough to relax in at home. These leggings are not only easy to wear – they are easy to look after, too. They keep their shape after washing, so you will not experience tightness or bagginess at the knees.

Made with a 57% cotton, 38% polyester, 5% spandex blend, the No Nonsense leggings are designed with strength and durability in mind. Their stretchiness comfortably conforms to all body shapes, and the slim fit flatters your figure with no-show coverage. They are very comfortable around the waist, as the waistband is very giving – although it may be a little too giving for some people.

  • Slim, flattering fit
  • Easy to wear and wash
  • On-trend design
  • Waist size may be too generous

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A Few Notable Aspects To Consider Before Buying A Pair of Leggings

A Few Notable Aspects To Consider Before Buying A Pair of Leggings


While most leggings are designed to fit several body types, they may differ in fit from product to product. It is common for a pair of small-size leggings from one brand to match up to a medium pair from a different brand. You should be able to find a size guide from the manufacturer relating to the product, which may help you to more accurately determine your size based on your measurements.


While legging material must be strong and durable, it should also provide some breathability, especially as many people wear their leggings to the gym. Wearing a breathable pair of leggings will help you to stay comfortable no matter what activity you are carrying out.


All leggings are stretchy by design, but if you plan to use yours for physical activity, it is worth looking into a product that has undergone stretch testing for resilience. The worst thing would be for your leggings to split mid-squat, and luckily, it is normally easy enough to avoid this if you invest in a pair of the best leggings in Canada.


There is nothing more unappealing than a see-through pair of leggings. This is usually the sign of a cheap make when the material is too thin to properly cover the skin without exposing it.


There is much more to buying a decent pair of leggings than it first seems. If you want to enjoy leggings that are comfortable, stretchy, breathable and stylish, it is worth doing your research and reading up on a pair of leggings before you buy them.

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