The Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers In Canada 2019 - Review & Guide

If your go-to sleeping position is on your side, you want a special mattress to ensure you wake to feel rested and ache-free. Side sleepers usually prefer a mattress that supports spinal alignment, relieves pressure points, and allows the hips to rest in natural alignment with the spine.

To make life easier for you, we have researched countless mattresses and have finalized a list for the best mattresses for side sleepers in Canada. We think you will be thrilled with our findings, as there are some incredibly affordable and very high-quality options to give you the comfiest side sleep!

30-Second Review

While every product on our list is excellent, our pick for the best mattress for side sleepers in Canada is The Douglas Mattress by Douglas Bed. We love that this mattress offers a cool sleep with a Tencel cover, cooling gel foam, and designed specifically with side sleepers in mind. The mattress has been crafted for the perfect firmness for comfort and ease-of-movement without disturbing a partner.

Our runner-up is The Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress, which gives you the option of soft, medium and firm. Another stand-out feature is the removable cover which can be machine washed for freshness and longevity. Side sleepers will love the pressure point-relieving foam layers which are also designed for coolness and temperature regulation.

We love that both these mattresses come with a 15-year warranty, and a 120-night trial so you can send it back if it does not quite work for you, no money lost!

NameTypeSleep Trial PeriodWarrantyFirmnessPrice
1. The Douglas Mattress (Best Overall)All Foam (Cooling Gel Foam & Support Foams)120 Nights15 YearsMedium (6.6)$
2. The Novosbed MattressMemory Foam120 Nights15 YearsSoft (4), Medium (5), Firm (7)$$$
3. Logan & Cove Luxury MattressHybrid (Pillow-Top With Coils & Memory Foam)120 Nights15 YearsMedium Plush (6.3), Luxury Firm (7.7)$$
4. Brunswick MattressHybrid (Pocketed Springs & Gel Memory Foam)120 Nights15 YearsMedium (6.2)$
5. The Polysleep MattressMemory Foam100 Nights10 YearsMedium (5.5)$$

What Should You Usually Look For In A Mattress As A Side Sleeper?

Mattress Firmness

This is probably the most important aspect of all, the firmness. A medium-firm option is great for side sleepers in Canada. This is because it will give enough support, while allowing the shoulders and hips to relax into the mattress slightly, letting the body fall into a natural alignment. If your mattress is too firm, you may find your hips and shoulders become stiff and achy from the hard pressure on one side. A too-soft mattress will allow your hips and shoulders to sink too far. Best of both worlds!

Support System

Look for a mattress that has multiple layers of memory foam or gel foam. Memory foam will adjust to your sleeping position as you move, so you are always supported. This is different from older-style spring mattresses which are not as forgiving. Memory foam mattresses support your body while still allowing you to get the right level of “sink” and softness.

And also remember, many new memory foam formulations in Canada use cooling materials such as gel which helps to keep you cool as you sleep. This is great for people who tend to overheat as they sleep, waking with one hot, sweaty, uncomfortable side!

Movement Isolation And Support

If you have ever slept on a mattress that moves and sinks every time you or your partner moves, you know how disruptive it can be. If a mattress is too sensitive to movements, it can sink or become uneven when you move in your sleep. Look for a mattress that has a reinforcement layer designed for isolating movement to the person who is moving.

External Fabrics

This is a feature that everyone should consider, no matter their sleeping position. The external fabric used for the mattress cover is important as it can be the difference between a hot, sweaty sleep and a cool, dry sleep. Choose a mattress with a moisture-wicking cover, preferably made from hypoallergenic materials that keep asthmatics and allergy sufferers safe. If you have pets, kids, or like to enjoy coffee in bed, opt for a liquid-repellent cover, or a machine-washable one.


Of course, the size of the mattress you choose is very important indeed, especially if you sleep with a partner. If you already have a base for your mattress, then you are hemmed in by the size of the base. However, if you are starting from scratch, consider the bed size you are choosing. You want to have enough room on your side of the bed to sleep in a side position that is not restricted or cramped, as this can create tension as you sleep. If you or your partner are very tall, treat yourself to the biggest bed your bedroom and your budget can afford!

Sleep Trial

Even the most affordable mattresses are a reasonable investment, which means you need to be aware of your entitlements should you be unsatisfied with the product. If you are not entirely sure about the firmness you require, or you are simply making a big change from an old mattress to a new one, the results can vary. You may find yourself requiring a different firmness, or simply feel as though the mattress does not fit your needs. In such cases, a money-back guarantee is a crucial feature. Many bed companies offer at least a 90-day money-back guarantee so you can trial the bed over a decent period of time. Such as the Novosbed and Douglas which both offer a 120-night trial. Make sure you are aware of the rules set in place, so you can make the most of the guarantees offered, to avoid wasting money or being stuck with an inappropriate mattress. Always read the fine print and clarify any questions or uncertainties before you hand over the cash!


Some mattress brands offer extras such as special pillows that have been designed to be compatible with the mattress. While this is not a crucial factor, it can certainly help to save money and get the most out of your purchase. Smartly-designed pillows with proper support can be the difference between a night of good sleep or an uncomfortable one. Check with your chosen brand or company to see what they can offer you with your mattress purchase.

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. The Douglas Mattress

The Douglas Memory Foam Mattress

Our number one spot for the best mattress for side sleepers in Canada goes to the exceptional Douglas Mattress by Douglas Bed! At first glance, this is a sleek and attractive mattress, with a mountain range design on the Tencel cover. Speaking of the Tencel cover, it is the Douglas CoolSense Cover which wicks moisture away from the sleeper and regulates temperature. This is ideal for people who tend to overheat at night, or who live in places where the Spring and Summer months get very hot.

The second layer is made of ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam. We are impressed that this is an environmentally-conscious material which has been made using “40% less carbon input” than other similar materials. It offers a memory-foam style of comfort with high density to support you as you sleep on your side. It does not lock in heat and cause a hot, uncomfortable sleep. The firmness of this layer is ideal, with enough softness for a cozy sleep, but firm enough to keep your body in line.

Next, there is a layer of Premium Elastex Foam (another registered material by Douglas Bed). This layer is special in many ways. One, it offers great support for side sleepers, producing a comfortable and ache-free sleep. Second, it does not contain the allergy-triggering chemicals found in similar latex foam mattress materials.

And lastly, the Motion Isolation Support Foam layer makes sure that the entire mattress from edge to edge maintains firmness and support. It keeps movement isolated around the person moving so the other person is not disturbed.

The medium-firm firmness of the mattress is ideal for side sleepers as it provides support without putting pressure on the hips. The mattress comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

  • Affordable
  • Environmentally conscious materials
  • Cooling, moisture-wicking cover
  • Cooling gel foam layer
  • Medium-firmness for optimal side sleeping support
  • Reduced chemicals
  • Isolates movement between sleeping partners
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada
  • Some people have found it to be a little bit more firmer than expected

See Price At Douglas

2. The Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress

The Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress

At number two we have the Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress. We love that this mattress comes with options for soft, medium, and firm. While a medium-firm mattress is best for side-sleepers, some people have different preferences.

The Novosbed Mattress has a textured, Tencel cover that can be removed and washed in the washing machine. We think this is an excellent feature that increases the convenience and user-friendliness of the product. The cover is super soft and keeps you cool and dry as you sleep, as it wicks moisture away from the body.

The top layer under the cover is made from memory foam which is designed to distribute heat evenly so you do not get those sweat-inducing “hot spots” on your mattress.

One of the best features of this mattress for side-sleepers is the “Transition Zone” which is made from memory foam. It has been created to contour to your body shape while giving gentle support. It gives pressure point relief which is excellent for side-sleepers who can experience pain in the hip. We love that this layer provides that all-important movement isolation so you are not disturbed when your partner moves.

The cover fabrics that have been selected are smart and durable. The top cover is soft, stretchy, and machine washable. The inner cover protects the foam layers inside, and the sides are covered in an ultra-durable, furniture-grade textile in neutral grey.

This is a great option for side sleepers who prefer something on the softer or firmer side of medium, people who sleep next to a partner, and people who live in warmer climates. The mattress comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

  • Soft and durable machine-washable cover
  • Comes in three firmness options (Soft, Medium, Firm)
  • Isolates movement between sleepers
  • Great for warm climates, especially since it temperature regulates giving you a cool and dry sleep at night
  • The high-density memory foam is superb for pressure relief and movement isolation
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada and USA
  • Due to its premium nature, the price is a little bit more expensive when compared with other regular memory foam mattresses

See Price At Novosbed

3. Logan And Cove Luxury Pillow-Top Mattress

Logan & Cove Luxury Hybrid Pillow-Top Mattress

Our next mattress for side-sleepers is the Logan and Cove Luxury Pillow-Top Mattress. We love the soft, luxurious design of this mattress, complete with a built-in pillow-top. The pillow top has a soft, wood-derived fibre cover for coolness and a premium silk-blend fill. It has multiple layers of cooling gel foam, memory foam, and bio-foam. These layers conform to the contours of your body to support your unique shape as you sleep on your side. The high-density cool gel foam keeps you from overheating and becoming sweaty during the night. However, keep in mind that this mattress may not be cool enough for very warm climates.

We love that this mattress has been designed for all sleepers, including side sleepers. The layers of foam are designed to provide pressure-point relief for the hips, shoulders, and knees.

The lower part of the mattress contains coils and memory foam, a combination designed to absorb movement and isolate movement to the person moving. This is a must-have for anyone who sleeps next to another person, as being woken up by tossing, turning partner is a surefire way to have a terrible sleep!

Another feature we love is the “engineered edge-support foam”. This ensures that the firmness of the mattress is maintained from edge to edge, so the sleeper does not end up in an uneven position caused by an uneven mattress. It also maximizes the size of the bed, as you can be comfy and supported right to the very edge.

There are two firmness options available, Medium Plush and Luxury Firm. For side-sleepers, the Medium Plush option would be best as it gives you a firm feel and proper support while sleeping. The mattress comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

  • Soft pillow top
  • Two firmness options (Medium Plush and Luxury Firm)
  • Support right to the edge
  • Antimicrobial mattress topper external fabric
  • Gel and foam layers for side-sleeper support
  • Isolates movement between sleepers
  • Contours to the body for proper pressure point relief
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada
  • Can be too hot for warmer climates
  • Due to its premium nature, the price is a little bit more expensive when compared with other regular memory foam mattresses

See Price At Logan & Cove

4. Brunswick Spring Mattress

Brunswick Spring Mattress

Last but not least, the Brunswick Spring Mattress. This is an excellent mattress for side sleepers as it is medium-firm, with enough softness for the body to fall into a natural alignment, but firm enough to support you where you need it. However, note that some users have reported that this mattress is more on the firm side as opposed to a true medium. This could be great for heavier side-sleepers who prefer a little extra support.

The top layer of the mattress is a soft, quilted, cushion-style topper for cozy softness. Two layers of gel memory foam sit under the top layer, providing support for the body while still allowing the body to mould naturally into the mattress. Gel foam helps to keep you cooler in the warmer months.

Steel springs make up the bulk of the mattress, each one encased in its own pocket. This creates a stable and supportive construction that remains steady during movement. For side-sleepers who sleep next to a partner, this is important, as the movement of a partner can cause unevenness to the body, resulting in a not-so-restful sleep.

Like most of the other mattresses in this review, the Brunswick Spring Mattress has supportive edging, meaning the support is consistent over the entire mattress, from edge to edge. This is great for durability, support, and for making use of the entire mattress (as opposed to having to huddle toward the center!). A consistent and evenly-supportive mattress is crucial for side sleepers as uneven sloping can cause neck, back, and hip pain.

The mattress comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

  • Medium-firm firmness for ideal side-sleeping comfort
  • Gel memory foam for support and coolness
  • Edge support for total support
  • Pocket springs for isolated movement
  • Soft, padded top layer
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada
  • On the firmer side of medium (too firm for some)

See Price At Brunswick

5. The Polysleep Mattress

The Polysleep Mattress

Number four on our list is the Polysleep Mattress by Polysleep. This funky purple and white mattress offers multiple benefits for side sleepers. First, it has a Proprietary Support Frame which makes sure the mattress keeps its structure and firmness from edge to edge. This means that side sleepers who sleep close to the edge of the bed will not find themselves sloping unevenly, causing aches and pains.

The top layer is made of temperature-regulating foam which relieves pressure points and moulds to your body shape. This is great for side sleepers who experience hip and other joint pains upon waking. The mattress has enough given that the body can reach a natural alignment. The base layer is made of supportive, high-density foam that gives even more support for side sleepers.

This mattress has a medium firmness, so it could be slightly too soft for people who prefer a mattress on the firmer side of medium. Heavier people may find it too soft to give them the best support and would be more suited to a firmer option such as the Logan and Cove’s Luxury Firm option.

We love that the foam used is antimicrobial to prevent dust mites, bacteria, and mould, ideal for damp homes! The mattress cover is liquid-repellent so you are covered if you spill your Sunday morning coffee in bed.

The mattress comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

  • Liquid-repellent mattress cover
  • Antimicrobial foam
  • Relieves pressure points for side-sleepers
  • Consistent support from edge to edge
  • 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial
  • Made in Canada
  • Can be too hot for side-sleepers prone to overheating

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See Price At Polysleep


If you are a side-sleeper, your choice of mattress is important for the sake of your comfort and quality of sleep. Our top 5 list for the best mattresses for side sleepers in Canada features affordable, high-quality, and intelligently-designed mattresses with excellent support and premium materials.

We love the Douglas Mattress by Douglas Bed for its supportive gel foam, environmentally conscious materials, medium-firm feel, and very affordable price! For a mattress with a more premium feel and a little bit more firmness options, our runner-up The Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress is ideal.

When choosing a new mattress, keep in mind that you spend almost a third of your life in bed! Our sleep time is when our body repairs, so it is important we have a bed that gives us the very best, most restful sleep, no matter our sleeping position. Make the most of the trial period offered by your chosen brand to make sure your mattress perfectly caters to your side-sleeping style.

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