10 Best Microwaves In Canada 2020 – Review & Guide

Best Microwaves In Canada - Review & Guide

A great microwave should be a staple appliance in every kitchen. They are so convenient for defrosting, reheating, and even proofing your bread! However, getting the most out of your appliance requires putting in the effort to research and make sure you are buying the best microwave in Canada. In this guide, we will talk about what factors you should consider, how to care for a microwave, and some cool tips on how to get the most out of your new microwave.

30-Second Review

Our top pick for the best microwave in Canada is the Toshiba EM131A5C-BS. It is a great blend of price, power, and capacity. The sleek design houses a powerful 1100-watt motor and an easy to clean interior. It is large enough to defrost that chicken or a big container of leftovers for dinner. We especially love the silent feature that allows you to turn the beeping off. That means you can head to the kitchen for your midnight snack without waking the rest of the house up! There are a lot of great programs and features on here that make it a powerful and versatile assistant in the kitchen.

Best Microwaves In Canada 2020 –

NameDimensionsInternal Capacity (cu. ft.)WattagePrice
1. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven52.07 x 43.43 x 32.51 cm1.21100$$
2. Panasonic NNSG676B Genius Microwave Oven42.16 x 52.07 x 31.5 cm1.31100$$
3. Danby Designer DMW111KSSDD Countertop Microwave44.45 x 53.98 x 29.85 cm1.11000$
4. Panasonic NNST676S Genius Microwave40.16 x 52.53 x 31.12 cm1.21200$$$
5. Panasonic NNSC688S Inverter Microwave41.15 x 51.82 x 31.5 cm1.31200$$$
6. Panasonic NNSD382S Compact Inverter Microwave39.62 x 48.9 x 27.94 cm0.8950$$$
7. Danby DBMW0924BBS Countertop Microwave37 x 48.6 x 29.4 cm0.9900$
8. COMFEE EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven43.94 x 34.04 x 25.91 cm0.7700$
9. Cuisinart CMW-70C Compact Microwave39.12 x 49.02 x 30.99 cm0.7700$
10. Panasonic NNST766B Genius Inverter Microwave49.28 x 55.63 x 30.48 cm1.61200$$$

What To Look For In A Microwave

Choosing the best microwave in Canada for your needs mostly comes down to what you plan to cook in it and what quantities you expect to cook in it. You need something large enough to fit what you want to cook in it and something with the proper range of power settings to accommodate the range of things you will cook. However, it also needs to fit in your kitchen. So, the four most important factors you need to look at are capacity, wattage, power settings, and size.


The capacity of a microwave refers to the interior space so it determines what you can fit inside your microwave. The capacity you need depends on what you plan to do with your microwave. For example, if you expect to use it for defrosting whole chickens or cuts of meat, you need a larger capacity that can fit those. On the other hand, if you mainly expect to reheat leftovers, a smaller capacity is better not just because it is more compact but because it can provide a more even cook to those smaller portions.


When shopping for a microwave, the wattage you see listed refers to the maximum wattage it can go up to. The higher it goes, the more powerful it is. Anything above 800 watts is considered high but the higher that wattage is, the faster it will be able to reheat your food.

When a package provides microwave instructions that suggest using the high setting, factor in your microwave’s wattage when deciding how long to actually cook the item for. If the package says 3 to 5 minutes on high, for example, and you have a 1200-watt microwave, shoot for three minutes. If you have an 800- or 900-watt microwave, aim for closer to five minutes.

Power Settings

Just about every microwave comes with the option to adjust the power settings. If you plan to use your microwave for a wide range of different types of foods, you want to look for a microwave with a lot of customizability in power settings. Ideally, you should be able to adjust to specific wattages.

On the other hand, if you are getting this microwave for, say, an office break room where it will mainly just pop popcorn, reheat coffee, or heat up lunch, a simple microwave with minimal adjustability will do just fine and be much more affordable.


You have to make sure the microwave will fit in the space you have for it. Not only does it need to be able to physically fit in the available space on the counter or in the cabinet or over the stove, it needs to do so while still leaving enough clearance. Microwaves need air and space around them to prevent overheating or other damage.

So when checking the size of a microwave, add an additional three inches to either side and at least one inch to the height to get an accurate idea of how much space it will take up once the clearance has been accounted for.

Best Microwaves Canada 2020 Reviewed

1. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor, Easy Clean Interior, ECO Mode and Sound On/Off, 1.2 Cu.ft, 1100W, Black Stainless Steel

Toshiba is a reliable brand for a number of appliances and technology and this microwave is a great example of that. It offers top of the line features and functionality at a price that every customer can afford.

Users will love the quality construction, the large capacity, and the high wattage that comes with this microwave. However, it is more than just big and powerful. It also comes with 10 power settings so that you can do everything from defrosting your chicken to boil your water.

Take full advantage of these settings by making tons of cool recipes like rice, scrambled eggs, or even cakes using the different power settings to optimize your results!

This Toshiba microwave provides an even cook on foods of all textures and ingredients. With 1100 watts, its high setting is also powerful enough to actually pop your popcorn well, with few un-popped kernels at the bottom of the bag.

  • 1100 Watts means faster reheating times
  • 10 power settings offer complete control of cooking results
  • Optional mute for quiet cooking
  • Large display is readable, even for people with eyesight issues
  • With so many settings and programs, some might find it confusing or overwhelming to use

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2. Panasonic NNSG676B Genius Microwave Oven

Panasonic NNSG676B Mid-size 1.3 cft. 1100W Genius Microwave Oven, Black, Black

This genius microwave from Panasonic has truly earned its name. In addition to a variety of power settings, this microwave provides a level of automation that cooks will love. Rather than worrying about what setting or how long to defrost your chicken, just put the chicken in and this microwave will use its genius sensor to automatically adjust heating levels.

It will detect the weight and temperature of your food and adjust itself to thaw it perfectly without cooking it. This can save you the headache of trying to do the math on how long it needs to be in there or what setting to use. This microwave does it for you!

We also appreciate the inverter technology that provides a more consistent flow of energy than the standard heating technology used in microwaves. This means you get a more even cook and you get it up to 40% faster than you would without it!

  • Genius sensor takes the guess work out of microwaving
  • Plenty of auto programs for hassle-free, one-button cooking
  • Inverter technology cooks food faster and more evenly
  • The large size may not fit in smaller kitchens with limited counter space

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3. Danby Designer DMW111KSSDD Countertop Microwave

Danby Designer DMW111KSSDD 1.1 Cubic Foot Countertop Microwave With Handle - Stainless Steel

If you are looking for something that will look sleek on your countertop and still provide quality and power in its functions, the designer microwave from Danby should be on your short list! The sleek silver, rounded edges, and large digital display give it a modern, clean look that will add to your kitchen décor.

The 1.1 cubic feet capacity means it can handle most of your microwaving needs whether it is defrosting a whole chicken or popping a bag of popcorn. Speaking of popcorn, at 1000 watts, it is strong enough to deliver the high heat popcorn needs in order to pop efficiently without leaving half the bag un-popped.

We also love the defrost by weight and cook by weight options. This saves you having to do the math on how long to cook something for. Just pop it in the microwave, select the correct power setting and then choose cook by weight (or defrost by weight).

  • 10 power levels for full control of cooking results
  • 1000 watts is powerful enough for popcorn and beverages
  • Convenient one-touch programs for easy cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Some may find this microwave a little noisy, especially on its higher power settings

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4. Panasonic NNST676S Genius Microwave

Panasonic NNST676S Genius Mid-Size Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel

This microwave from Panasonic uses their signature genius sensor technology along with inverter heating technology to create an appliance that is fast, efficient, and highly intuitive. This model is loaded with tons of features that are great for any household where the microwave is a central part of your cooking process.

The inverter technology means that the waves that heat the food are more consistent. This allows the microwave to heat the food more evenly and use less electricity to do it. So, you are saving on your power bill and getting your food cooked faster!

With 14 auto cook programs, a genius sensor, and 1200 watts of power, this is the microwave to get if you need something that can do everything and do it automatically, with the touch of a single button!

  • 14 auto cook programs optimized for things like soup, frozen pizza, fresh veggies, oatmeal, and more
  • 1200 watts of power is great for cooking popcorn and other foods that need really high heats
  • Genius sensor will detect the weight and temperature of food to determine cook time and power setting
  • For less frequent use, a smaller or more basic model might make more sense

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5. Panasonic NNSC688S Inverter Microwave

Panasonic NNSC688S Mid-Size 1200W Inverter Microwave Oven, 1.3 Cuft, Black Stainless Steel

This inverter microwave offers huge capacity, a high wattage, and a lot of customizability. You can cook just about anything in this microwave and you can cook it more evenly and more quickly, thanks to the inverter heating technology.

We also really enjoy the intuitive design. Most microwaves that pack a ton of features can be complicated and confusing to use. That is not the case with this model. The large digital display is easy to read. The auto program buttons are clearly labelled and easy to find.

To adjust the power level, for example, all you have to do is push the clearly marked “power level” button and then keep pushing it until the digital display shows the level you want. Then, input your time and start cooking!

With 10 power levels, this microwave can do everything that is possible to do with a microwave. Set it to the lowest setting to proof your dough in the winter or put it up to 10 to make a batch of popcorn for movie night!

  • 10 power levels for optimal cooking results
  • 1.3 cubic feet capacity is large enough to defrost large cuts of meat
  • Intuitive and easy to use functions
  • Durable, high quality construction
  • This top of the line microwave is one of the more expensive models on the market

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6. Panasonic NNSD382S Compact Inverter Microwave

Panasonic NNSD382S Compact 0.8 cft. 950W Inverter Technology Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel

This humble little microwave from Panasonic packs some surprisingly powerful technology. The smaller size means it can fit in smaller kitchens but, unlike some compact models, you do not have to sacrifice heating efficiency or quality to get that smaller size.

Our favourite thing about this microwave is the inverter heating technology and the 950 watts of power. This is the perfect microwave to get for your college dorm room or your small apartment because it is compact, but that technology and wattage mean it is still powerful to handle all your microwaving needs.

It also has a really easy to use control panel. The buttons are clearly labeled and, more importantly, their label is written above the button rather than right on it. Over the years, with repeat button pushing, labels written right on the buttons can rub off. That will never be an issue with this appliance.

  • Compact design great for smaller spaces
  • Inverter technology for even and efficient heating
  • Long-lasting and clear control panel design
  • Not the best choice for microwaving popcorn

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7. Danby DBMW0924BBS Countertop Microwave

Danby DBMW0924BBS 0.9 Cu.Ft. CounterTop Microwave In Black Stainless Steel - 900 Watts, Small Microwave With Push Button Door

This compact microwave from Danby is a great choice for small spaces or for homes with small children. What sets this model apart from the rest are its express cook buttons and its child lock features. The first six numbers on the control panel are express cook buttons.

This means that you can just place your food on the plate and then push the number for how many minutes you need it to cook. Push the six twice and get 12 minutes!

The child lock feature is just as easy to use. Simply hold the stop button for three seconds to lock the door so that no small children can operate the microwave without you present. To unlock, simply hold the stop button down for three seconds again!

  • Convenient express cook buttons
  • Child lock feature makes this safe for homes with small children
  • Weight sensor for automatic timing
  • Compact design ideal for small spaces
  • May not be large enough for defrosting large cuts of meat

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8. COMFEE EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven

COMFEE' EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off, ECO Mode and Easy One-Touch Buttons, 0.7cu.ft, 700W, Black

This small microwave from Comfee is great for office break rooms or small dorm rooms. It is small enough to fit in even the most limited spaces. That small size does not mean you have to sacrifice versatility or function, though. With 11 power settings, express cook buttons, and a weight sensor, this little appliance can do a lot.

It even has an eco-mode that allows you to get the same cooking results while using 50% less energy. We also like that the start button also adds 30 seconds. If you are just quickly softening butter, place the butter inside and just push start. It will automatically set it for 30 seconds.

If you are cooking something for longer and notice that it seems to need a little more time to finish, add another 30 seconds by hitting start while it is still cooking.

  • Convenient express cook buttons
  • 6 auto programs
  • 11 power levels
  • Compact design ideal for very small spaces
  • At 700 watts, this may take a while to heat liquids thoroughly

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9. Cuisinart CMW-70C Compact Microwave

Cuisinart CMW-70C Compact Stainless Steel Microwave Oven, 0.7 cu-ft, Black

For the college student looking to equip their dorm or the office break room in need of something compact but durable enough to handle heavy duty usage, this 0.7 cubic foot capacity microwave from Cuisinart is a great choice.

At 700 watts, it is just powerful enough to reheat leftovers or heat up that cup of coffee that went cold while you were studying or working. It even offers custom programming sot that you can save up to three customized cook settings.

That means you can figure out the exact perfect power level and timing that gets your cup of soup exactly the way you like it and then save those settings as your own custom soup program!

  • Up to 3 custom auto-programs
  • Compact design great for very small spaces
  • 11 power level options for optimal cooking control
  • Weight sensor for automatic defrosting
  • Not the best pick for microwave popcorn

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10. Panasonic NNST766B Genius Inverter Microwave

Panasonic NNST766B Family Size 1.6 cft. 1200W Genius Inverter Microwave Oven, Black, Black

For the large family or the cook who needs a microwave with a lot of room for big dishes, this inverter microwave from Panasonic is one of the best you could choose. With 1.6 cubic feet of capacity, this is one of the roomiest microwaves you will find.

That large capacity is great for defrosting a turkey or large cut of meat. It also makes it ideal for keeping that big dish of pasta warm while you finish cooking the rest of your dinner. The inverter technology ensures an even and complete cook every time.

That is especially useful for the thicker, larger items you can fit in this large microwave since standard microwaves struggle to penetrate the centers of larger food.

  • Huge capacity great for large families or big dinners
  • Inverter heating technology for efficient and even cooking
  • Genius sensor automatically sets power level and cook time
  • This large size may be too much for a smaller household or one that does not use the microwave as often

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Cooking Hacks To Make Incredible Microwave Dinners

Cooking Hacks To Make Incredible Microwave Dinners

Microwaves in Canada are typically thought of as the lazy option or a way to make fast, cheap, low-quality dinners. But this appliance is actually a lot more versatile than we give it credit for. Here are some cool tips for making great meals that your family will never believe came out of the microwave:

Cut food into thin slices

Because of the heating technology used in microwaves, they generally only penetrate about an inch deep. Slice veggies and anything else you are cooking to that thickness and you will get a more even result.

Create a ring around the edge

The waves that heat the food radiate from the edges inward but rarely penetrate to the very center. So, avoid putting food in the center of the plate. Place it on the edge of your plate. For bowls of mashed potatoes, rice, or similar textured foods, make a hole in the middle and press the food up along the sides of the bowl.

Heat meat with the thick side out

If you are heating drumsticks or other pieces of meat that are not a uniform thickness, place the thicker side toward the edge and point the thinner side toward the center of the plate.

Do not add salt before microwaving

Salt granules attract microwaves, which pulls them away from penetrating and cooking your food. So, wait to salt your dish until after you have cooked it.

Steam your veggies

A microwave can make a great substitute for steamed veggies. You just need a ceramic bowl and plate. Cut your veggies down to one-inch thickness. Skip the salt. Drop them in the bowl with a couple tablespoons of water. Cover with the plate. Microwave for 3 or 4 minutes and you are done! Salt and season to taste after.

Steam meat, too

You can avoid that rubbery, unappealing texture that raw meat gets when heated in a microwave by using the exact same veggie steaming technique. Instead of a bowl, you can just put it on a plate and cover it with another plate of the same side. Do not forget to add a couple tablespoons of water. The result will be much more tender and juicier.

Skip the square containers

Use round or oval plates and bowls in the microwave to ensure a more even cook. Square and rectangular containers create uneven cooking because the corners attract more of the microwaves than the edges or the middle.

Test your hot spot

Every microwave has its own hot spot where the food will heat faster than anywhere else in the microwave. To find out where yours is, arrange marshmallows on a plate, about a ½ inch apart, covering the whole plate. Microwave them for 50 seconds and watch them for those 50 seconds. The marshmallow that puffs up first is in the hot spot. When cooking single items of food, put them in that hot spot to save time and get a more even cook.

Save your stale bread

To salvage a stale bread loaf, heat the slices in the microwave alongside a small glass of water for about 30-50 seconds. The water will steam up and create a humid heat that will both warm and rehydrate the bread. It still will not taste as fresh as an actually fresh loaf, but it will make for a much better sandwich than stale bread would.

Anything whipped or whisk will do great in the oven

Moist or dense foods like liquids or eggs can often get rubbery in the microwave. However, if you whisk them vigorously first, you will create tons of little air pockets that will prevent that rubbery effect, create an even cook, and keep things fluffy. Keep portion sizes small for the best results but with vigorous whisking, you can make scrambled eggs, cakes, pies, and a ton of other cool things right in your microwave. For reheating coffee, soup, or other liquids, give it a good stir before microwaving for a better result.

Use Your Microwave’s Heat Settings Properly

We tend to just leave the microwave on high and forget about it, but different settings help create different results in your food. But there is an actual reason for the different settings and learning how and when to use them can elevate your microwaving game to impressive new heights.

Very low

Power settings of 100 watts or lower are meant for either defrosting meat without accidentally cooking it or keeping a dish warm without turning it to mush. You can also use this setting to proof your bread, which is especially convenient in the dead of winter when your kitchen is otherwise too cold for the yeast to do their work.


Power settings between 100-400 watts are great for softening things like ice cream, butter, or cheese without instantly zapping them into liquids or, worse, zapping the edges into liquid while the center is still rock hard. Generally, any high fat or high sugar foods should be heated at this setting because those ingredients tend to overheat too quickly. You can also use this setting to finish simmering rice. Bring it to a boil on the high heat setting. Then, cover it, reduce the power to low and simmer it. No stove required!


Power settings between 400-500 watts are best for dairy and dense foods that need longer cook times but also burn easily. It provides a great “low and slow” environment for creating tender cuts of beef or pork or heating creamy soups.


Power settings between 500-800 watts is great for correcting an unevenly heated dish. If you zapped something on high and it came out scalding at the edges and ice cold in the center, reduce heat to medium-high and zap it again to get that center cooked without obliterating the already cooked edges. You can also use this to reheat bone-in meat like ribs or wings.


Power settings of 800 watts or higher are ideal for watery items like soups, drinks, canned foods, and so on. However, they need to be monitored constantly because they are prone to boiling over at a moment’s notice. They also need to be stirred frequently to ensure the liquid in the middle of the container is also getting heated. This is also a good setting for steaming veggies and popping popcorn.


It is important to put the time into research and comparison shopping when looking for the best microwave in Canada for your home. If you choose the right one, with the correct capacity and size for your needs and the right amount of power adjustability and extra features, this microwave could last you for years to come. So, it is worth taking that extra time to pick the right one and then putting in that extra effort to maintain it.

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