6 Best Natural Organic Mattresses In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

Best Natural Organic Mattresses In Canada

Organic mattresses are the best mattress type for environmentally-conscious consumers since they are made using natural, biodegradable materials and organic layers. They are produced sustainably and without any harmful chemicals or flame retardants and have a minimal environmental footprint. There are dozens of options out there, but we’ve rounded up some of the best natural organic mattresses in Canada to give you a narrower pool to choose from.

30-Second Review

The Tatami Mattress is our pick for the best natural organic mattress in Canada. It is made with all organic materials and is certified by both of the leading organic certifying bodies. It is made with several organic layers to provide superior quality, support, and comfort to the user. Whether you’re a chronic toss-and-turner or often wake up from inadequate support from your current mattress, the Tatami mattress is likely to improve your sleep.

While the mattress is less than a foot in thickness, it effectively supports any user, whether on their back or side during sleep. The top layer is soft and supple to contour nicely to the body and will conform to your curves to provide pressure point relief as well as provide lumbar support without compromising comfort. This soft but firm mattress with organic construction is a top contender for those with allergies or an ineffective mattress requiring an upgrade.

Best Natural Organic Mattresses In Canada 2021 –

NameSleep Trial PeriodWarrantyFirmness (Out Of 10)Price
1. Tatami Mattress120 Nights20 YearsSoft-firm$$$
2. Stratami Mattress120 Nights20 YearsMedium-firm$$$
3. Stratami Hybrid Mattress120 Nights10 YearsMedium-firm$$$
4. Dormeuse Mattress120 Nights20 YearsSoft-medium$$$$
5. Tatami Hybrid Mattress120 Nights10 YearsFirm$$$
6. Classic 8 Mattress120 Nights20 YearsMedium$$$$

Benefits Of Using An Organic Mattress


Organic mattresses are made using only natural materials and ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Since they don’t use cotton or fibre batting, they remain clean and often don’t allow dust mites that we don’t want anywhere near our bed.


Organic mattresses are completely natural and use only organic materials, making them much friendlier for the environment than the typical synthetic mattress that doesn’t use natural, eco-conscious materials. These mattresses are also made from biodegradable materials for a lower environmental impact.

Temperature Regulation

Organic mattresses are made of natural materials that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. They are naturally moisture-wicking to prevent shivers from sweat, and they often have pinholes that allow for better airflow between you, the mattress, and the surrounding air in the room.


Organic mattresses are naturally much cleaner than synthetic blends. They are mould resistant, anti-bacterial, and repel dust and dust mites that can irritate users. They almost always also come with an organic cover that helps maintain the cleanliness of the mattress. Many latex foams and organic materials are uninhabitable by creepy crawlies found in most synthetic mattress blends, meaning your mattress will continue to remain clean.

Long Lasting

Organic mattresses often last for 10 years or more, sometimes even more than 20 years. Organic mattresses with latex are more durable than other mattress types and don’t become compromised due to body fluids or dust. They are naturally supportive and resilient, so you’ll get excellent value for your money.

Firmness Options

Organic mattresses come in various firmness levels that will suit back, side, stomach, and combination sleepers of every weight and height. You can also choose your softness rating to customize your mattress to your preferences.

Best Natural Organic Mattresses Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. Tatami Mattress

Tatami Mattress

The Tatami mattress is made using all-natural Dunlop latex and organic materials from cover to base, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious people. This mattress does not use any harmful chemicals that are often found in ordinary mattresses, so it is a much healthier alternative to your old stale mattress. The foam of the mattress actively repels dust mites and other critters that can lower the mattress’s health rating, so you can be sure that it will last, stay healthy and clean for the foreseeable future.

The Tatami mattress has a soft-firm rating that is geared toward back and side sleepers over stomach sleepers. Combination sleepers will also enjoy the makeup of this organic mattress. The total thickness of the Tatami mattress is 8”. Made up of a 7” support foam layer as well as a 1” natural memory foam (hevea milk, organic essential oils, organic essential oils, plant extract, water) top layer. The organically-manufactured mattress cover that encases the Tatami mattress has a full zip so you can effortlessly remove it for cleaning as often as you’d like.

The firm foam support, combined with the natural memory foam top, provide comfortable contouring on top of excellent lumbar support. The natural memory foam is also a premium soft, offering greater comfort than many other memory foams out there. This mattress has enough of a cushion to mould to your body when on your side or back and will provide pressure point relief. A coiled support system in the support layer of the mattress offers a balanced feel as well as a firmer perimeter for increased edge support.

  • Removable cover for washing
  • Long warranty period
  • Excellent edge support
  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Made in Canada
  • Thinner than many other mattresses

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2. Stratami Mattress

Stratami Mattress

The Stratami mattress is a higher-end organic mattress that is a better option for back and stomach sleepers. This mattress has a higher firmness rating that will keep your hips aligned when on your stomach and maintain proper spinal alignment for better posture during sleep. The materials used to make the mattress are all organic, and the latex is a natural and sustainable resource for better eco-consciousness. The cover is organic, and the mattress is certified by both prestigious organic certifying bodies (GOTS and GOLS).

The Stratami mattress is relatively unique in its composition. The latex layer is zoned to be more supportive under the bulk of your weight but softer at the shoulders and feet to provide better relief to key areas. This zoning makes the mattress ideal for combination sleepers who toss and turn through multiple sleep positions throughout the night. There are a total of four layers in this mattress, including a dome-shaped top latex layer that facilitates airflow, contouring to the body, and pressure relief of high-stress areas like the hips.

This mattress does a fairly good job at motion isolation so that sound sleepers stay soundly asleep even with a restless partner. The thin top layer provides an excellent cushion for contouring but does not let you sink into the mattress too far, allowing you to easily adjust your position without falling too far into the mattress.

  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Zoned support
  • Long warranty period
  • Made in Canada
  • Thinner than many other mattresses

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3. Stratami Hybrid Mattress

Stratami Hybrid

The Stratami Hybrid mattress is manufactured with organic materials and meets the strict requirements for both the GOLS and GOTS organic certifications. The latex, foam, and cover are all organic and breathable to maintain your mattress’s optimal cleanliness over the years.

This mattress consists of a 1” natural memory foam top layer, a 2” active latex comfort foam layer, and an 8” thick support layer. The main structure of the support layer is made up of 8” coils for support that are uniformly arranged to provide equal support from edge to edge, corner to corner. The latex layer provides an outstanding balance of contouring, pressure point relief, and lumbar support in any sleep position you prefer. The cover is organic and removable for washing to help keep the mattress in excellent condition for longer.

This mattress doesn’t have any advanced cooling technologies beyond the average breathable cover and natural cooling properties of the latex. This hybrid mattress does perform well in most other categories and will work great for combination sleepers or couples. The Stratami hybrid stands out as one of the best for motion isolation thanks to both the natural memory foam and individually-wrapped coils in the support layer. You’ll be satisfied by the equally-prioritized support and comfort as well as the lasting cleanliness of the organic materials.

  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Pressure redistribution
  • Great edge support
  • Recycled steel coils for bounce and spring mattress feel
  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Made in Canada
  • Shorter warranty period

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4. Dormeuse Mattress

Dormeuse Mattress

The Dormeuse mattress is made of all-natural materials, including an organic cover, natural Dunlop latex, and memory foam. The top natural memory foam layer is 2” thick and is high-density for comfy support. This mattress has both the GOLS and GOTS certifications ensuring that it is organic from cover to cover, top to bottom. The cover actually repels dust and helps maintain your mattress’s cleanliness for a longer period of time.

The next layer is 4” of latex foam that provides a medium-firm surface to lie on for lumbar support. This layer provides support to the top layer and ensures the mattress will never bottom out. This mattress is only 8” thick, which is a bit on the thinner side, but it is incredibly effective. It features elevated elasticity that gives extra life to the latex foam and doesn’t use coils for support in order to prolong the life of the bed.

There is little to no motion transfer since there are no coils, and the memory foam acts as a buffer to motion transfer from a partner. This mattress is an excellent choice for hot sleepers as it will keep you up to 7 degrees cooler through your full 8 hours of sleep. The advanced support and contouring for pressure relief make this mattress one of the best for recovery after an injury or workout since it focuses support in the lower back and shoulder areas for superior support.

  • Perfect for recovery after exercise stress or injury
  • Significant cooling
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Long warranty period
  • Made in Canada
  • Thinner than many other mattresses
  • Most expensive organic mattress on our list

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5. Tatami Hybrid Mattress

Tatami Hybrid

The Tatami Hybrid mattress is certified by the GOLS and GOTS certifying bodies that verify its organic composition for healthy sleep. The cover is entirely organic and has a full zip that makes it easily removable to wash whenever needed. The steel coils found in the support layer are recycled to assist with this mattress’ sustainability and environmental impact, making it an excellent choice for people wishing to reduce their footprint and decrease the amount of chemicals in your home while still enjoying a comfortable and supportive bed.

The top layer of the Tatami Hybrid mattress consists of 1” of natural memory foam and 2” of organic latex for support. Though not extremely thick, it provides reasonable contouring and has a slower pressure response rate to deliver that enjoyable sinking feeling – though you won’t sink too far. The latex acts as a transition layer between the memory foam and coiled support system, so you don’t experience a drastic shift in feeling as you lie down. Below this layer lies an 8” support layer of steel coils for motion isolation and support.

The Tatami Hybrid mattress is excellent for back and stomach sleepers since it is firmer and keeps the hips and spine aligned. The firmness is also ideal for people who enjoy lying on top of a mattress rather than feeling like they are sinking into it. Motion transfer is minimal, and the edge support is average for a hybrid mattress.

  • Machine washable cover
  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Incredibly ergonomic
  • Recycled steel coils for spring mattress feel
  • Made in Canada
  • Shorter warranty period

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6. Classic 8 Mattress

Classic 8 Mattress

The Classic 8 mattress is equally suited to couples as it is to hot sleepers thanks to a variety of desirable technologies built into the mattress. Suppose you sleep with a restless partner or work different shifts and are often woken up by your partner getting in and out of bed. In that case, this medium mattress is an excellent choice since it limits motion transfer well enough that you won’t notice the movement on the other side of the bed.

The top layer of the mattress is 2” of Dunlop latex and memory foam for a soft and supple feel when you press into it with your hand. The support layer of the mattress is 6” thick for a total of 8” of mattress. This mattress is designed with channels for superior airflow that keep you cool by allowing for better airflow than your typical all-foam mattress. The top layer is thick and soft enough to provide excellent contouring to the body but is firm enough to still provide the necessary support and pressure relief to your joints and spine.

This mattress is made with natural and organic materials, from the cover to the latex and foam. The organic cover is stretchy and breathable to assist with temperature regulation as well as protect the mattress from dust and wear and tear. Plus, edge support in the Classic 8 mattress is top-notch, so you can sit or lie on the edge without losing the support you need.

  • Cooling technology
  • Supports spinal alignment
  • GOTS and GOLS certified
  • Limited motion transfer
  • Sleeps 3 degrees cooler than your body temperature over an 8-hour sleep cycle
  • Made in Canada
  • Thinner than many other mattresses
  • Expensive

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How To Choose Your Organic Mattress

How To Choose Your Organic Mattress


The firmness rating of the organic mattress you choose is very important for your quality of sleep. You should decide on a firmness level by considering your body type, sleeping position, and preference for sinking into the mattress vs. lying flat on top of it. The mattress should be both supportive and comfortable.


Whether 70% or 95% organic, natural and organic mattresses are much better for the environment than other mattress types. They are much more environmentally friendly and are made using sustainable resources, making them ideal for environmentally-conscious shoppers.


Perhaps the most crucial consideration for some when choosing a mattress is considering the price first and foremost. There is no sense in falling in love with a mattress, only to realize it is way outside of your budget. You should expect organic mattresses to be more expensive than synthetic all-foam mattresses, but the size of the mattress you need will also significantly affect the price tag.

Temperature Control

Organic mattresses are often made of latex or latex foam, which has natural cooling properties. Pinholes for airflow and a breathable cover also help maintain a lower sleeping temperature, so look for these extra cooling features if you tend to sleep hot or just prefer to be cooler overnight. Temperature control is also a useful tool for extending the mattress’s life since you’ll sweat less, and the mattress will have better airflow.


The number of layers in your organic mattress may not impact the bed’s effectiveness in terms of comfort and support, but it can affect the feel of the bed as a whole. Some mattresses only have two layers, a top layer and a support layer, while others may also include a transitional layer, a base layer, a pure latex layer, and more. Each layer serves a different purpose. You can expect mattresses with extra layers to be higher-quality and more effective with motion transfer, edge support, cooling, or something else.

Support System

The support system in your mattress will either be foam or steel coils. Foam is typically less supportive than coils but is better for motion transfer most of the time. On the other hand, steel coils are more supportive but have a more bounce feel than a traditional spring mattress.


Certifications should be a guarantee with your organic mattress. The GOLS and GOTS certifications ensure that you are receiving a natural and sustainably-sourced mattress. Though there are other certifications as well, these are the two main certifications you’ll want to look for. These certifications ensure that your mattress meets the important national and international standards and testing necessary for organic mattresses.


Your mattress warranty is vital since it is meant to last you for ten years or more. While some bed in a box mattresses in Canada only have a 10-year warranty, others will have a 20+ year guarantee for the mattress you choose. A more extended warranty means that the mattress is designed to remain supportive and comfortable for much longer, giving you better value for your money and protecting your investment at the same time.

Organic Mattress Certifications

There are several certifications that you can look for on a Canadian organic mattress. The most common certificates are the GOLS and GOTS certifications. GOLS standard for Global Organic Latex Standard and ensures that all organic latex mattresses are manufactured with at least 95% organic material.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and ensures that any cotton or wool covers are also organic. With this standard, there are two sub-standards for labelling. If “organic” the material must be 95% organic while “made with organic” claims must meet the standard of 70% organic material.

The last certification worth mentioning is the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which uses more than 100 parameters to verify that the mattress does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Why Is A Good Foundation Necessary for an Organic Mattress?

A foundation for your organic mattress is important for several reasons. The most obvious reason for a mattress foundation is so you can adjust the height of your mattress from the floor. A foundation will also support the foam layers in your mattress to extend the foam’s life and the mattress as a whole. A proper foundation will improve the airflow and circulation of the mattress, which may be extra important if your mattress does not have any pinholes or other avenues for improved air circulation.

A foundation also provides fabric-to-fabric contact between the mattress bottom and foundation top, so your mattress doesn’t run on a hard surface such as metal or wood and sustain greater wear and tear. A foundation can also add storage space to your bedroom while providing necessary support to the mattress, which is definitely a win-win situation. While a box spring or bed frame is a common choice for a mattress, you may want to opt for a higher-quality foundation, so it absorbs more movement, an essential feature when sleeping with a partner or pets.

Final Thoughts

Organic mattresses are superior to synthetic mattresses for a variety of reasons, and no matter which mattress you decide is right for you, you’ll no doubt notice a difference in your quality of sleep. These natural organic mattresses in Canada are a great choice for you or your children and will last for significantly longer than your last mattress did. We hope we’ve been able to help you find the perfect mattress for your needs and are glad we could make the search a little bit easier.

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