10 Best Refrigerators In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

Best Refrigerators In Canada - Review & Guide

A refrigerator is so much more than a place for you to store your groceries. Many of today’s modern refrigerators have elements that give you the best storage capabilities and will stay at optimum temperature for ensuring your food stays in its best condition for longer.

There are lots of things to consider before purchasing a new refrigerator for your home. This guide covers everything you need to know about buying a refrigerator online, including our summary of the best refrigerators in Canada, and what to look for in a great appliance.

30-Second Review

Our top choice for the best refrigerator in Canada is the Samsung RF220NCTASR 30-inch French Door Refrigerator. This tall refrigerator also comes with a bottom freezer, and offers all the innovative features of a high-quality product of its kind. Available in stainless steel, white, or black stainless steel, the Samsung refrigerator fits perfectly into your cabinet space and leaves room for overhead cabinets, even in smaller spaces. It has a digital inverter compressor to prevent heat from coming into the refrigerator, helping you to save energy and ultimately cut down on your electricity bill. The interior features a bin system for smarter storage, and the door uses extra wide guards to help you easily fit gallons of milk. The LED lighting allows you to easily see what is inside, without producing heat that could spoil food. This refrigerator is a great value for money at just over $1,000 – you certainly get a whole lot for what you pay for.

Best Refrigerators In Canada 2021 –

How To Know If You Need A New Refrigerator

If you have owned your refrigerator for more years than you can remember, it might be time to look into buying a new one. Even if you think that there is nothing wrong with the refrigerator you own now, you could be missing out by not replacing it with a modern alternative. If you do not know whether it is time to say goodbye to your current refrigerator, ask yourself the following questions:

How old is my refrigerator?

There is no set timeframe when you should replace your refrigerator, but you will most likely find that the older your refrigerator gets, the more prone it is to need repairs. If your refrigerator is less than 10 years old, it will most likely be worth fixing it yourself or paying for repairs. If your refrigerator is between 10 and 15 years old, or even older, you may be better investing in a new appliance rather than spending money on fixing your current one.

Is my refrigerator energy efficient?

You will find that the majority of the best refrigerators in Canada are Energy Star certified for energy efficiency. This means that they will not waste energy by over-generating heat while in operation, which will help you to save money on your bills. Older refrigerators can use up to twice the amount of energy as a new, energy-saving model, so if your refrigerator is old, it is seriously worth investing in a new one for the money you will save alone.

Is my refrigerator producing condensation?

Refrigerators need to be able to keep your food cool, even during the warmer summer months – that is their job. If your refrigerator is producing lots of condensation on its inside, this is a sign that it is struggling to cool properly. Take a look at the rubber seal around your refrigerator door. If it has drops of water, or worse, mildew, it may be time to replace your appliance.

Is my refrigerator taking a long time to cool foods?

A good test of your refrigerator’s cooling ability is to put a six-pack of soda inside it and see how long it takes to cool. If it takes longer to cool than usual, it is a sign that your refrigerator is not working as effectively as it used to. This also may mean that it is using more energy to do the same job as an energy-efficient alternative. As a result, your food may spoil more quickly, and you will lose money through energy waste.

Best Refrigerators Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. Samsung RF220NCTASR 30-inch French Door Refrigerator

Samsung RF220NCTASR 30-inch French Door Refrigerator

The Samsung 30-inch W 21.6 cu. ft. is a refrigerator that offers a robust 21.6 cu. ft. of interior space, at 30 inches wide. With bright LED interior lighting, this fridge is easy to view and organize inside, and it features a wide-open pantry that offers plenty of room for oversized food items that may not fit anywhere else. This fridge is fairly small in size, but its space-saving features do not make it feel that way. It also features an ice maker in the freezer, so you can always have ice cubes on hand when you want them.

Inside the refrigerator are two humidity-controlled crispers, which help to keep your fruits and vegetables organized and accessible. The shelves are made from tempered glass, which makes cleaning leaks and spills much easier. There is an auto pull-out upper freezer drawer, which automatically slides open for your convenience, and the fridge’s door is CoolTight, preventing cool air from escaping, helping the unit to maintain optimal internal temperatures and keep food fresh for longer.

  • Bright interior lighting makes it easy to view foods inside
  • Space-saving features
  • Easy-clean tempered glass shelves
  • Auto pull-out upper freezer door
  • CoolTight door to prevent air from escaping
  • May not be big enough for larger families

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2. Whirlpool WRF560SFHZ 30-inch French Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool WRF560SFHZ 30-inch French Door Refrigerator

The Whirlpool 30-inch W 20 cu. ft. is a refrigerator and freezer with an easy-to-clean, fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish. With humidity-controlled crispers that provide adjustable humidity control, this refrigerator provides you with a dedicated storage option to keep your fresh food at optimum humidity levels. You can easily move the adjustable gallon-sized bins to anywhere in the refrigerator’s door to allow you to store items of different shapes and sizes to your preference. There are also features for flexibility inside the body of the fridge, with a partial-width adjustable fold-away shelf to help to create more space for tall items.

Using a patented FreshFlow produce preserver, the Whirlpool keeps fruits and veggies in the best environment to help it to stay fresher longer. The fridge’s glass shelves contain spills and make cleanup easier, preventing liquids from leaking onto the shelves below. Inside the unit, the LED lighting makes it easy to see both your fresh and frozen food, casting a more natural light on the contents of the unit without producing heat. You should be able to easily store wide items like party platters and sheet cakes in the full-width drawer, and the Adaptive Defrost adapts to help save energy, only running the defrost cycle when it senses it is necessary.

  • Easy-clean stainless steel finish
  • Humidity-control crispers for freshness
  • Several space-saving, flexible features
  • Easy-clean glass shelves
  • Natural LED lighting
  • Does not run very quietly
  • No digital temperature readings

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3. Frigidaire FFTR1821TS 30-inch Top Freezer Refrigerator

Frigidaire FFTR1821TS 30-inch Top Freezer Refrigerator

The Frigidaire 30-inch W 18 cu. ft. is a refrigerator that features 2 Store-More Humidity-Controlled crisper drawers, which help to keep a larger amount of fruits and vegetables fresh. There is also a Store-More gallon door shelf, which gives you room for larger items up to a gallon in size. If you like to keep things simple, you will appreciate the single knob control inside the refrigerator for easy temperature management. There are 2 full width sliding glass shelves in the fresh food compartment, which you can organize to suit your storage needs.

With a large 14.1 cu. ft. capacity, the Frigidaire has the space to keep foods organized, while the slightly smaller 3.98 cu. ft. freezer capacity gives you room for storing frozen foods. There is also a dairy compartment with a clear dairy door, which is the ideal location for storing your butter and cheeses. The unit’s bright lighting makes it easy to see what is inside, even when you have a full fridge.

  • Large humidity-controlled crisper drawers
  • Simple knob for controlling the temperature
  • Room for up to 1-gallon item storage in door
  • Separate dairy compartment
  • Great value for money
  • Fairly loud operation

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4. GE GWE19JSLSS 33-inch French Door Refrigerator

GE GWE19JSLSS 33-inch French Door Refrigerator

The GE 33-inch 18.6 cu. ft. is a stainless steel refrigerator that offers a built-in look by fitting nearly flush with your kitchen’s surrounding cabinetry. It features an internal water dispenser that delivers clean, cool, filtered water with the touch of a button. There is also a factory-installed icemaker with a water filtration system, and the fridge comes ready to automatically create filtered ice for your convenience. The LED lights provide crisp, clear lighting to help you find exactly what you are looking for, and the 2 humidity-controlled drawers and 1 full-width adjustable-temperature drawer give you more space and flexibility for storing your foods.

One of the best features of the GE is its Turbo Cool setting, which adjusts the fridge’s interior temperature to maintain freshness after it has been frequently opened. The multi-level freezer baskets help to keep your frozen foods organized and easy to find, and the upfront temperature controls with actual temperature display make it easy to read the unit’s temperature and adjust as necessary. Finally, the Quick Space shelf can be slid out of the way to make room for any taller items.

  • Internal water dispenser and icemaker
  • Crisp, clear LED lighting
  • 2 humidity-controlled drawers
  • Multi-level freezer baskets
  • Easy-read temperature controls and display
  • Limited space
  • Freezer ice tray takes up a lot of room

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5. Whirlpool WRS312SNHM 33-inch Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool WRS312SNHM 33-inch Side by Side Refrigerator

The Whirlpool 33-inch 22 cu. ft. is a side by side fridge with a fairly large 21.7 cu. ft. capacity that helps you fit all of your refrigerated products, thanks to the unit’s purposefully designed storage spaces. It is easy to clean up messes with this refrigerator’s spill-proof glass shelves, which help to contain spills and prevent liquids from leaking into the items or shelving below. You can store fruits and vegetables in the best environment for long-lasting freshness with the unit’s humidity-controlled crisper.

For increased loading flexibility whenever and wherever you need it, you can move the adjustable gallon bins anywhere in the door. Another thing that can be easily adjusted is your refrigerator’s temperature settings, which you can change using the accessible electronic controls. Additionally, the Whirlpool features adaptive defrost, a setting that automatically monitors the freezer environment and runs the defrost cycle only when it senses it is necessary.

  • Fairly large capacity
  • Purposefully designed storage spaces
  • Easy-clean shelves
  • Humidity-controlled crisper
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Does not have many advanced features

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6. LG Electronics LTNC11131V 24-inch Top Freezer Refrigerator

LG Electronics LTNC11131V 24-inch Top Freezer Refrigerator

The LG Electronics 24-inch W 11 cu. ft. is a refrigerator with a top freezer that comes in platinum silver. It uses electronic temperature controls that are designed to maintain humidity and temperature levels to help keep your food fresher for longer, as well as handy digital sensors that constantly monitor conditions inside the refrigerator to keep things cool.

There are LED panels located on the back of the refrigerator that provide a bright interior, helping you to see your produce inside while saving energy over traditional lighting. With rounded doors, a curved handle and a platinum finish, this refrigerator is designed to look smart in any kitchen. It also boasts a range of useful interior features, like humidity-controlled crispers, which help to make the LG Electronics as practical and functional as possible. At less than $1,000, this fridge is a great value for money for people with smaller budgets.

  • Smart exterior design
  • Electronic temperature controls
  • Digital sensors to monitor conditions inside
  • Humidity-controlled crispers
  • Great value for money
  • Only features more basic functions

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7. Frigidaire Gallery FGSC2335TF 36-inch Side by Side Refrigerator

Frigidaire Gallery 36-inch Side by Side Refrigerator

The Frigidaire Gallery 36-inch W 22 cu. ft. is a side by side refrigerator that meets minimum DOE standards for energy efficiency. With a tall water and ice dispenser, this refrigerator makes it easy to fill water bottles and pitchers with cool, fresh drinking water, and eliminates the need to fill an ice tray. The fridge also filters water, giving you access to cleaner, better-tasting water. You can easily select your preferences using the LED control panel, which features 11 buttons including Ice, Crushed Ice, Water, Dispenser Light, Dispenser Lock and Filter Change Indicator.

Inside the refrigerator, there is Energy Saver Plus Technology, which enables the appliance to automatically switch into an energy-saving mode if it has not been opened for 24 hours. There are two adjustable sliding shelves, as well as 1 fixed shelf, which have a SpillSafe design to help contain spills, preventing drips and overspill and making clean-up easier. The Store-More humidity-controlled crisper drawers keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer, and give you a convenient place to store and organize your sandwich meats and cheeses. The fridge has a large 14.1 cu. ft. fresh food capacity, while the freezer capacity it 8 cu. ft.

  • Energy efficient
  • Water and ice dispenser, plus water filter
  • LED control panel for convenient selection of options
  • Energy Saver Plus technology to help you save money
  • SpillSafe shelving
  • Higher in cost than similar products
  • Quite noisy at times

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8. Frigidaire FFTR1814TW 30-inch Top Freezer Refrigerator

Frigidaire FFTR1814TW 30-inch Top Freezer Refrigerator

The Frigidaire 30-inch W 18 cu. ft. is a refrigerator with a top freezer that comes with an optional icemaker, which gives you an instant supply of ice and eliminates the need to fill ice trays. There is a simple single-knob control inside this unit to help you to quickly and easily control the temperature. With 2 full width sliding wire shelves, you can arrange the interior of the fridge to suit your needs. At the bottom of the appliance is a humidity-controlled crisper drawer that keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh. There is also plenty of door storage, including 3 full-width racks that give you room for larger items up to a gallon in size.

This refrigerator features a large 14.13 cu. ft. fresh food capacity, providing the space to keep foods organized, along with a smaller 4.07 cu. ft. freezer capacity. Similar to the fridge’s layout, there are 2 full-width freezer door racks and 1 half-width shelf, which give you more usable space and greater flexibility with organization. The fridge has its own designated dairy compartment that is ideal for storing the likes of cheese and butter, and the exterior black cabinet and door with textured silver mist finish gives a modern, refined look that works well in almost every kitchen.

  • Single knob for simple temperature control
  • Sliding wire shelves
  • Humidity-controlled crisper
  • Plenty of door storage
  • Modern, refined design
  • Icemaker comes at additional price
  • Freezer space is quite small

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9. Frigidaire Gallery FGHG2368TF 36-inch French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire Gallery FGHG2368TF 36-inch French Door Refrigerator

The Frigidaire Gallery 36-inch W 22.4 cu. ft. is a stainless steel refrigerator that is Energy Star qualified to meet energy efficiency guidelines and help you to save money year-round. It features an icemaker, which is located in the freezer on the left side, and uses filtered water, eliminating the need to fill ice trays. The adjustable shelves are a SpillSafe design, helping to contain spills and enable you to load your fridge to your requirements. There is an LED control panel that features 5 options including quick ice, display light, high temp alert, door ajar alert and filter change indicator, helping you to get more out of the fridge at just a touch of a button.

Inside the fridge, the temperature control management system uses a multi-flow air system to help keep foods fresh for longer. There is also a cool zone drawer, which provides enough space to easily store larger items and platters, as well as 2 crisper drawers with humidity control for storing your fruits and veggies. Inside the door storage, you will find a covered dairy compartment, 2 bins, 1 fixed door bin and 2 adjustable clear door bins, offering storage space for those larger items. The freezer drawer glides out fully, giving you easy access to the 2 full-width baskets inside.

  • Energy Star qualified
  • Icemaker with filtered water
  • SpillSafe shelves
  • LED control panel
  • Plenty of flexible storage options
  • Sometimes a little noisy

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10. Whirlpool WRB543CMJZ 24-inch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Whirlpool WRB543CMJZ 24-inch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The Whirlpool is a refrigerator with a bottom freezer that allows you to conveniently store your essentials. It has an Energy Star rating for efficiency, so you can rest assured that using this freezer will help you to save money and do your bit for the environment in the long run. With a 13 cu. ft. capacity, the Whirlpool is an ideal size for a small family or a couple, and has enough room to store a minimum weeks’ worth of food. Thanks to its stainless steel design and understated control panel, the Whirlpool has a clean, sleek modern look for any kitchen, can easily be wiped clean, and is less likely to show up marks like fingerprints.

With flexi-slide door bins, the Whirlpool makes it easy to store large bottles, cartons and cans in the doors of the refrigerator. You can adjust the bins to suit the size of the items you are storing, and remove them to store those bigger items. There is also an infinity slide shelf and adjustable hide shelf inside the refrigerator itself, both of which can be altered to suit your storage needs. Additionally, the drink loft overhead storage provides that extra bit of room for your additional items, and the factory-installed icemaker provides the option for ice on tap whenever you may need it.

  • Great for small families, singles and couples
  • Very good value for money
  • Interior shelving and door shelving can be adjusted to suit your storage preferences
  • Factory installed ice maker for convenience
  • Energy Star certified
  • Not ideal for people looking for a larger freezer space
  • Drink loft overhead storage takes up valuable space; may not be necessary for all users

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Features To Look For In A Refrigerator

Features To Look For In A Refrigerator

Gone are the days when your refrigerator could only provide basic storage of your foods. There are now a whole host of features that are worth looking out for in a refrigerator, including:

Door Style

The type of door you opt for on a refrigerator is more important than you might first think. Consider what works best for you, and, if anything, what is more convenient. Many people opt for French door style, with side by side doors that open outwards, for the easiest access to their food without needing to open the entire fridge.

Door Locks And Alarms

We might not all need to lock up our refrigerators and fit them with alarms, but families with young children may consider these important safety features for their home. A door lock can prevent little hands from swinging the door hinge and potentially getting trapped, while alarms can sound if a door has been left open after a specific period of time.

Shelving Options

One of the most important features of a refrigerator is the shelving. You need to be able to adjust shelving to suit the foods you buy and store regularly. Many refrigerators allow you to adjust your shelving to accommodate for bigger or smaller items on specific shelves. Equally as important is the storage basket at the bottom. If you are a big fan of fruit and veggies, for example, having a storage basket that is big enough to hold all of your produce is essential.

Ice Makers

A lot of the best refrigerators in Canada feature ice makers as a given, which you may appreciate if you enjoy the convenience of being able to grab some ice cubes for your drinks whenever you feel like it. Many refrigerators now feature hidden ice makers on their outsides, rather than taking up valuable inside space. This also means that you will not need to open up your fridge every time you want to get some ice, which is quite handy.

Temperature Controls

We all hopefully know the importance of keeping our refrigerator temperature at or below 40° F (4° C), while our freezer temperature should be 0° F (-18° C). Modern refrigerators and freezers should be able to maintain their temperatures no matter what the outside temperature, but many will still allow you to alter the temperature to your taste if you ever have reason to.


Refrigerators are a lot more impressive than they were back in the day. You can now purchase a refrigerator that looks incredibly smart, and acts it, too. The best refrigerators in Canada can provide everything you could possibly need for effective food storage. You can find some great value items available at the moment, and when you consider their energy-saving potential, you can quite easily save a lot of money from making an initial investment.

Just remember to do your own research on a product before you make a purchase, and keep in mind the things that matter to you most. Ultimately, you want a refrigerator that you can use practically on a daily basis, whatever that might look like to you.

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