8 Best Snow Shovels In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

Best Snow Shovels In Canada

If you want to quickly and easily free your driveway of snow in the winter, you need to find yourself a good snow shovel. The best snow shovels in Canada are designed to help you get rid of snow build-ups without too much effort or back strain. They make the chore of shovelling snow much quicker and less painful, helping you to save time and get on with the things that matter most.

Snow shovels are the more affordable option when compared to other methods of snow removal. They may seem a little “old school,” but there is a reason why they have stuck around for so long – because they are really effective at what they are intended for.

30-Second Review

Our top pick for the best snow shovel in Canada is the Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Snow Shovel. This tool is designed to help you “shovel smarter, not harder,” by reducing the strain on your back and significantly lessen your snow clearing efforts. It allows you to use your upper body’s powerful muscles to do all the lifting and throwing, sending lifting leverage to the lower hand and helping to reduce back strain massively. Being spring-loaded and ergonomic, the shovel captures the expended energy from the act of throwing the snow, preventing you from absorbing the force of the motion.

Best Snow Shovels In Canada 2021 –

Why Invest In A Good Snow Shovel?

Snow shovels crop up everywhere when winter hits, and it can be tempting to buy the cheapest shovel on offer in your local DIY store. But investing in a decent snow shovel has its benefits, including:

Simple to use

There is virtually no skill needed to use a snow shovel. You can simply take it out of storage, no need to plug it in or put it together, and get started on clearing your driveway immediately. Anyone can use a snow shovel, including children and older adults, as they are not dangerous to use or even particularly difficult.

Provide a quick solution

If you wake up to discover fresh snowfall has blocked your drive, but you need to get to work in the next half-hour, a snow shovel can help you clear your snow with speed. It takes just minutes to shovel snow away from a medium-sized front driveway, helping you to get on with your day without putting you behind.

Suitable for all clearance requirements

Snow shovels come in multiple sizes and builds so that you can choose the best one for your clearance needs. For instance, if you just need to shovel a safe walking path to your front gate, a small snow shovel will do the job fine. For full drive clearances, on the other hand, a wider snow shovel with a more significant surface area will help you to get the job done faster.

They last for years on end

The saying “buy cheap, buy twice” definitely applies to snow shovels. You will get much more value for money from spending that little bit more on one of the best snow shovels in Canada. A snow shovel with quality components that are designed to withstand harsh temperatures and are highly shock-proof will prevent cracking, splitting or chipping and ensure your shovel has a long lifespan that will last you many years.

Best Snow Shovels Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Snow Shovel

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel | 18-Inch | Spring Assisted Handle

The Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 is an ergonomic snow shovel that lets you work to quickly and easily get snow out of your way. This shovel is not a traditional build, and there is no need to suffer the effects of heavy lifting while using it to clear snow. The Shovelution helps to reduce effort and strain when shovelling snow, and can prevent the risk of injury that often comes with using a more basic shovel.

With the Shovelution, you can simply use the muscles of your upper body to do the lifting and throwing, rather than putting the force on your lower back, where damage can be done. The design of the shovel allows you to send the lifting leverage to the lower hand, enabling you to lift more and throw further. The blade of the Shovelution is durable and impact-resistant, while not being too heavy to lift, thanks to its plastic design with an aluminum-wear strip. The 18-inch shovel blade is wide enough to clear a good amount of snow with every shovel, saving you time on the job.

  • Ergonomic design prevents strain or injury
  • Impact-resistant design improves shovelling efficiency
  • Lightweight, durable blade
  • Clears a lot of snow per shovel
  • Durable aluminum wear-strip
  • Not strong enough to get under packed snow
  • Fairly shallow scoop

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2. Snow Joe 24V-SS10 10-Inch Snow Shovel

Snow Joe 24V-SS10 24-Volt 10-Inch 4-Ah Cordless Snow Shovel, Kit (w/4-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)

The Snow Joe 24V-SS10 is a cordless snow shovel that is powered by a 24-volt battery system, delivering up to 25 minutes of runtime to quickly clear snow from your home’s porch, sidewalk, patio, steps and more. Weighing less than 10 pounds, this electric snow shovel is ideal for people who are looking for a no-pain snow shovelling experience. Despite its lightness, the Snow Joe 24V-SS10 is powerful enough to blast through up to 560 pounds of snow before needing a recharge, ensuring that you can get plenty of use out of it per charge.

With a dual-handle design, the Snow Joe 24V-SS10 prevents the need to bend and strain while you shovel snow. This makes snow shovelling a much more comfortable and easy experience, preventing the risk of injury. The shovel’s 2-blade high-impact, low-temperature paddle auger throws snow up to 20 feet, and can cut a 10 inch by 6 inch path, helping you to get the job done faster.

  • Lightweight design
  • 25 minutes of running time
  • Cordless for convenience
  • Throws snow up to 20 feet
  • Dual-handle design prevents bending and straining
  • Handle would be better if it was adjustable
  • Battery life may not be long enough for larger snow clearances

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3. Garant YSP30D Yukon 30-Inch Snow Pusher

Garant YSP30D Yukon 30-Inch Steel Blade D-Grip Snow Pusher - Blue

The Garant YSP30D is a snow pusher that enables you to easily push snow away from large surfaces. It features a 30-inch blade, which is designed from a single piece of high-quality steel, intended for effective snow pushing and durability. The Garant is also equipped with steel reinforcements, to help increase strength and rigidity. Additionally, the varnished hardwood handle is designed to absorb shock, making the whole shovel ideal for handling large amounts of compact snow.

You can use the Garant to remove snow from the hardest surfaces, and its D-grip handle easily accommodates a gloved hand. The Garant is slightly higher in value than other shovels, but you certainly get what you pay for. If you would rather use a steel shovel over plastic for durability, the Garant is the ideal snow pusher for you.

  • Made from high-quality steel
  • Strong and efficient
  • Effective at shock absorbing
  • Designed to last
  • Good for moving heavy or compacted snow
  • Not ideal for those looking for a lightweight shovel

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4. Garant GKPP15D12 Kids 15-Inch Snow Pusher

Garant GKPP15D12 Kids 15-Inch Poly Blade Snow Pusher - Assorted Colors

If you are looking for a way to get your kids involved in this winter’s snow clearance chores, the Garant GKPP15D12 is ideal for them. This colourful snow shovel is suitable for boys and girls alike, with several colours – pink, red and blue – to choose from. While the shovels are obviously not ideal for quick and efficient snow shovelling, they are great for making your children feel part of your snow clearing duties, even in a small way.

The Garant snow shovel is made of a single piece of polyethylene, making it lightweight, safe and perfect for children ages three and up. The D-grip handle of the shovel makes grasping easier for little hands, preventing slipping during shovelling.

  • Comes in several fun colours
  • Lightweight and suitable for use by children
  • Encourages family bonding
  • Sade and easy to use
  • Easy-hold D-grip handle
  • Fairly expensive for what it is
  • No option to choose a colour

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5. COFIT 43-Inch Retractable Snow Shovel

COFIT 43" Retractable Snow Shovel, Aluminium Alloy Snow Sand Mud Removal Tool for Car Outdoor Camping and Garden, Detachable Four-Piece Construction, Black

The COFIT is an aluminum snow shovel with multipurpose use – for clearing snow or moving mud or sand in the garden. With a retractable handle, the maximum length of the COFIT is approximately 43 inches, or 110 centimetres. You can adjust the handle to the perfect length for you, allowing you to shovel snow without having to bend and put a strain on your back. Made from a thick superior aluminum alloy with stable connections, the COFIT can withstand more than 90 pounds in weight, and is strong enough for use on heavy or compacted snow.

Despite its solid metal build, the COFIT has been designed to be lightweight and labour-saving. It weighs only 740 grams, which is about one-third of the weight of a standard steel shovel. The shovel is detachable, with a maximum length of one piece being just under 15 inches. This makes it suitable for storing away in tight spaces or taking with you in a car trunk or under a seat. The surface of the COFIT is smooth and less likely to suffer scraping damage during use, thanks to its advanced coating, which remains intact even after sand shovelling.

  • Multipurpose use – not just snow shovelling
  • Retractable handle for height adjustment
  • Detachable for storage
  • Coated to prevent chipping
  • Lightweight, strong design
  • Some wobble in the retractable handle

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6. Manplow PRO42 PRO Snow Pusher

Manplow PRO42 PRO Snow Pusher, 42"

The Manplow PRO42 is an extra-wide snow pusher that is designed to make easy work of even the heaviest snowfalls. Featuring a lightweight aluminum U-handle with a comfort grip, the Manplow is easy to carry, hold, and prevents slippage during shovelling. It uses Manplow’s EZ Glide Edge, which ensures that the shovel blade is durable enough to clear snow from aggregate, broken concrete or gravel surfaces without scratching or damaging wood or composite decking material as you would experience with a steel edge.

With a wide bottom, the blade of this snow pusher can skim deep snow in manageable horizontal layers. With a durable design, you can rest assured that you will be able to use the Manplow season after season. The EZ Glide Edge is replaceable, so when it is starting to look worn (after approximately 300 to 350 shovelling hours), you can buy a new one rather than splashing out on a whole new shovel.

  • Extra-wide – suitable for large drives
  • Easy to carry and hold
  • Durable but non-damaging blade
  • Durable design
  • Replaceable shovel edge
  • Does not come included with a grab bar (optional paid extra from manufacturer)

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7. Lifeline First Aid AAA 4002 Snow Shovel

Lifeline First Aid AAA 4005 Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel, Blue

The Lifeline is an aluminum snow shovel that helps you to be prepared for unexpected weather while you are out and about in your car. Shovels come in six colours – black, olive, orange, yellow, blue and red – and each colour is treated with a high-quality powder coating process to ensure it stays bright and vivid, even after being exposed to the elements.

Constructed from a durable, lightweight, high-quality aluminum, the Lifeline shovel is designed to be easily disassembled into three pieces for great portability, making it a suitable accessory to keep in your car or even your backpack during the winter. When assembled, the shovel adjusts from 25 to 35 inches, so you can modify the height to suit your height, which will help you maintain the correct shovelling posture. At only 1.3 pounds, the shovel is lightweight and easy to use by everyone.

  • Comes in bright, stand-out colours
  • Made from durable aluminum
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Height can be modified from 25 to 35 inches
  • Can be disassembled into three pieces
  • D-shaped handle would provide more comfort and grip

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8. Garant APSS22 35-L Sleigh Shovel

Garant APSS22 35-L Sleigh Shovel with Footstep and Steel Wear Strip

The Garant is a sleigh shovel with an extra-wide 22-inch scoop, allowing you to move large quantities of snow with ease. It has a profiled handle for stability when you are pushing, allowing you to shovel snow without bending your back and using unnecessary strain. The extra-wide footstep allows for increased digging power, and the poly scoop is nice and lightweight, but is designed with a galvanized steel wear strip that increases resistance to wear. The steel strip also makes it easier to remove stubborn ice from surfaces.

You can assemble the Garant within minutes, with no tools required. Its sleigh design allows you to shovel a single width or length of your drive in one long push, preventing the need for lots of bending and stretching. You can simply walk forward and tip the snow to the side when you have reached the end of your path. Though the Garant is huge and bulky in size, it is incredibly easy to use.

  • Extra-wide scoop for convenience
  • No lifting required
  • Time-saving
  • Steel strip for removing tough ice
  • Stable when pushing
  • Not the most aesthetically appealing

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What To Consider When Buying A Snow Shovel

What To Consider When Buying A Snow Shovel

There are hundreds of snow shovels available on the market today, so it is useful to go into your purchase with some background knowledge and an idea of what you are looking for. Consider the following before you make a snow shovel buying decision:


There are three popular types of snow shovels:

  • Push
  • Traditional
  • Combination

Push shovels have a curved blade that works more like a manual, hand-held plow to move snow out of your path. Traditional snow shovels are more suited to lifting snow off the ground, while combination snow shovels have a scoop design that makes them suitable for doing a bit of both.


While a large snow shovel may seem like a better choice, this is not always the case. Keep in mind that a larger shovel will be heavier to lift when fully loaded with snow. It will also weigh more when carrying it with no snow. If you are short and slender, a larger, heavier snow shovel will not work in your favour.

Blade material

You can find snow shovels with plastic blades, metal blades, and a combination of both plastic and metal. Plastic blades are much more lightweight and are flexible and easy to manoeuvre, but they become damaged more easily and are not suitable for cutting through ice. Metal blades are much stronger and more durable, though they are also heavier and more difficult to handle. Blades that combine both plastic and metal are usually fully plastic apart from something called a wear strip, which is a metal piece attached to the end of the blade. This helps the blade to cut through ice, while still giving you the lightness of a plastic blade.


There is a growing trend of ergonomic handle amongst the best snow shovels in Canada. These handles bend at an angle towards the top of the handle, preventing the need for bending over during snow shovelling and helping to prevent injury. You can also find snow shovels with retracting handles, which can be more easily stored away, and wheeled handles, which again offer a much easier snow shovelling experience with a reduced risk of injury.


Whether your old shovel is past its best or you have just moved into a property with an outdoor space, if you live in an area of Canada that experiences frequent snowfall, a good quality snow shovel should be one of your essential winter tools. The best snow shovels in Canada can help you to quickly clear away snow with very little time or effort required.

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