8 Best Vacuum Sealers In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

Best Vacuum Sealers In Canada

Vacuum sealers are an incredibly useful tool with applications in every room of your home. If you throw away spoiled food every week or are too afraid to open your linen closet because it’s stuffed to the brim and will bury you alive if you open it, a vacuum sealer is a lifeline you’ve been looking for. We’ve prepared a detailed guide with a list of the best vacuum sealers in Canada for you to peruse at your leisure. If that’s not enough, we also fully educate you about everything you need to know to choose the right one.

30-Second Review

The Geryon 5700 is our top pick for the best vacuum sealer in Canada. A high-quality choice at an affordable price, making for an incredibly balanced product that can perform all the versatile functions you need from a vacuum sealer. The Geryon 5700 model is very beginner-friendly with simple controls and one-touch operation for greater efficiency.

This vacuum sealer has a hose for a variety of applications and is compatible with a variety of bag types of any brand and size up to 12” in width. This sealer is a very effective tool and delivers a fast and reliable seal for any food type. This stylish vacuum sealer will easily become one of your new favourite toys due to its ease of use, versatility, and portability.

Best Vacuum Sealers In Canada 2021 –

1. GERYON 5700 Vacuum Sealer- Vacuum bags/rolls
- Sealable containers
2. FoodSaver FM2100-33H Vacuum Sealing System- Vacuum bags/rolls
- Sealable containers
3. FoodSaver V4400 2-in-1 Fridge and Freezer Preservation System- Vacuum bags/rolls
- Sealable containers
- Freshsaver zipper bags
- Quick Marinator
4. FoodSaver FFS005-033 Vacuum Sealer- Vacuum bags/rolls
- Sealable containers
5. GERYON E2900 Vacuum Sealer- Vacuum bags/rolls
- Sealable containers
6. Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00 Precision Vacuum Sealer- Vacuum bags/rolls
7. Nesco VS-12 Vacuum Sealer- Vacuum bags/rolls
8. Salton SmartSealer 2-in-1 Handheld Bag Sealer and Cutter- Chip bags and other snack bags
- Vacuum bags/rolls

Benefits Of Using A Vacuum Sealer

Extend the Life of Your Food

Vacuum sealing is the easiest way to extend the life of your perishable and non-perishable foods. Vacuum sealed food in your cupboard can last for 3 years or longer, and meats, dairy, and fruits and veggies in your fridge will last significantly longer if they aren’t affected by oxidation. You won’t have mouldy or spoiled foods after only a few days of sitting in your fridge.

Prevent Freezer Burn

Freezer burn occurs when air comes into contact with water crystals around food. By vacuum sealing before freezing, you prevent air contact with the food so your food remains fresh and maintains a delicious taste and texture.

Save Money by Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk is one of the easiest ways to reduce waste, save money, and stock up on regularly consumed foods. Buying family packs and taking advantage of deals on two or more items of a product gives you a way better value for your dollar, and when vacuum sealed, it will all last for as long as you need while staying fresh rather than going stale. No more worrying about how to possibly use it all up before it goes bad!

Year-Round Freshness

If it is important to you to buy local Canadian produce but crave those strawberries all year round, you can vacuum seal them, freeze them, and thaw them out through the entire off-season so you can enjoy fresh fruit and veggies every week of the year.

Eliminate Preservatives and Chemicals

Having a vacuum sealer in your home allows you to purchase fresh products and extend their shelf/fridge life without adding any chemicals or preservatives. Nearly everything you buy pre-packaged will have some mixture of unwanted chemicals to make it last longer, but you can ditch the preservatives with a vacuum sealer when you buy fresh, unpackaged meats and produce.

Increased Storage Space

Vacuum sealers aren’t only used for food. You can vacuum seal clothes, pillows and blankets, and a whole lot more to save space in your closet, garage, and other storage spaces for a tidier, efficient storage system no matter how much crap you have.

Best Vacuum Sealers Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. GERYON 5700 Vacuum Sealer

GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, Professional Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Stainless Steel Cover for food savers & Sous Vide, Include Starter Bags&Roll, Sliver

The Geryon 5700 vacuum sealer is a lightweight and portable machine, weighing in at only 3 lbs and fitting nicely in 99% of kitchen drawers. One-touch controls make it incredibly easy to control and customize your vacuum sealing in an efficient manner. An indicator light guides you through the process, signalling when the bag or container is effectively vacuumed out and ready to be sealed. A stop button gives you the option of stopping the vacuum process to protect softer, more sensitive foods. For foods or other products that can’t stand up to vacuum pressure, you can use the seal only option to seal without vacuuming first.

The seal bar on this vacuum sealer is a lengthy 12” that can easily seal any type and size of vacuum seal bag you choose to use – off-brand bags ranging from one quart to one gallon are no problem! This machine is quite versatile and can effectively vacuum and seal, dry and moist foods as well as any household belongings since it comes with a convenient suction hose for more awkward packages. Also included with the Geryon 5700 vacuum sealer are 5 heat seal bags measuring 20x30cm as well as a roll of bags measuring 20x200cm so you can make custom large and small bags at a moment’s notice.

  • Can be used to vacuum seal bags and containers
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Can seal moist, dry, and delicate foods due to individual seal and stop buttons
  • No automatic bag detection

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2. FoodSaver FM2100-33H Vacuum Sealing System

FoodSaver FM2100-33H Vacuum Sealing System with Handheld Fresh Sealer & Bonus Roll, Black

The FoodSaver FM2100-33H vacuum sealer is a bit larger and heavier at 6 lbs but offers several advantages over smaller models. There is a built-in roll cutter on the machine so you can more easily create custom-sized bags off of a roll to vacuum seal nearly any sized item, leftovers, and fully-cooked meals with ease. Your frozen items will last as long as 3 years with the super effective seal delivered by the stronger seal bar, and though the machine is larger, it significantly reduces bag waste compared to other models so you can get more out of your bags, reseal your vacuum seal bags more times, and ultimately save money when buying bags less frequently.

This effective vacuum sealer uses dual heat-sealing strips rather than a single strip, doubling the effectiveness of the machine since even if one seal fails, you have a second seal as a backup to guarantee that your food or other belongings are sealed and protected even against extreme circumstances or fluke seal failures. This machine comes with an 11x10in roll, two 1-gallon bags, a suction hose, and three 1-quart bags so you can get started immediately. This sealer is compatible with fresh containers as well as FoodSaver zipper bags, but cannot be used with off-brand products. The FoodSaver FM2100-33H vacuum sealer is a more expensive, higher-end model and will last much longer than lower-end options.

  • Has a built-in bag cutter
  • Dual heat-sealing strips
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Pricey

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3. FoodSaver V4400 2-in-1 Fridge and Freezer Preservation System

FoodSaver 2-in-1 Fridge and Freezer Preservation System - V4400 Automatic Vacuum Sealer, Stainless Steel/Black

The FoodSaver V4400 2-in-1 vacuum sealer is incredibly durable, sure to last you for many years to come. The vacuum seal technology in this high-end FoodSaver vacuum sealer will extend the life of your pantry and freezer products by up to 3 times, or up to 3 years. The seal bar on this vacuum sealer is very strong and will automatically detect when you slide in a bag, beginning the vacuum and seal process all on its own. A helpful progress bar will let you more easily visualize the process so you know when your food or other item is effectively vacuumed out and properly sealed.

Bag detection is not the only automatic feature on this FoodSaver model. Automatic moisture detection built-into this unit will automatically switch the machine to the correct vacuum mode to ensure that an airtight but gentle vacuum seal is achieved on your wetter foods. You can use rolls between 8 and 11 inches in width, fresh containers, and zipper bags with this vacuum sealer. A removable drip tray makes it very easy to clean up after sealing wetter foods since it catches any and all overflow that occurs during the process. Included on this vacuum sealer is built-in storage for rolls as well as a built-in roll cutter for extra convenience.

  • Has automatic bag detection
  • Detects moisture to automatically change suction modes for moist or dry foods
  • Can store rolls in the machine
  • Has a built-in bag cutter
  • Expensive

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4. FoodSaver FFS005-033 Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver FFS005-033 Wedge with Roll Storage and Fresh Handheld Sealer, Black and Stainless Steel

The FoodSaver FFS005-033 vacuum sealer is a versatile machine designed to handle any type of food you want to vacuum seal. It has 3-speed settings to choose from as well as a pulse function for slower, more controlled vacuuming of foods. This vacuum sealer can be used with sealable containers as well so you have more choice when storing foods. You can set a dry mode or moist mode to suction according to your food type to prevent any damage to the machine and achieve an airtight seal with moist foods. This sleek vacuum sealer is fairly large and won’t store too easily in a drawer, but it will look great on your countertop even if it does have to sit out.

This machine has a built-in roll cutter for more efficient custom bag making as well as an inner roll storage compartment so you can keep your rolls easily accessible. A removable drip tray catches any overflow when sealing liquid foods and is dishwasher safe. Though the vacuum sealer itself doesn’t come with any accessories or bags, it does have an accessory port that includes a handheld sealer. For your safety, the lid won’t unlock until sealing is complete so you won’t accidentally burn yourself. For the price, we would’ve expected a few starting bags and a roll to get started.

  • Has three-speed settings with pulse function
  • Built-in bag cutter and roll storage
  • The drip tray is dishwasher safe
  • Pricey
  • No starter kit included

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5. GERYON E2900 Vacuum Sealer

GERYON Vacuum Sealer Machine, Automatic Food Sealer for Food Savers w/Starter Kit|Led Indicator Lights|Easy to Clean|Dry & Moist Food Modes| Compact Design (Silver)

The Geryon E2900 vacuum sealer is a more affordable option. The sealing bar is quite effective. The multi-layer material heat seals to keep the air out. This vacuum sealer is a bit more compact than many others but still has a 12” sealing bar for larger bags, be it Geryon or another brand. This sealer is very easy to use with two sealing modes to choose from. Indicator lights alert you to which settings are currently activated, and you can choose between gentle or normal suction for moist and dry food settings for a customized airtight seal based on what you’re packing up.

With this machine, you can select a vacuum and seal mode or a seal only mode that will apply heat without vacuuming first. This mode is ideal for resealing chip bags, candy bags, and powdery pantry ingredients that don’t require vacuuming. There is also a stop function to halt the vacuum and seal process at any point for any reason.

  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a great starter kit
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Lower quality plastic casing

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6. Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00 Precision Vacuum Sealer

Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00 Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer, Includes 10 Precut Bags, For Sous Vide and Food Storage

The Anova culinary ANVS01-US00 precision vacuum sealer is a mid-level option that is much more compact and portable than many other options, though it does not have all of the same features as a result. It lacks a bag cutter and does not have a storage compartment for a roll of bags. This machine includes 10 pre-cut bags to get you started, though it cannot be used with containers and does not have a hose for more versatile applications. However, this is a great choice for beginners since it prioritizes simple functioning.

There are only 3 buttons to choose from, and they give you every option you need. You can choose to vacuum and seal, seal only, or pulse for more controlled vacuuming. For a more expensive vacuum sealer, we would have appreciated a couple more options for moist/dry foods as well as adjustable vacuuming force like many others in this price range. If your priority is an effective seal from an easily-storable vacuum sealer, this is one of the better options out there. One feature that is a bit different from others is that there is no stop button located on the machine; you simply stop holding the button to stop the process, though the vacuum and seal mode does both after a single press.

  • Very lightweight and easy to store
  • Simple to use
  • Pricey
  • Not compatible with sealable containers

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7. Nesco VS-12 Vacuum Sealer

Nesco VS-12 130W Vacuum Sealer, Black/Silver

The Nesco VS-12 vacuum sealer is a higher-end digital sealer that allows for maximum control when vacuum sealing any number of foods and personal belongings. This machine has two-speed settings when vacuuming out your bags; regular can be used for your frozen liquids, meats, and vegetables while the gentle function is better suited to softer fruits, bread, and other squishable foods. There are also three sealing choices for a range of applications: dry, moist, and a double seal option for more thorough protection.

If you’re new to vacuum sealing, the Nesco machine is the right choice since it has tab guides that help you better position your bags inside the machine, thereby achieving a better seal. You can seal any sized bags up to 11.8” in width, a quite generous width for your larger food items or pre-cooked meals and bulk purchases. This vacuum sealer has a built-in bag cutter to make it faster and more convenient to cut bags out of rolls. The only areas in which this sealer lacks are that it cannot be used on containers and does not have a hose for more versatile applications. It is also quite large, but this is easily overlooked because it has built-in storage for your bag roll and is worth the extra convenience for a slightly more difficult storing situation.

  • Roll storage in the machine
  • Double seal option available
  • Has a built-in bag cutter
  • Not compatible with sealable containers

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8. Salton SmartSealer 2-in-1 Handheld Bag Sealer and Cutter

Salton SmartSealer™ 2-in-1 Bag Sealer and Cutter for Chip Bags, Reseal and Cut Food Storage Snack Bags, Handheld and Portable Mini Vaccuum Bag Sealer (BS1442)

The Salton SmartSealer 2-in-1 machine is an incredibly affordable and portable sealer. It does not have vacuuming power like the others on our list but is the most convenient choice if you were considering a vacuum sealer simply for the sealing and not the vacuuming. You can use this handy little tool anywhere you want, whether you’re on the road, camping, or at home. It is very easy to use and can seal any sized bag since you simply slide it along the edge of whatever you want to seal. You could easily and precisely make double seals on all of your bags if you wanted, and there is minimal bag loss with this machine as well.

This machine barely weighs anything at all and has a built-in bag cutter so you can cut off excess plastic or open up sealed bags without searching for scissors or risking a fingertip by using a knife. Plus, it uses batteries rather than a power cord so you have total freedom and can seal in any location regardless if you have an outlet nearby or not. Of course, with a unit this small and affordable, there will be a few drawbacks to consider. You cannot vacuum out any bags and may find it difficult to get that desired straight seal depending on how steady your hand is when sealing. You also may find that the seal is not as strong as a seal delivered by a larger sealing bar, but it is still the top choice for portability and on-the-go sealing of snack bags, chip bags, and other bags where spills would be devastating.

  • Battery operated so easily portable
  • Very small so easy to store
  • Has a built-in bag cutter
  • Inexpensive
  • Manual sealing instead of automatic

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How To Choose Your Vacuum Sealer

How To Choose Your Vacuum Sealer


Everyone has a unique budget for kitchen gadgets, some higher than others, but there are many great options at every price point. Though your accessories, size, and durability will change with the price of your vacuum sealer, you’ll be able to find an effective sealer no matter how small your budget may be.

Automatic vs. Manual Operation

Automatic sealers are often easier to use since all you have to do is insert your bag and the machine takes over, no button pushing on your part. However, manual sealers are often more affordable and have pulse options that allow you to customize and fully control the vacuum process to make sure your food maintains its integrity inside the bag. Manual vacuum sealers are often better if you’re looking to seal without vacuuming, such as chip bags or sauce packets. It ultimately comes down to your preference when choosing between automatic and manual vacuum sealers.


Larger vacuum sealers have a longer seal bar that can handle larger bags and are therefore more versatile with non-food related vacuuming and sealing. You must also consider your storage limits when choosing a vacuum sealer as some take up quite a bit of space while others can be tossed into a drawer without much thought.


The efficacy of your vacuum sealer essentially boils down to its ability to effectively seal your bags and containers. A larger sealing bar is usually stronger than a smaller bar’s seal and will have dual sealing wires to deliver two closely aligned seals rather than only one, affording better protection of your food or valuables. A stronger sealing bar will also be able to seal through wrinkles or drops of moisture without a hitch – which are the leading causes of seal failures, by the way.


The speed of your vacuum sealer should be considered for a couple of reasons. A faster vacuum sealer may be more efficient for bulk sealing sessions, but it also has the potential to apply too much force and end up damaging and squishing your softer foods. A slower speed is better for moist foods and liquids as well as bread and soft fruits.


Vacuum sealers are only as versatile as desired if they come with helpful accessories. The most useful accessory that comes with a vacuum sealer is an attachable hose for doing containers and other more awkward packages. You may also want to look for a built-in bag cutter as they are faster and easier than cutting bags with scissors – especially if you’re completely uncoordinated and can’t cut a straight line if your life depended on it. You may also receive pre-cut bags, rolls of bags, on-board roll storage, and more.

What Can I Vacuum Seal?

Nearly anything can be vacuum-sealed in virtually every room of your home. Every type of food can be protected by a vacuum sealer, from nuts, products, meat, bread, trail mixes, sauces, fully-cooked meals, leftovers, and more. Vacuum sealers can do a lot more than protecting food, though. Many vacuum sealers in Canada come with a hose that allows you to vacuum seal large bags and containers to seal clothes, documents, books, valuables, photos, seasonal décor such as potpourri to preserve the aroma, coins, loose parts, and tons more.

How Can I Use My Vacuum Sealer Safely?

To use your vacuum sealer safely, make sure to have it unplugged when cleaning or preparing liquids for the vacuum sealer. Make sure you don’t use the machine if the wiring is damaged, without proper vacuum seal bags, or if something on the unit is broken. To ensure you don’t damage the machine, make sure you choose the proper setting when vacuuming out liquids or moist foods, or you could freeze all liquids before sealing to prevent any damage to the sealing mechanism over time.

Final Thoughts

We guarantee that once you try out a vacuum sealer for yourself, you’ll never go back. All of the options on our list have been chosen as some of the best vacuum sealers in Canada. They’ll protect your belongings, reduce food waste, and are frankly just fun to use. Choosing between the dozens and dozens of brands, sizes, and features of vacuum sealers can be overwhelming, but we hope we’ve adequately answered your questions and have provided at least a couple of great options for your vacuum sealing needs.

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