5 Best Weighted Blankets In Canada 2020 – Review & Guide

5 Best Weighted Blankets In Canada

There are many different types of weighted blankets available in Canada, and at vastly different price points. We know it can be overwhelming trying to find the best one, so we have done the research for you! Keep reading to find reviews of a range of different weighted blankets so you can make a confident decision when buying the weighted blanket for your needs.

30-Second Review

We will give you a big hint: the best weighted blanket Canada is the YnM Weighted Blanket. This blanket is made of spectacular high-quality materials. 7 layers (including glass beads) create superior weight and even distribution for the comfiest sleep ever. You will love that this blanket is designed to keep you at the perfect temperature, with hypo-allergenic, odourless materials. There are three different kinds of duvet covers sold separately, so you can switch over to fresh bamboo or cotton in Summer, then snuggle up with Minky in Winter.

1. YnM Weighted Blanket (Best Overall)5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 lbs100% Premium Cotton$$
2. Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket12, 15, 20 lbsCombination of Light-Filled Cotton and Premium Cotton$$
3. Hypnoser Premium Weighted Blanket5, 12, 15, 20, 25 lbs100% Premium Cotton$$
4. ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket12, 15, 20, 25, 30 lbs100% Breathable Natural Cotton$$
5. Hiseeme Weighted Blanket14, 18, 23, 27 lbsCotton$$

What To Look For In A Weighted Blanket?

There are a few key features you should consider before making your final choice. Here is a quick buying guide for purchasing the best weighted blanket in Canada, according to your specific needs.


Weight is very important, if not the most important aspect. Always check the weight of weighted blankets and make sure you are selecting the right one if the brand offers a range of different weights. It is always worth noting that the main aim of weighted blankets is to provide therapeutic and calming effects and not to crush you. The feeling should be similar to a comforting embrace, not a vice hold!

Manufacturers usually recommend choosing a weighted blanket which is 10% of your body weight. This is mainly for safety reasons as heavy blankets will create an unbearable sleeping experience. Blankets which are too heavy can pose risks as you sleep, especially if the blanket migrates to your face and neck area. Remember to always read the product description of the weighted blanket and the recommended weight suggested by the seller. If you are still unsure, always consult your doctor.


The main mistake buyers make concerns about the size of their weighted blanket. Note that you do not need a blanket that covers your entire bed but rather a weighted blanket that covers your body from chin to feet. By making sure the blanket covers your body but does not exceed the mattress, the weight is focused onto your body most effectively. What is more, this makes the blanket safer, as it is much easier to remove a weighted blanket when it is not overlapping the sides of the bed. If you need to exit the bed very quickly, it is a little difficult to get out when the edges of your weighted blanket are down the sides of the bed, requiring you to use strength to flip them back.

Look for manufacturer sizing charts online as a lot of models have varying sizes. Consider your body mass and height so you can select a blanket which covers you entirely. If need be, it can be handy to measure your mattress so you can compare it to your weight blanket shortlist.

Outer/Top Fabric

There are many different choices when it comes to materials. Most models are made of Minky fabric or soft cotton. Depending on your taste and preference choose the fabric that will best complement your sleeping needs for a comforting sleep experience. Also, consider the seasons and climate when selecting the right fabric. If your blanket is intended for use during chilly Winters, a soft Minky fabric could be fantastic. Soft cotton would be ideal for warm Spring and Summer months. And lastly, consider aesthetics. Is there a particular colour or pattern you prefer? Does the brand offer different covers which can be interchanged? Consider these factors as you are shopping around.


Buying a weighted blanket is a wise decision, however, you should not bankrupt yourself in the process! First, figure out a realistic budget, then you can look for models which you can realistically buy. Find the very best weighted blanket within your price range which suits all of your requirements.


Because blankets are made of different fabrics and weight, it is important to check with the manufacturer and inquire if the blankets can be washed at home or must be dry cleaned. Being clear on the cleaning and maintenance requirements of your weighted blanket will help you to understand the additional costs attached to your choice of blanket.


For first time buyers, the best way to determine the durability of the weighted blanket is by knowing the quality of materials used in construction, if the blanket is made from high-quality materials it will last longer, ultimately providing you with great value for your money.

Internal Materials And Fillers

Another aspect to consider is what the blanket is weighted with, and what the internal layers are made from. If you have allergies or are sensitive to particular materials, look for a blanket which is specified as “hypo-allergenic”. Glass beads are a great choice for this purpose, as they are often hypoallergenic, odourless and non-toxic. If it means paying slightly more to get the very best internal fillings, the extra cost is worth it.

Consider Who Will Be Using The Blanket

Weighted blankets are generally safe to use, however, there are a few little tips to remember when you have got them circulating in your home. The beads or pellets inside the blanket can pose risks to young children should they eat or swallow them (as kids often do!). If you have pets in your home, make sure to keep an eye on them when the weighted blanket is set up on your bed. Some dogs like to burrow under blankets to sleep, and a weighted blanket could be too heavy for them, pressing too much weight onto their chest.

Best Weighted Blankets Canada 2020 Reviewed

1. YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted Blanket (15 lbs, 60''x80'', Queen Size) for People Weigh Around 140lbs | 2.0 Cozy Heavy Blanket | 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads, Dark Grey

The YnM weighted blanket uses a 7-layer design system that wholly surrounds you as you sleep, following the contour of your body for ultimate relaxation. The blanket is customizable, available in a wide variety of duvet covers so you can suit your blanket to different climates, environments and style preferences. Note that the duvet covers are sold separately. There are three options: bamboo, cotton, and soft Minky. The colours are pretty cool too, from soft eggshell blue to deep navy.

The glass-beads are separated into compartments, sewn together in a quilted style. This limits movement and noise as you sleep. It also ensures that the blanket remains even in weight distribution. The glass beads are encased in soft fabric layers providing a cozy, evenly-distributed weight that gently conforms to the body. The microfiber content allows temperature control as you sleep soundly, neither too hot nor too cold.

Lightweight fabric ensures that your breathing is not hindered or adjusted as you sleep, allowing you to breathe safely and with normal rhythm and ease. The design features far less fibre, and more glass beads than other models, allowing for effective temperature regulation while sleeping. Personally, this is our favourite weighted blanket and the best we would consider when factoring in the cost and quality of materials!

  • Made with 100% Premium cotton
  • 7 layers to surround your body
  • Offers one of the best glass bead weight distributions compared to other blankets
  • Wide variety of weight and size options available
  • Engineered to minimize noise while moving
  • A variety of duvet cover designs
  • None that we can find right now!

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2. Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket

Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket 15 lbs 48''x78'' for 130-170lbs Individuals(100% Natural Cotton, Grey)

The Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket is another excellent pick to improve your sleep and offer incredible comfort and durability. We love that this blanket is made with 100% natural cotton for fantastic comfort and effective breathability. The inner layer features smaller pockets sewn inside to contain the non-toxic, environmentally friendly pellets to ensure they are evenly distributed throughout the blanket. Not to mention the extra lining that is added to prevent leaks of the filler material.

This weighted blanket features a combination of the best fabrics available: light, filled cotton and premium cotton making the blanket breathable and naturally compatible with the shape of your body. It is weightless, allowing for comfortable movement and maneuverability, especially during the summer. One of the key features of the Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket is its multi-functionality. Its size makes it ideal for all types of beds and individuals.

This fantastic blanket induces a “hugged” feeling so you can enjoy the ultimate comfort, sleeping with a sense of bliss and serenity. The 7 layers include a center layer of glass beads. The glass beads are non-toxic, odourless and hypo-allergenic to protect each and every user. Polyester layers surround the glass bead layer to ensure the beads do not leak. The layers also make the blanket quiet as you sleep and move. The outer duvet cover layer is bandaged tightly and securely to the inner layers, making this a durable and long-wearing blanket to enjoy for years to come. Considering the quality of the materials, the price and the design features, we say this blanket is truly impressive and worth a spot on your shortlist!

  • Breathable and soft since thanks to light cotton layers
  • Contains non-toxic, environmentally friendly glass beads
  • Wide variety of weight and size options available
  • 7 layers to surround your body
  • Effective sewing practices for better durability
  • Sometimes leaks beads

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3. Hypnoser Premium Weighted Blanket

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket (15 lbs, 60''x80'', Queen Size) for Adult | 2.0 Diamond Pocket Heavy Blanket | 100% Cotton Material with Glass | Great for Insominia,Autism,ADHD,Stress and Anxiety Relief

The Hypnoser Premium Weighted Blanket has a wide variety of sizes and weight options, ranging from 5 to 25 lbs. 100% premium cotton provides a soft and breathable finish, calming and relaxing you as you fall into your slumber. The blanket has 6 weighted loop inserts inside the inner edge, and four corners which attach it to the duvet cover to ensure your weighted blanket stays firmly in place. We love these design features as they make the blanket durable and long-lasting so you will not have to spend extra cash on adjustments or mending. This premium blanket uses glass bead technology. The glass beads are non-toxic and odourless, distributing weight and pressure evenly.

The Hypnoser premium weighted blanket has inner diamond pockets with small compartments which allow the blanket to adapt to your body shape, keeping it quiet when you move and also providing that all-important even distribution of weight. Keep in mind, the blanket and the cover are sold separately.

We love that this blanket can be washed at home on the cold and gentle setting. If you are in the market for a high-quality weighted blanket, this model is a leader in its category.

  • Machine washable on gentle cold wash
  • Suitable for people with allergies
  • Made with 100% Premium Cotton
  • Engineered to offer the best comfort possible
  • Long-wearing and durable
  • Different size and weight options
  • No adjustable duvet cover options offered

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4. ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket

ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket 48"x72

The ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket is made from 100% breathable, natural cotton, offering incredible softness and durability. The filling is composed of eco-friendly, non-glue polyester with odourless glass beads. The blanket is made with new construction which creates much smaller squares, evenly distributing the weight inside the blanket so it hugs your body tightly without shifting as you move during the night. This smart method also prevents leakages and makes sure your blanket stays strong and in-tact, without the need for costly and inconvenient repairs. It has a 6-layer design and 8 loop straps connecting the covers.

This awesome blanket also features 2 layers of breathable microfiber which regulate your temperature as you sleep. Temperature is a crucial aspect of a perfect night’s sleep. Too hot or too cold atmospheres will disrupt your sleep and ultimately have you waking in the morning feeling tired and completely unrested. The ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket comes with a variety of colours, giving you a vast pool to choose from. We love that you can cater your blanket to your aesthetic tastes and preferences. This blanket is quality guaranteed, undergoing thorough testing and experimentation before being released into the market. You can rest assured knowing that you will be enjoying a soft and quality blanket designed to provide a natural remedy to all of your sleeping problems.

This weighted blanket offers a variety of weights and sizes to suit your bed, height and body mass for the perfect fit. We love that this blanket is compatible with a duvet cover as it allows for easier washing and drying; it also provides preservation of the weighted pellets from washing and “wear and tear” keeping the blanket pellets in excellent shape and lasting longer. Bottom line? This blanket is extremely beneficial to your sleep, offering maximum comfort for a restful and refreshing sleep night after night.

  • Made of 100% Breathable Natural Cotton
  • Available in a wide variety of different colours
  • Different sizes available
  • Easy to wash
  • Compatible with duvet covers
  • Regulates temperature
  • Covers have to be bought separately

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5. Hiseeme Weighted Blanket

Hiseeme Soft Weighted Blanket for Adult 18lbs (60''x80'', Queen Size) Luxury Minky Material with Glass Beads - Grey

The Hiseeme weighted blanket is a unique, one of a kind weighted blanket with its combination of weight and size. One of its best features is its removable cover, which is seldom found when searching for a weighted blanket. This is a great feature because it makes cleaning super convenient and easy. The material used for the cover is poly-blend cotton. This material has pros and cons, as it is soft to touch but not as breathable as pure cotton. However, we do love that the finish is a soft, snuggly, Minky style, perfect for cold winter nights.

The inside of the Hiseeme weighted blanket is made from industry-standard cotton. Cotton gives the blanket the three key qualities we require in a blanket: comfort, porousness (for breathability), and of course, durability. The blanket is weighed down with glass beads which are much higher quality when compared to plastic pellets, and great for weight distribution. The beauty of this blanket is that it is machine washable on a low and gentle setting. We love this feature, especially if you have pets or young kids in the house, increasing the risk of messes and spills.

There are a couple of weight and size options for this blanket, the smaller is at 48”x 72” and is in 14 pounds. The other option for this blanket is 60”x 80” in dimension and weighs 18 pounds.

  • Made with Cotton internal layers
  • Soft minky cover
  • Removable cover
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Glass beads
  • There is no wider selection in sizes and weight

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Tips To Using Your Weighted Blanket

When you are looking for a Canadian weighted blanket, there are some tips you should pay special attention to for the best experience. Not all weighted blankets suit all people, so you must first figure out the features specific to your needs.

Choose A High-Quality Blanket For Your Budget

This goes without saying! But it should be said anyway, as it is easier said than done. Always choose weighted blankets made of premium materials. As there are a range of different manufacturers on the market, not all weighted blankets are made equal. Do a little bit of research on the blanket specifications as opposed to simply going from aesthetics alone. The highest quality weighted blanket for your budget will greatly improve your sleeping experience as well as offering durability, very little maintenance and fantastic longevity. Do not be tempted to go for the cheapest option out there. You may find yourself with a sub-par blanket that does not offer comfort but does offer bad distribution and poor durability, costing you more money over time.


A decent manufacturer’s warranty will significantly improve your experience when purchasing and using a weighted blanket. You will be covered in case of damage to the blanket, giving you complete assurance while using your blanket. The last thing you want is to feel nervous or unsure as you use your blanket, worrying if it is holding together or if it will fall apart. After all, the purpose of a weighted blanket is to soothe and comfort you, not cause you extra stress. A warranty not only protects you in the event of damage, but it assures you that the brand has pride and confidence in their materials and construction.

Maintain Cleanliness

It is inevitable that after using the blanket for a while, it is bound to get dirty. Cleaning your blanket will help to keep it in tip-top shape allowing you to continue enjoying it year after year. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your blanket, especially the first time.  Following easy and simple instructions will improve your user experience and lengthen the life of your weighted blanket.

Try Not To Overuse The Blanket

Just like any accessory, a weighted blanket does require a break to maintain its great shape and performance. Overusing it will lead to ineffectiveness and reduced performance, so it is advisable to always have a second blanket to use when your original blanket is taking a break. This will help your favourite blanket to keep its overall quality and increase longevity. Perhaps you could use your blankets according to the seasons. For example, use a snuggly Minky blanket during Fall and Winter, then store it away during Spring and Summer while you use a fresh cotton blanket.

Final Verdict

In this post, we have highlighted 5 of the best weighted blankets in Canada. These blankets are tailored to meet your needs and requirements, easy to maintain and offer the ultimate comfortability and relaxation. Many of these blankets offer different sizes, weights, cover fabrics, design choices and innovative design features. Our favourite is the YnM Weighted Blanket thanks to its high-quality fabric, 7 layers and even weight distribution. If you have questions or are unsure whether you need a weighted blanket, remember to consult your doctor.

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