5 Best Weighted Vests In Canada 2021 – Review & Guide

5 Best Weighted Vests In Canada 2019 - Review & Guide

We all want a healthier and fitter lifestyle; whether it’s training in the gym or outdoor exercises, the end goal is to lose that extra weight to have a fitter and slimmer body. To complement your workouts, you will most likely need the best weighted vest in Canada to help you along the way.

A weighted vest is a perfect accessory that will transform your exercises to the next level. The vest can turn any activity into an endurance exercise, and help you burn those calories. The additional weight enables your body to move uniformly and evenly, without altering your original body shape. This gives you the freedom that you may need to change or switch up your workout routine.

In the Canadian market there are a wide variety of weighted vest brands, which makes the decision making process tiresome and tedious. If you take your exercises seriously and want to get the best out of your vest, we hope you continue reading this guide and review so you can find the best weighted vest in Canada.

30-Second Review

After reviewing many weighted vests, we have come to a conclusion that the best weighted vest is the CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest. This vest will improve your endurance, stamina, and help you get rid of those calories faster. It’s also unisex with a universal size that will fit almost everybody.

What You Should Look For In A Weighted Vest

Working out is a tedious and tasking process that requires the best of everything from shoes, outfits to somtimes many other training accessories. These are some of the best qualities that we have identified that you should always look at before buying a weighted vest.


This is the most critical factor to consider; your vest has to provide utmost comfort so that you don’t hate wearing it after you get into your workout. Similar to a weighted blanket, never choose weighted vests that have narrow shoulder straps causing uneven distribution of weight all across your shoulders. You should usually go for a weighted vest that will provide even distribution of weight all across the upper part of your body.


Almost all of the top brands of weighted vests are breathable and doesn’t retain moisture; the thought of wearing an unbreathable vest that feels like a garbage bag makes for unpleasant training.

It’s recommended going for a mesh-like and breathable weighted vest that will allow your body to lose excess heat generated during the tedious process. We recommend buying all your weighted vests through this list, as they are all trusted and well-known brands offering you the ultimate quality and standards.


During and after working out, we all want to look and feel stylish. For those who love training you need to look for a sleek and slim vest that will fit comfortably under your clothes. You are going to require something that will make you feel and look fashionable at the same time.


Most first-time buyers make this mistake regarding the size. It’s crucial always to choose the right size that fits your body perfectly. But don’t stress too much about this, if you purchase from Amazon then it’ll be hassle free to return your product and to purchase another one.


One of the best ways to determine the durability of a weighted vest is checking on the quality of the materials used in construction. Vests made of premium quality will always last longer, especially the ones featured in this guide!


Buying a weighted vest is a positive step towards a healthier and safer lifestyle, but that does not mean you should spend a lot of money in the process. It’s vital to always carry out prior research on the prices of various models you want to purchase, and always work within your budget.

Best Weighted Vests Canada 2021 Reviewed

1. CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

Cap Barbell design and build is by far one of the best weighted vests in Canada; its versatility is one of the main beneficial factors.

The weighted vest comes with adjustable padded shoulder and waist belt that tightly hugs your body for maximum comfort. Its also designed with breathable mesh material with neoprene padding that’s tailor-made for tough work out exercises while still maintaining a fresh and crisp feeling.

Among some of its best features is removable weights allowing you to add or remove the weight packets depending with your needs. The packets can be filled up to 20 pounds, making it ideal for resistant training that will build up your strength, agility, and speed.

Cap Barbell is a unisex accessory and can be worn by both male and female how awesome is that for safety during early morning or late at night has reflective safety strips for improved visibility during the dark ensuring no harm comes to you while outdoors.

It’s also fitted with an integrated pocket that holds small items and other essential training accessories such as phones or an mp3 player.

  • It has reflective strips for enhanced safety
  • Adds up to 20 pounds of resistance for training
  • Has extra compartments for storage
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Inserting the weight bags into the pocket can sometimes be tricky
  • Some users complain that there should be more additional padding

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2. Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

For those who are looking for light exercises, tone fitness is the perfect option. This weighted vest is made of soft and plush neoprene material for maximum comfort. Its overall appearance stands out as it has backpack features with thick straps suitable for those who love keeping a low-profile in the gym or on walks.

The vest has a sturdy and compact design that perfectly contours with your body for comfort to your torso. True fitness also has reflective stripes for easier identification when running in dark places.

It also has an adjustable belt, ensuring it fits your body. If you are looking for a functional vest, Tone fitness never disappoints. Don’t forget, the it’s a unisex vest so it can be worn by both men and women.  The vest is fitted with a small pocket to hold all your workout essentials.

Other exciting features are versatility; it can be used in several outdoor activities providing full value for your money. However, one of the drawbacks of this vest is that sometimes your vest can incur uneven weight distribution, which causes strain in some parts of the shoulders.

  • It’s a solid and compact weighted vest for women and men
  • Designed for better road visibility
  • It’s very affordable
  • Designed with comfort and versatility in mind
  • Can sometimes incur uneven weight distribution

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3. CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

This brand is an upgrade from its previous predecessors; the 50 pound vest will add the much-needed strength and endurance to your training. Car Barbell 50 pound vest is made of high-quality mesh material ensuring comfortability.

The vest is fitted with adjustable clips that will cater to your requirements and complement your body shape; the most impressive thing yet is the adjustable weight with each packet weighing more than 0.75 lb that will ramp up your agility and stamina.

If you love working late at night or early in the morning, Cap Barbell should be at the top of your list; it’s designed with reflective stripes for better detection by motorists. Its relatively shorter style ensuring most of your weights is mainly concentrated on the upper part of the body.

It’s one size fit design that provides full torso catering for individuals with bulkier and larger bodies. Most of the materials used during construction are military-grade enhancing its strength and performance

  • It has a full torso design
  • Has even distribution of weight both at the back and front
  • It’s designed with durable and large straps
  • Has integrated pockets
  • The weighted vest isn’t suitable for beginners.

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4. CAP Barbell Short Adjustable Weighted Vest

CAP Barbell Short Adjustable Weighted Vest, 20 lb

Cap Barbell short vest comes with great features; it has adjustable weights with each slot weighing slightly more than 0.75 pounds enabling you to burn more fats and build more lean muscles giving you a toned and slim body.

For ultimate safety when running at night or early mornings, the weighted vest has reflective stripes that will make you more visible to oncoming traffic and cyclists. Cap Barbell is made of premium neoprene padding that will provide you with the utmost comfort when exercising.

With its attractive pricing, the vest is tailor-made for individuals with short torsos that perfectly hugs their body for even weight distribution. Its also designed with an adjustable belt that tightly fits your entire body, making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

The vest one-size design fits both men and women making it one of the most versatile and functional vests on the market; its universal size fits the bodies of almost all individuals.

  • Even weight distribution both at the front and back
  • Come with a universal size design
  • Designed with an extra pocket for extra storage
  • Its reflective stripes provide for high visibility
  • Has a limited range for size

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5. Empower Weighted Vest (For Women)

Keep in mind, this is a women’s vest! Empower women weighted vest is a unique invention that is geared towards the burning of more calories and extra fat in women. What stands out about this brand has an X-shaped silhouette that is specially designed to fit a woman’s body.

The weighted vest X-shape design allows even distribution of weight at key points, ensuring you don’t feel aches and pains after working out. The vest weighs only 8 pounds so that you will never have to worry about if feeling a bit too heavy.

Empower is made of stretchy, soft, and high-quality neoprene fabric that increases comfort. It also has adjustable stripes that ensure the vest perfectly fits your body, reducing chances of it bouncing when on the move.

The vest has reflective stripes that enable you to be visibly seen when running in the dark. One of the most exciting features is the empowers open design that keeps your body cool throughout the workout session.

Empower is fitted with big shoulders straps that provides more comfort and less strain on the shoulder area.

  • Its adjustable straps provide a tight fit for a more enjoyable workout session
  • Includes padded shoulder straps
  • Premium quality materials used to produce the product
  • For improved visibility, it has reflective stripes both at the front and back
  • Empower has a sleek and unique design giving you a fashionable and stylish look
  • Some users have complained the straps loosen with time

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Quick Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Weighted Vest

When you are in the market for a weighted vest in Canada, here are a few key things that you should always look out for.


Product warranty is one of the most important things that you should always look at; it will significantly improve your user experience keeping your mind at peace in case there is a defect you will be fully covered.

Maintenance And Cleanliness

After using your weighted vest for a while, the fabric will get stuffy and dirty. General cleaning of the vest will maintain its original quality while keeping it in the best condition.

Always use the manufacturers manual when it comes to cleaning and ensures you follow those easy and simple instructions.

Always Go For The Best Quality

There are plenty of brands from different manufacturers; it’s always essential to do prior research its materials used in construction before finally settling on one. Choose a weighted vest that will make you’re proud of wearing it.


A weighted vest is the perfect tool that will enhance and take your training to the next level that is beneficial to both your body and health. It’s essential to go for a weighted vest that is the right fit for you.

Luckily for you, our detailed guide above will enable you to make the right decision when you purchase your weighted vest in Canada. With that, we wish you a happy workout.

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