The Douglas Mattress Canada 2021 – Product Review

The Douglas Mattress Canada - Product Review

Buying a mattress is a serious undertaking, as you will spend many precious hours of sleep on your new purchase. A poorly-designed mattress will make your sleeping hours tiresome when they should be restful, and can even cause aches and pains. We have singled out the Douglas Mattress in Canada for an in-depth review to help you decide whether it is the one for you. We cover the materials, firmness, overall performance, cost, and delivery options.

30-Second Review

The Douglas Mattress is a born and bred Canadian creation with a create price-tag considering the luxury materials. This medium-firm mattress is made with eco-conscious and non-irritating materials such as gel foam and chemical-free latex-like foam. The combo of layers results in a cooling, moisture-wicking sleep with enough support to keep the body aligned. Douglas offers a 120-night trial so you can send it right back if it does not do the trick.

You will love The Douglas Mattress if you:

  • Love a medium-firm (6.6) mattress to support your shoulders and hips while gently conforming to your body and weight
  • Want a mattress that is simple to set-up, with no off-gassing. The Douglas mattress comes rolled up, so you just have to unroll it and set it where you want it
  • Want a mattress with a removable cover so you can jump to action in the event of spills
  • Want an affordable mattress that gives you great value for your money

You might not like The Douglas Mattress if you:

  • Prefer a soft or very firm mattress, as there is only one firmness option available (medium)
  • Live outside of Canada, as Douglas does not ship or stock their mattress internationally
Layers & MaterialsFirmness (Out Of 10)Size Options & Dimensions (inches)
Warranty & Returns
- 2” Luxury ecoLight® Cooling Gel Foam
- 2” Premium Elastex® Foam
- 6” Motion Isolation Support Foam
Medium (6.6)- Twin: 38" x 75" x 10"
- Twin XL: 38" x 80" x 10"
- Full/Double: 53" x 75" x 10"
- Queen: 60" x 80" x 10"
- King: 76" x 80" x 10"
- California King: 72" x 84" x 10"
- 120-Night Trial
- 15-Year Warranty

See Price At Douglas



Douglas ships almost everywhere in Canada (they do not offer international shipping as of yet!), for free. However, if you live in very remote parts of Canada, you may incur a small fee (check with Douglas support before ordering to be completely safe). Shipping is not only free but it is reasonably fast, usually arriving no more than 6 working days after you place your order.

Note that by default Douglas specifies that delivery drivers will leave the bed in a box at your front door. However, on the shipping page when ordering the mattress you can choose to have it delivered upon signature in case you might not feel comfortable leaving it at the front door.

To give you an idea of what you will be dealing with when you move your mattress from the front door (or from the car) to your bedroom, the box it arrives in is 18 x 18 x 45 inches in size.

The packaged weight on arrival will be:

  • 44 pounds for Twin
  • 46 pounds for Twin XL
  • 56 pounds for Full/Double
  • 71 pounds for Queen
  • 86 pounds for King and California King

Keep this in mind as you will likely need an extra pair of hands (and muscles) to help you move the mattress to your desired spot.

Unboxing And Setup

Unboxing and setup are super easy, as the Douglas mattress comes rolled up to make the shipping, delivery, and moving process simple. You will need someone to help you take the box to the bedroom you want to set the mattress up in, but it is easy to DIY from there. Open the box, unroll the mattress, discard the wrapping, and leave the mattress to expand to full size.

Product Construction

Product Construction

Douglas CoolSense® Cover

Cover Material And Pattern

We love the cover of the Douglas mattress, as not only is it functional but attractive too. The cover features a mountain range pattern that pays homage to the brand’s Canadian roots.

A smart move, the Douglas mattress cover is washable, so you can keep it fresh and clean year after year, even after coffee spillage. There is nothing worse than a hot, clammy sleep no matter the season, so we are pleased that the Douglas mattress cover is made from Tencel fibres that remain cool and keep moisture away from the body. The cover is softly quilted for a soft surface if you do not choose to use a mattress topper or extra cover.

2” Luxury ecoLight® Cooling Gel Foam

Under the cover sits a layer of ecoLight® Cooling Gel Foam, formulated for two main purposes: to keep the sleeper cool and to provide support. We really like that this layer is more eco-conscious than other kinds of foam, with less carbon input than memory foam.

2” Premium Elastex® Foam

Under the cooling gel foam layer is a layer of Premium Elastex® Foam which has been formulated to be similar to latex foam. It avoids any allergy-causing chemicals usually found in most natural latex mattresses but continues to feel as responsive as regular latex. This layer provides extra support and moulds to your body shape without sinking.

6” Motion Isolation Support Foam

The final and thickest layer is the Motion Isolation Support Foam, which Douglas says is formulated “like millions of tiny pocket-coil springs.” This layer is designed to be the stabilizer of the mattress, providing support and eliminating movement when one person moves and the other is sleeping soundly. This is crucial for couples, especially when one person is prone to tossing and turning, risking disturbing their partner.

Firmness And Feel

Firmness And Feel

The Douglas mattress only comes in one firmness of medium (6.6), so it could be a little hard for those who prefer a mattress with more “give”. The quilted cover and top layer bounces back when pressed, but has enough softness to allow the body to fall into a natural alignment.

Edge Support

Edge Support

Some mattresses that are formulated without a spring structure can be a little weak at the edges, reducing the overall “sleep-friendly” surface area of the mattress. This can be a real drag when you want your own space and move away from the center of the bed (and away from your partner!). Fortunately, the Douglas mattress is formulated with a strong base layer (Motion Isolation Support Foam) and medium-firm upper layers to keep the edges consistent and supportive.

Motion Isolation

Motion Isolation

The bottom layer of the Douglas mattress provides excellent motion support, isolating any movement to the person moving. This is thanks to the layers of foam, as spring mattresses can tend to be bouncy, (and become even more so over time), sinking whenever movement occurs. With the Douglas mattress, one person can sleep soundly while the other person gets up, sits on the edge of the bed, stands up, then gets back into the bed.


The Douglas Mattress is designed to be durable, with gel foam that will not bunch, separate, or compress over time. What’s more, Douglas provides a 15-year warranty to prove the longevity and quality of their materials.



Foam mattresses are naturally more heat-holding than spring mattresses, as they are denser and have fewer pathways for air to circulate through. However, the Douglas mattress addresses this by using cooling gel foam to reduce heat retention, and a lightweight foam layer beneath to allow a little airflow. It is not a super-cooling mattress, and may still be a little warm for hot sleepers, but it is cool compared to many other foam mattresses.

Pressure Relief

The medium-firmness (6.6) of the Douglas Mattress makes it great for relieving pressure. Back sleepers can enjoy an aligned position, with comfortably supported hips, shoulders, and back. You are very unlikely to wake with that tight feeling firm mattresses can cause, or the ache soft mattresses can cause due to allowing the body to sag into unnatural alignment.


Off-gassing is when a new mattress releases odours and chemicals from the interior layers and fillings when it’s first unboxed. However, Douglas assures that because they use high-quality materials that have been certified by CertiPUR, there are no harsh chemicals that will release from the mattress so you can use it right away.


The Douglas mattress is fairly priced when you consider the sophisticated materials and thoughtful design. The smallest size (twin) costs $599, and the largest (California King) costs $849. Most people go for a Queen, which sets you back $749. When you think about many high-end mattresses that are priced well into the thousands, this is an excellent price, even for smaller budgets or those who need to save up.

TwinTwin XLFull/DoubleQueenKingCalifornia King

See Price At Douglas

Warranty And Returns

Warranty And Returns

Douglas is a fair company when it comes to returns, as they offer a 120-night trial which includes 30 mandatory sleeping nights to give the mattress a fair run. If you find the mattress just is not up to your standards between 30 and 120 nights, you will get a full refund upon the return of the mattress. You do not need to worry about sending back the product, as Douglas will sort out a removal team to do it for you.

You will also get the benefit of a 15-year warranty, which comes with a few conditions such as:

  • You must set up your mattress on a base considered suitable by Douglas (we discuss this below in the FAQs section)
  • If the mattress happens to form indents deeper than one inch in the first ten years or deeper than two inches in the last five years of the warranty, you will get a brand new mattress
  • The cover will be replaced if it is faulty

To read the full warranty please visit the Douglas warranty page


What kind of bed frames is The Douglas Mattress compatible with?

What kind of bases is The Douglas Mattress compatible with?

You can use basically any base with the Douglas mattress, as long as it is supportive and sturdy, such as:

  • Slat bases
  • Box bases
  • Platform bases
  • Adjustable bases

It is smart to double-check with Douglas if your mattress base will be considered suitable in the occasion that you have to claim your warranty.

Is this mattress best for side, stomach, or back sleepers?

The Douglas mattress is rated as medium-firm, which Douglas assures is best for all sleeping positions (even side sleepers!). A medium-firm mattress is especially great for heavier people as it gives excellent support without allowing the hips or shoulders to sag, creating a misaligned spine. Back sleepers are especially well-suited to a medium-firm mattress as it supports the hips and keeps the back aligned while maintaining soft comfort.

Company Information

Douglas is a Canadian company through and through, with its products made in Ontario and Quebec. They are accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), a sign of their trusted status as a high-quality e-commerce store.

Douglas can be contacted via phone on this (toll-free) number: 1-855-215-9509, or you can email them using their contact page on their site.

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